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Essays On TPM and AOTC

May 31, 2013

Adam’s been working on retroactive reviews of each Star Wars film and so far, he’s got TPM and AOTC posted. Go check ’em out.

Hayden Christensen in “Forever Knight”

May 31, 2013

“Forever Knight” was a syndicated Canadian-produced series that attracted a decent-sized fandom back in the ’90s. It was about a crime-fighting vampire detective who was always more than happy to work nights to make up for the centuries of slaughter he committed.

In one episode a very young Hayden Christensen, in a cheesy mullet wig, shows up in a flashback sequence:

Don’t Count On “Rebels” To Wrap Up Clone Wars

May 30, 2013

Someone on my Twitter feed retweeted a tense conversation between a fan and “Rebels” producer Greg Weisman on whether the new show will feature any characters from Clone Wars. Fans who expect this new show to have anything to do with Clone Wars had better take off the rose-colored glasses if this is any indication:

(Because I don’t follow this fan and she doesn’t know me, I will not use her name here. I’m also editing down to the relevant points.)

@fan: Dude, all I can say is that Ahsoka, Rex, Asajj, Maul, Hondo, Cad & other @TheCloneWars characters better be in Rebels…

@Greg_Weisman: Careful (…) I’m a contrary individual.

@fan: Aww. I forgive you. (At least ’til I see the 1st ep of #StarWarsRebels…then I’ll be mad if no @TheCloneWars ppl R in it).

@Greg_Weisman: You’re doing it again…

@Greg_Weisman: (…) Don’t know where you got that. Never said it. Don’t want it. But I don’t do requests.

@fan: Sorry you’re bearing the brunt of my anger over @TheCloneWars abandonment by seemingly everyone but its fans. @SaveCloneWars

@Greg_Weisman: Fair enough. But you get how I had nothing to do with that, right?

@fan: Yes, I do get that. All I want is for someone to do something to rectify a decision that has caused a lot of angst.

@Greg_Weisman: (…) Sorry, not in my skill set.

@fan: It is within your power to decide what characters to include in your stories is it not? Or does @Disney call ALL of the shots?

@Greg_Weisman: I think it’s time for me to exit this conversation.

@fan: Suspicions confirmed. Don’t worry, I won’t bother asking you anything ever again. Goodbye.

@Greg_Weisman: No, they’re not. Any #ASKGREG reader’ll tell you I don’t confirm or deny suspicions. I don’t spoil.

I’ve learned the hard way the futility of arguing with anyone who’s remotely famous on Twitter and it’s hard to communicate with only 140 characters. And I get that Weisman won’t and likely can’t talk very much about the show. All I’m saying is don’t get your hopes up that this will be the AfterMASH of Clone Wars, like I’ve seen many fans do already.

The Nickel Review of “The Yoda Chronicles”

May 30, 2013

The first of three LEGO’s “The Yoda Chronicles” specials aired last night on Cartoon Network. It takes place during the Clone Wars era, making it somewhat poignant to watch, though as with previous LEGO Star Wars animated specials, it references the entire saga in one form or another.

In many ways this show–like its predecessors is Robot Chicken For Kids–but it’s genuinely funny and as adorable as the toys that inspired it. Yoda is teaching a small group of padawans when General Grievous is charged by Count Dooku to steal kaiburr crystals. Threepio plays a big role in it as does Mace Windu. A young Lando shows up with his dad (voiced by Billy Dee Williams) on their funky ship/nightclub, the Millennium Falcon. There are too many references and chuckles to count in the half hour special, but my favorite part was when Palpatine/Sidious was going back and forth between Grievous and Yoda on separate calls, trying not to let Yoda see his true dark side. There’s also an evil clone who will no doubt return in later installments.

Great job, LEGO! Can’t wait for more.

Wanna See AOTC 3D? Buy A Plane Ticket To Germany

May 29, 2013

Good news if you’re attending Star Wars Celebration Europe II…you’ll get to see AOTC in 3D. Apparently the flick was already done before Disney decided 100% of Lucasfilm’s efforts needed to be focused on Episode VII.

It’s nice they found a way to show the film after expending all of that time and money turning it into 3D. But it stinks the rest of us won’t see it after we’d been looking forward to the film. And it makes me wonder how much of ROTS was completed. It is possible AOTC 3D will be shown at a future Celebration in the U.S., but what if I don’t want to go to Celebration or can’t go? Besides, the idea was to show it to everyone and remind people the best place to see Star Wars is in the theaters, not just to a small group of diehards.

Five Items I Wish They’d Make But They Don’t

May 28, 2013

For the discriminating collector of all of the Star Wars movies, it’s been slim pickings in the prequel department during years since ROTS with a few blips here and there (or Clone Wars stuff for kids). Here are five kinds of items I’d wish they make, but they don’t and probably never will:

5. Clever, cute t-shirts—Okay, it’s not as though NOBODY makes these but prequel-themed tees are doggone rare to begin with and the kind you see on those 24-hour t-shirt sites are as rare as unicorns holding four-leaf clovers.

4. Stuff with quotes from the prequels–Who wouldn’t want a plaque that says, “There’s always a bigger fish” or “I love democracy…I love the Republic?” Or a coffee mug that says, “Sith Lords are our specialty?” Come on!

3. Stuff that celebrates all of the saga—-The only item that’s rarer these days than anything having to do with the prequels is anything that uses all of the saga or combines different elements of the saga. What a concept, people who like all of the movies.

2. Cookie molds—-Who wouldn’t want to make General Grievous cookies? Or Darth Maul ones? Or battle droids? Jar Jar? Even though Willliams Sonoma has cranked out Star Wars-themed cookie molds, pancake molds, and even sandwich molds for the past three years, it has yet to ever get to the prequel flicks or Clone Wars. With new movies coming up, I doubt they ever will.

1. Retro-style sheets—-Pottery Barn Kids, part of the Williams-Sonoma empire, did some great retro style sheets for kids and kids who just so happen to have queen-sized beds. Not only have they thus far blown off ROTJ, they have also totally blown off the prequels. The PBK ones are great because I don’t have allergy problems with them since they are made of organic cotton. Why have fans buy just two sets when you can make them get four more?

New WeLoveFine Tee

May 24, 2013

Among a couple of new bad guy tees at WeLoveFine is this handy infographic that maps Palpatine’s rise to unlimited power:

Yours for $25. Order here!

John Knoll Promoted At ILM

May 23, 2013

John Knoll, who was visual effects lead on the prequel films, just got promoted to Chief Creative Officer at ILM. This means his influence will be felt on Star Wars and on other films for a long time to come! Congrats to Mr. Knoll!

You can read the whole press release here.

Ashley Eckstein In “Prey For Rock & Roll”

May 23, 2013

Before she was Ahsoka Tano, the former Ashley Drane appeared in a low budget flick from 2003 called “Prey For Rock & Roll,” starring Gina Gershon. It’s a gritty, sweaty, punky tale of some chicks in a rock band. It’s got smoking, drinking, tattoos, and of course, lesbian love scenes. Ashley’s role was “Punk Rock Girl” and if you suffer through this whole trailer, you’ll see her at the end saying, “Rock awwwn!”

Rock on, Ashley! Rock onnnn!!

Axed Show Gains Another Nomination

May 22, 2013

The Clone Wars picked up another nomination today, this time for Best Animated Series from the Broadcast Television Journalists Association Critics Choice Awards (whew!). You can see the full list of nominees here.

Yay for finally recognizing “The Middle” and star Eden Sher, boo for ignoring the best new series this season, History’s “Vikings.”

By the way, SMGO.TV has taken up the cause for Clone Wars.