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    Website for the UK STAR WARS fan magazine covering all aspects of the STAR WARS saga-from all six films, to tv, comics, books, and all other media. Launched in 2003, the new website has lots of rare information and photos from all the movies, as well as oriignal fiction set during both Classic and Prequel eras, previously unrevealed behind the scenes info, a STAR WARS memory lane archive area, and a great regular blog section. We know that there’s something for everyone!!

  2. Pete Says: is the largest Star Wars directory in the world. Come check out the listing for this very blog and give it a rating! Find Star Wars sites you never knew existed.

  3. Mark 'Lightsabre' Newbold Says:

    Come visit us over at Jedi News, the UK’s number one Star wars website, incorporating two other major UK sites from the last century, and
    From collecting news to fan fiction, interviews to articles we’ve got it covered. Keep watching as the site expands over the coming months to include this and much, much more.

  4. Stephen G Says:


  5. John Doyle Says:

    Fellow Star Wars fans. Sick of confusing privacy settings? Twitter too basic? Do they drive you mad when all you want to do with connect with other fans?

    I would love you to consider an exciting alternative. It’s called It is made by a fan for the fans. It is not just another online community or forum. It is a proper Social Network that combines the power of Facebook with the simplicity of Twitter. And it’s all about the ‘Wars. We have chatrooms, interest groups, videochats. And new features being added all the time. Something for every fan.

    So if Star Wars is your life, and you want a place online where you can totally geek out and have a say in it’s future, check out, the Social Network from a Galaxy Far, Far Away. You will never meet a nicer hive of scum and villainy!!!

  6. Craig Stratton Says:

    Dear SWPAS, I just wrote a small article on my days working as a Nikto (Sebulba’s techician) on the Phantom Menace.. Drop in and say Hi! C

  7. Adam D. Bram (Collor Pondrat) Says:

    Hey, LP! You need to update some of these blogroll links. Some are dead, and I found a prequel-bashing comment on another.

    How does one become a link here in the first place? I don’t want to be presumtuous enough to just ask for my blog to be on the blogroll, but if there’s some process I need to go through to be considered I’d like to get that started.

  8. paulo oliveira Says:

    The SWCP-Star Wars Clube Portugal
    is the 1st legally registered STAR WARS Fan Club ever established in Portugal, for the benefit of ALL those who are interested in that Galaxy far, far away… Your source of STAR WARS news in Portuguese. Contact us, share and enjoy!

  9. Peter Says:

    Greetings Star Wars Fans.

    I have a Star Wars desktop wallpaper site you may like –

    It’s a work in progress, but already has over a thousand, hand-picked, HD wallpapers, and gets decent daily traffic.

    I admit I need to give the Prequel Trilogy some more love, but the Death Trooper wallpapers and Emperor Palpatine meme were going down so well!


  10. JbScripts Says:

    Green Card Back: A Star Wars Blog for a More Civilised Age:

    It’s a celebration of the stories, characters and action figures that make Star Wars great, starting from the great resurgence of the mid-90’s and continuing all the way through to today.

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