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Tale Of The Subversive Sheet Designer

July 11, 2012

Target has produced some Star Wars bedding as of late, some of which aspires to be similar to Pottery Barn Kids’ line of Star Wars bedding without the Pottery Barn Kids prices.

At first blush, a handsome beige Rebel-themed bedding set seems to focus on X-Wings and Falcons. But this guy looked carefully and noticed there are…gasp…prequel vehicles hidden in the design. It’s hilarious to see this author react like Rumpelstiltskin after his name is discovered to see “holy trilogy” sheets tainted with prequelness. For a guy whose position on the prequels is that “it looked cool but I didn’t like the story,” he sure seems to know quite a bit even if he mistakenly says the Jedi starfighter was from TPM.

Maybe the sheet designer knows nothing about Star Wars and just pulled all kinds of vehicle line art to put on the sheets without any regard to where those vehicles appeared.

Or is there another explanation? Could there be a sheet designer out there who’s as annoyed with the hateboys and post-ROTS prequel amnesia as we are? I can imagine the sheet designer chuckling to himself as he surreptitiously sneaks in prequel vehicles, figuring none would be the wiser. In that case, I tip my hat to his genius. Perhaps if you fold the sheets the right way, there’s a big picture of Jar Jar sticking out his tongue.

Heh heh.

Star Blog Redesign

August 9, 2010

The Official Star blog had a redesign. The only prequel elements in the redesign (there are two flash pages, one with good guys, one with bad guys) are waaaay on the end, there appears to be a couple of pit droids. Maybe.

They can’t use TESB’s 30th as an excuse because not everything in the new design is from that film. Once again, half the saga is relegated to amnesia status. You bet I’m gonna say somethin’ on Friday…

(While you’re there, check out the guy’s Clone Wars tattoos. They’re cool but this fella went through all of that pain and paid good money for those tats but has never seen the show. Hmm…)

Temuera Morrison To Appear At Celebration V

June 18, 2010

Count Jango Fett in to appear at Celebration V! Official Pix made the announcement today.

Director who might have given the world “Anakin” dies

April 25, 2009

Director Ken Annakin, who made movies like Swiss Family Robinson and The Longest Day has passed away at the age of 94.

Of course he had a long, distinguished career but he is also at the center of an urban legend/rumor/whatever that George Lucas got the moniker “Anakin” from his last name. Lucas denied it through a publicist but the story will probably persist, particularly since pronouncements from Lucasfilm can be inconsistent. Read Mr. Annakin’s obit here.