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Clone Wars Debriefing: “Trespass”

January 31, 2009

Spoilers ahead:


Ten Years of TPM: The Supershadow Saga

January 31, 2009

In the months leading up to TPM’s May 1999 release, everyone near a computer terminal was posting rumors and speculation about the movie., Jedinet, and other news sites tried to be on the up-and-up although an awful lot of what they reported was false or inaccurate.

But one internet fixture took it to a whole new level: a fan with the alias “Supershadow.” Later revealed to be a North Carolina resident named Mickey Suttle, “Supershadow” claimed to be a close friend of George Lucas and therefore had access to info nobody else had. At first he even claimed to be an ILM employee! Since the buzz around TPM drew in a lot of new fans, a lot of folks did not know better and bought a lot of what Supershadow was selling. Aside from mostly phony news and info, he also ran phony interviews with Lucas and many of the film’s stars.

The fact he was since exposed as a fraud and his “predictions” were wrong didn’t stop Supershadow. He kept on posting with AOTC, ROTS, and even to this day his site is active! God knows who keeps sending this guy questions (if they’re not made up by the guy himself) or how he came up with his Sith ranking system, but there it is. A determined faker, media prankster, or deluded fanboy? You decide.

Buy Ahsoka’s Lightsaber!

January 31, 2009

If you have $349 lying around, you might want to consider eFX Studios’ replica (as it were) of Ahsoka Tano’s lightsaber. Available for pre-order on February 1 at eFX Collectibles.

Update: has an item on the Ahsoka lightsaber. The signed edition features Dave Filoni’s autograph.

Clone Wars News

January 30, 2009

*You can visit TFN’s boards or just go to Moons Of Iego and read the January 29th entry on future episodes of CW. Warning, there are spoilers!

* has its continuing online comics series setting the stage for tomorrow night’s episode, “Trespass,” and an interview with actor Brian George, who voices a new bad guy and is best known for playing “Babu,” the hapless Pakistani immigrant, on “Seinfeld.”

*TNT will start airing CW in High Definition beginning on February 14 before moving to its regular timeslot on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT. This is great news for folks like me who miss Cartoon Network’s HD broadcast because it comes on too early!

*Penguin will unleash several CW kids’ books and a card game on February 5.

Third “Coruscant Nights” Book Out

January 29, 2009

Out this week is the third and final “Coruscant Nights” novel by Michael Reeves, Patterns of Force. If you’ve read Matthew Stover’s recent novel Luke Skywalker And The Shadows Of Mindor, you know what becomes of Nick Rostu, but what about Jax Pavan and everyone else? Read and find out…

Karen Miller interview with

January 27, 2009

Lightsabre has a new interview with “Wild Space” author Karen Miller. Go check it out!

“Celebrate The Star Wars Decade” At New York Comic Con

January 26, 2009

From the Media At Large blog, the official blog for New York Comic Con:

Lucasfilm’s Steve Sansweet & special guests have a question for you…

Where Were You in ’99?

Ten years ago, Star Wars fans worldwide were reenergized with the launch of a new series of Star Wars movies, and in the process developed a community of life-long friends. In theater lines, toy stores, cons, and in the muddy byways of Denver’s Celebration I, Star Wars passion was rekindled. The last decade has been filled with a galactic expansion of the Star Wars saga, a new generation of fans and fan activity, and an even stronger integration of Star Wars into popular culture. Where were you 10 years ago? Join Steve Sansweet and some famous—maybe infamous—guests who will look back at the past decade of Star Wars, as well as the on-going Saga’s future. Fans also will get a chance to influence an upcoming project. And don’t miss an exclusive sneak peek of something very special from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, now airing on Cartoon Network.

All this goes down in the IGN Theater on Saturday from 1-2 PM.

It’s not a trap.

New York Comic Con will be at the Jacob Javitz Center in NYC Feb. 6-8. Tickets are on sale now! For more info, visit the con’s official site.

Update: has additional information on SW activities at this year’s NYCC.

Clone Wars Debriefing: “Defenders Of Peace”

January 24, 2009

Beware of spoilers:


Clone Wars Debriefing: “Jedi Crash”

January 19, 2009

Spoilers ahead!


More of Jaime King’s love for SW

January 18, 2009

Soon-to-be CW castmember Jaime King (whose film My Bloody Valentine 3D just came out in theaters) talks about how she got on the show, her teary visits to Skywalker Ranch, and a bit about the upcoming Fanboys in an interview with