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Star Words Part 19

July 21, 2017

The latest installment in Matril’s series brings us inside the Senate chamber in TPM:

We see now why someone as young and comparatively inexperienced as Padmé managed to get herself elected ruler of an entire planet. Her gifts are on full display here; her eloquence (clearly not planned beforehand, as she’s being compelled to speak extemporaneously), her passion, her ability to cut through all the political bickering straight to the heart of the problem. Her people are in peril of their lives and the Senate might be willing to form a committee to talk about it. Maybe. Well, she’s not having it. The momentum of her resolve will carry her all the way back to Naboo, where she will reclaim her planet without any help from an ineffectual government.

New Tees At Target

July 17, 2017

A reader tipped off a new tee from Target featuring PT and OT characters in a “Star Wars” alphabet, only $12.99.

Then while browsing I spotted this one, also for $12.99, featuring everyone’s favorite villains.

Ahmed Best Talks To Wired

July 15, 2017

If you ever want to remind yourself of what went horribly wrong with “geek” culture and fandom, and why Disney today unveiled a crapload of  remakes, reboots, and projects based off of popular attractions (I for one cannot wait for “FastPass:  The Movie”), just read Wired’s new interview with Ahmed Best.

Wired is of course just as guilty as the rest of the pig pile of persecutors and it doesn’t sound like the author is much of a fan though he begrudgingly admits TPM isn’t the childhood rapist it was made out to be.  I have to say the change in tone though is in no small part in response to the rise of /r/prequelmemes and fans of the prequels making themselves known.

Plus, Best sounds like a smart, interesting guy.

Star Words and One Woman Star Wars

July 13, 2017

Matril’s latest projects are an update to her Star Words series and a video, “One Woman The Phantom Menace,” where she acts out the film all by her lonesome:

Star Words Part XVII

July 8, 2017

Another installment of Matril’s series focuses on Palpatine:

How I love this scene. While Palpatine puts on a show of offering a young leader counsel and support, he is slowly but surely manipulating her into serving his plots. Notice the staging. She sits, passive and nearly silent, while he talks and talks and talks, walking circles around her almost like a predator stalking its prey…or a spider weaving its web around its victim. His tone carries a convincing note of regret as he describes the corruption and slogging inaction that has enveloped the Senate. But in truth, he has been eagerly encouraging the Republic’s decline, preparing for his eventual takeover. The Republic is not what it once was, and he’s secretly delighted. Valorum is mired by baseless accusations, he takes care to note — but Palpatine could very well be the one who started circulating those rumors, ensuring the current Chancellor’s failure and subsequent take-down.

Star Words Part 16

July 3, 2017

This time it’s about an exchange between Anakin and Padmé:

Two people, scared and feeling out of control, seeking comfort in each other. I love how Padmé offers the physical warmth of a blanket as a sort of symbol of the emotional warmth she represents to him. And then there is the strange wistfulness hiding beneath the simple words “Space is cold.”

I love that Anakin, miserable as he is, still notices her pain and tries to help with a simple trinket. There’s a ton of foreshadowing here. “So you’d remember me.” Years later, Padmé will still have this pendant, and she’ll still remember him. She’ll carry that memory to her grave. Good fortune? That’s harder to say. Terrible pain and suffering will come, but ultimately it will be Anakin’s connection to Padmé, through their children, that will save him from his darkness.


Fan Argues TPM Is Better Than ANH

June 29, 2017

I take no position on this issue because the only thing I’ll ever assert is that ROTS is the best film of the series, but this fan argues why he finds TPM a better film than even the super duper classic ANH:

What isn’t classic about the story of two knights rescuing a queen and helping her restore order to an imperilled kingdom? As a 9 year old I never had a problem with the saga opening in this rather low key manner. After all this was the beginning. A New Hope was different in that we were being introduced to the middle of the saga with events already in progress, but in the Phantom Menace Lucas starts things off with a single ship, and that suits it perfectly. Soon after we get our first real look at what the Jedi in their prime looked like and even without having seen the original trilogy there’s not much need of an explanation to know what they’re about. Good storytelling.

New Star Words

June 22, 2017

While I was (mostly) offline, Matril posted a couple more installments of her Star Words series.

First, Obi-Wan on pathetic life forms and then some words of wisdom from Shmi to Anakin.

Star Words XII: Maul Talks

June 2, 2017

Part XII of Matril’s series on TPM is up and this time it focuses on the mostly-silent Darth Maul:

In the end, Maul’s terrifying appearance — the nightmarish swirls of red and black, the horns, the glowing eyes, the double-bladed saber he wields with deadly precision — is nothing but a mask to distract us from the true danger, the phantom menace lurking behind it all. And when Maul is killed, it will ultimately prove a hollow victory as the master simply finds a new apprentice and proceeds with his plans for galactic domination. Maul, meanwhile, won’t live to see the Sith destroy the Jedi order and take over the galaxy. He gets to be the face of the surprise reveal – “Whoops, guess the Sith weren’t totally eradicated a thousand years ago after all!” but he reaps none of the rewards. He proved useful for a time, and was then easily discarded for someone with more political savvy, who will in turn be discarded for someone younger and far more powerful.

TPM Behind-The-Scenes Quiz

June 1, 2017 posted a TPM behind-the-scenes quiz; see how much you remember from all of those magazine articles and interviews!