This site is about one thing and it’s about celebrating the Star Wars prequels and the saga as a whole. In order to accomplish this goal, please keep these rules–created by endless Senate committees–in mind:

1. No bashing or excessive criticism of the prequel films.

This includes but is not limited to the quality of performances, writing, direction, story, etc.. If you don’t like the movies or want to use this as a soapbox for your gripes, this site is NOT for you. Gripe away on your own site or where they allow it; don’t do it here. No insults directed at the cast either.

2. No bashing or excessive criticism of George Lucas and his family.

This includes but is not limited to referring to him as “greedy,” “a hack,” “a lousy director,” etc. or cutting comments on his appearance, his family, or anything personal.

3. Commenters must be polite and civil.

There is to be no flaming, trolling, baiting, insults, excessive nitpicking, contrarianism, and all-around smarta–ery directed at other commenters or the webmiss. Save it for Sheldon and the Comic Book Guy.  No creating socks or sending your buddies here to back up your trolling.  No harassment of the webmiss or other commenters, including but not limited to unwanted/excessive/threatening e-mails, posts, and social media communication both public and private.

Even though with Star Wars, it’s inevitable religion and politics will come up, please use common sense when discussing these issues and keep it relevant to the Star Wars universe. There are going to be people of all kinds of beliefs here and we don’t need to be smashing chairs over each other’s heads. If I link to a politically-tinged piece, I will pre-warn you.

There is to be no racist, sexist, or other demeaning language. Keep it clean; use asterisks instead of spelling out f-bombs or something. Do not swear at other posters or the webmiss.

Threats of violence, rape, murder, or other criminal activity posted on the site or sent privately will be reported to the authorities.

4. No spam or sales pitches

Spam will be instantly deleted. No one is to use comments to sell products/services or to contact commenters privately to sell products/services. If you want to promote your site, make sure it’s relevant AND friendly to Star Wars.

5. No Off-Topic/Irrelevant Posts

If a discussion goes off-topic, I will ask that the conversation continue elsewhere. Off-topic comments/thread-jacking will be deleted.

Facebook Rules

Facebook comments and posts must meet all of the above rules or they will be deleted. If you want to promote your group, run it by me privately first. If it’s not relevant to SWPAS, it will be deleted.

Facebook repeat offenders will be banned and reported.

The webmiss is final arbiter of what she considers acceptable and unacceptable and her decision is final.


11 Responses to “RULES OF THE HOUSE: Please Read!”

  1. Sean T Says:

    I’ve just gone back and watched them all and I love them… Star Wars was never meant to be taken as deep art, its light entertainment for the whole family.
    Also those if you who weren’t there at the time don’t know how pumped we all were for them and honestly we all enjoyed watching it at the movies. No one hated them (particularly episode 1) till after the fact.

  2. Thorin Milliken Says:

    I’m so glad to have found this site! Finally some people who appreciate ALL of the Star Wars movies! I saw every one of them in the theater at release. My son was 3 when Phantom Menace came out, so that was an amazing event for me. Looking forward to getting deeper in this site. Thanks!

  3. lGrande Anhoop Says:

    Hey man… anyone know some SW / movie forums with a strong anti-PT attitude?
    I’m looking for an intense argument and can’t seem to find any 😦

    Already excluded:
    -RLM forums (people there can’t debate to save their lives)
    -RLM subreddit (hardly any responses, threads disappear quickly)
    -SW subreddit (thread queues too long, not sure) (not arrogant enough for me)
    -Comicbookresources (did a thing there, a bit lame)
    -Shmups (got banned)
    -CHUD (banned by stupid mod)

    YT and disqus comment sections never lead anywhere.

    So if any of you know, it’d be great, thanks!

  4. lGrande Anhoop Says:

    “the common cliché is that the acting is wooden, yet I wonder if it’s possible to reinterpret the acting as a “purposeful” choice, meant to reflect a truth about actual existence”

    They’re not wooden, they’re detached / formal / elevated, it’s a romanticized portrayal of aristocracy and monkhood.

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