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Darth Maul On 2012 Packaging

February 25, 2011 announced today that Darth Maul will star on all of Hasbro’s 2012 packaging. This abrupt recognition of the prequel films is likely due to TPM’s re-release next year. Head over to to check out the art.

Catch SW Alumni In Miami

February 24, 2011

Billy Dee Williams, Ray “Darth Maul” Park, and Daniel “Lil’ Boba” Logan are among the many guests slated to appear this weekend at Wizard World Miami!

If you’re in South Florida, check Wizard World’s site.

Interesting Take On Coruscant & The PT

February 22, 2011

This is a short thread on TFN from 2005, but it is a rather interesting look at what Coruscant represents through the prequels and how that changes over the course of the series.

Civil War: A Thesis On AOTC

February 21, 2011

Here’s the second essay by Kelsey Dangelo, who wrote the piece I posted last week on TPM. Enjoy!


Clone Wars Debriefing: “The Citadel”

February 19, 2011

Go, Bulldogs!

Oh wait, not that Citadel. Instead of a Southern military-style academy, The Citadel in this show is a prison designed to hold Jedi. And the Seps are holding Evan Piell as an honored guest. It’s up to Obi-Wan, Anakin, Rex and Co., and Ahsoka to bust him out.

It’s simple, straightforward, and after the heavier and headier themes of the prior two story arcs, it may just be what the doctor ordered. As The Gleemo Blog put it in its review, it’s a Season One adventure with Season Three animation. All of the classic Clone Wars elements are there: clones, battle droids, lightsabers, Michael Bay fireballs, derring do, torture, banter, narrow escapes, and movie references.

There’s an interesting dynamic between Anakin and Ahsoka at the beginning of the episode. Anakin, due to what we know is his attachment issues and perhaps an effect of his experiences on Mortis, bans Ahsoka from the mission because it’s too dangerous. Ahsoka sulks, then talks to Plo Koon, who reminds her it’s Anakin’s call but is clearly disturbed by the situation.

The plan to get into the prison is to get some battle droids who are now Artoo’s “troops” (they’re even painted with blue markings) to pilot a ship supposedly full of supplies. To hide themselves from life form scanners, Anakin comes up with the idea of freezing everyone in carbonite. Ah, so that’s how he knows you can carbon freeze someone. Ugnaughts run the machines, which of course is a reference to TESB but now makes you wonder if carbon freezing is some kind of Ugnaught specialty.

The plan works brilliantly and we find out, once Artoo has everyone thawed, that Ahsoka has defied Anakin. He gets annoyed and Obi-Wan laughs at him. Ahsoka even throws it back in his face, in a nice way. Then, the rescue mission gets going. It’s all pure excitement.

The commando droids turn out to be forces to contend with. They are tough, effective, nasty fighters. The action sequences, such as one where the heroes scale a cliff face earlier, and a Jedi/clones vs. commando droid fight in a corridor, are just as good as anything you’ll see for $10 at the theater these days and nothing like what you find on television at all.

Evan Piell is rescued, and he sounds a bit Russian. He asks for some vodka and tells his rescuers they have to get the captain of Piell’s captured ship from his cell. The captain has some valuable information. During the fight sequence that ensues, a big magnet is turned on and everything metallic gets sucked to the ceiling. This includes Anakin’s robo claw, and unfortunately he is stuck right along with it. Then he gets a round of electroshock therapy.

Once they bust out the captain, it turns out to be none other than “Captain” Tarkin. No time is wasted before Tarkin and Anakin rub each other the wrong way. The whole thing ends on a cliffhanger…to be continued in two weeks. Bah!

The prison warden sounds like it’s Christopher Walken, but it’s really James Arnold Taylor. I hope he brought some Ricola for doing double-duty!

The animation is awesome. There are lots of little things to notice during the fight scenes, some of which happen so fast you have to really pay attention to catch them. Ahsoka for instance has some very fancy lightsaber moves.

And there were many other pitch-perfect moments, like Rex shooting out the camera or the warden having someone literally shoot the messenger.

My favorite pure adventure/action episode since “Landing At Point Rain.”

Chewbacca On Clone Wars

February 17, 2011

Well, he was in ROTS…why not Clone Wars too? Look for Chewbacca to appear in the season finale two-parter beginning on April 1. The New York Times online has more info, photos, and a short clip where Ahsoka meets Chewie for the first time.

While you’re at it, has a clip from tomorrow night’s episode “The Citadel” where you can see where Vader and Tarkin’s p***ing contest began.

The Great Things About TPM

February 16, 2011

Okay, my embargo of TFN’s Prequel Forum might be over. Or at least for this one thread started by the forum’s mod, the “fence sitter.”

Read through The Great Things About TPM.

Awesome A/P Artwork

February 14, 2011

And because it’s Valentine’s Day, here’s a great piece of fan art from an Ivan Garcia:

TPM Essay

February 14, 2011

“Feel. Don’t think.”
History Repeats Itself For the First Time
A Thesis on Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
By Kelsey Dangelo


More Of The Same From EW & ThinkGeek

February 14, 2011

Reader David Strohmenger forwarded along this eyeroller from Entertainment Weakly, a publication I’ve boycotted since 2002:

I just wanted to let you know that the Bullseye page of the latest Entertainment Weekly takes a shot at the prequels. There is a picture from the Super Bowl commercial with the caption ‘Finally a Star Wars prequel we can get behind.’ I guess I shouldn’t be surprised; this is the same magazine that gave the Clone Wars movie an ‘F’.

The funny part is its online arm has been a happy part of the Clone Wars Booster Club for some reason.

And while perusing ThinkGeek’s site, I noticed that when you run a search for Star Wars, there’s a box at the top of the page that says “Han’s equation: Ep 4-6 > Ep I-III.” Go check it out yourself. I’d never noticed that before and it pretty much ensured that I’ll never buy anything from those guys unless and until they 1) remove it and 2) apologize. Fans of the whole saga have to fight for respect; we’re not gonna get it otherwise.