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Star Words IX: Shmi On Slavery, The Republic

May 26, 2017

Matril posted another installment of her Star Words series, this time focusing on one of Shmi Skywalker’s lines in TPM:

Much of Shmi’s importance in the overall story of the saga resides in her influence on Anakin — her presence during his childhood, but especially her absence once he leaves to become a Jedi. It’s always a tricky thing to create a character whose primary impact comes from her absence and death (and the use of “her” isn’t a coincidence — it’s overwhelmingly women who are placed in this role). All too often, the character is nothing more than a plot device, underdeveloped, her special place in the hero’s heart implicit rather than explicitly developed. But Shmi’s portrayal is saved from this danger by an excellent performance from Pernilla August and the details the story reveals of her personality and experiences.


Joseph Fiennes Was Almost Obi-Wan?

May 25, 2017

The current star of Hulu’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” told The Wrap that he was a finalist in the contest to play the younger incarnation of Obi-Wan.  Sort of:

While Fiennes played coy at first, the actor let out enough information to source the film to Star Wars.

“I auditioned for a great director,” Fiennes started. “It was whittled down after many auditions to myself and another fine actor who I was at that time at drama school with.”

The Wrap independently confirmed Fiennes and McGregor were classmates as Guildhall School of Music and Drama way back when. The Londoners went on to pursue their acting careers, but the pair apparently reunited under the guise of Star Wars.

Fiennes went on to say he moved forward with audition levels until he got to do a test in front of a director and Robin Gurland, a casting director. After finishing, Fiennes went to meet George Lucas and his daughter.

“I auditioned for a great director,” Fiennes said as he began his story. “It was whittled down after many auditions to myself and another fine actor who I was at that time at drama school with.”

However, the encounter would up being a pitfall for Fiennes. “His daughter turned around and said ‘I don’t like this guy. He’s weird. I don’t like him.’ And that’s how my audition went,” Fiennes recalled.

Oh well! Read the rest here.

Essay Looking Back At TPM

May 23, 2017

Julian at World of Peacecraft is posting 40th anniversary tributes to the various Star Wars films and here’s his tribute to TPM:

Speaking of Anakin, the young Chosen One is also one of my favorite elements of The Phantom Menace. Jake Lloyd was widely criticized for his performance, but I fail to see him being bad at all. (Gotta support my hometown! Seriously, I thought he was fine.) After I first saw the movie, I couldn’t quite believe the large contrast between Anakin and the relentless killing machine I knew he was destined to become. Anakin was another character I was quick to identify with; he is always quick to find some way to help his friends, even if that involves putting his life on the line. I’m in awe of those nerves of steel he shows while piloting even at a very young age, and at the time when I first saw The Phantom Menace, I shared Anakin’s fear of being separated from one’s guardian for a long period of time. After several viewings of the film, I do see some very subtle elements of darkness in the young Anakin, namely his expression during his scene with the Jedi Council. I think the movie does a very good job of establishing Anakin as a skilled pilot, great mechanic, and aspiring adventurer.

TPM & ROTS Turn 18 & 12 Respectively

May 19, 2017

TPM was unleashed upon North American audiences May 19, 1999; it was the first Star Wars film I saw on opening day.

ROTS was released throughout most of the world May 19, 2005; geez, it has been that long already?

Star Words TPM Part 10

May 18, 2017

Matril has another installment of her Star Words series, this time focusing on one of Anakin’s lines from TPM:

This flash of anger, this insistence on being identified by the correct term, strike me as very similar to the moment Luke speaks his father’s former name and Vader snaps, “That name no longer has any meaning for me.” His furious reaction makes it patently obvious that the word Anakin is, in fact, painfully meaningful for him.

RIP Margaret Towner

May 14, 2017

Margaret Towner, the British actress who played Jira in TPM, passed away last month at the age of 95.

Her full obituary is on, written by her son, also an actor. How funny fans dropped by her house to take photos!

Star Words Part VII

April 28, 2017

Matril has the seventh part of her look at lines in TPM, this time on a famous quote from Qui-Gon:

On top of that, as a symbolic statement, this line provides marvelous foreshadowing for a film with a hidden “bigger fish” — a phantom menace, if you will — pulling the strings of smaller fish like the Trade Federation. Even the formidable Darth Maul is little more than a pawn within the larger schemes of Sidious.

A Few Interesting Reads

April 20, 2017

SyFy’s Stuff We Love series featured a scene from AOTC that forever changed the audience’s view of the Jedi, when Dooku tries to get a captured Obi-Wan on his side.  The only downside is the author’s assumption “most fans” didn’t like the movie.  Really, Carol?  Get with the program.  Otherwise not a bad piece.

Furious Fanboys says SWCO was a big moment for the prequels.

Finally, here are two more installments in Matril’s Star Words series:

Part V

Part VI



More Star Words & Music

April 11, 2017

Here are couple of new entries from Matril on the PT…

The newest Star Words focuses on one of Qui-Gon’s lines from early in TPM:

But wait! Isn’t Qui-Gon supposed to be the compassionate one, kind to all creatures great and small? Well, yes and no. Qui-Gon follows the gentle ways of the living Force, but he’s also very pragmatic. He ultimately accepts Jar Jar’s dubious offers of help because he realizes the Gungan can lead them to a safe hiding place. Later, he lets Jar Jar tag along because he senses that he may eventually be of some use. Perhaps he also pities him and feels it is the right, moral choice to rescue him from the brutal punishment of the Gungan bosses…but that appears to be secondary to accomplishing a larger mission. As the film continues, we can see that Qui-Gon’s confident single-mindedness can be very abrasive. He butts heads with a number of characters because of it, including Obi-Wan, Padmé, and the entire Jedi council. He doesn’t go out of his way to be mean, but he’s just not concerned with being well-liked.

Here she is playing a couple of relevant tunes from the prequels:

A Couple Of Videos To Watch

April 10, 2017

I’m not endorsing or agreeing with everything in this video but I liked his breakdown of the pod race scene from TPM:

This one is kind of a promo for “The Prequels Strike Back” which lists five things to unlearn about the prequels: