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Let The Rumors Fly: Hayden Christensen Suddenly Coming To Celebration O’Town

March 31, 2017

I said I wouldn’t post about fake news/rumors/speculation because that’s not what I’m in the business of doing and I almost got seriously burned last year with something inflammatory that got walked back (but not debunked).

Today there are “rumors” that an Obi-Wan standalone flick directed by Rogue One’s Gareth Edwards will be announced at Celebration with Ewan McGregor (whose birthday is today) present.  Frankly I think these rumors took off like a jack rabbit after uncle Denis Lawson magically decided he wasn’t so bored with Star Wars after all.  But the “source” of this story (we’ll call it SWNN) claims its informant saw some Celebration materials (like what, graphic slides?) that indicates this may be happening.

And now it’s revealed Hayden Christensen is coming to the con.  At the very least he is there to sign autographs and do photo ops.  You can even do one with Hayden and Ian McDiarmid!  What they aren’t telling you is Rachel Bilson is there with a baseball bat studded with nails in case any fans get too fresh.

He will appear during the 40th anniversary panel, just to have a few reps from different films of the saga.  Maybe he’ll drop in on the panel with Ray Park and McDiarmid just to make it a Sith trifecta.  Or maybe it’s going to be announced he’s in TLJ and many heads will explode.

The intrigue continues…


Essay: The Wisdom Of Qui-Gon Jinn

March 30, 2017

The Wisdom Of Qui-Gon Jinn was posted a few weeks ago but I finally read it today.  Again, more love for everyone’s favorite maverick hippie Jedi:

Qui-Gon Jinn as played by Liam Neeson in the Phantom Menace is one of the most curious characters in the entire Star Wars saga. Little understood and frequently misunderstood, I thought it was an appropriate time to take a look at this character who is both one of my favourite from the series and also one of the most interesting.

Star Words Part Three

March 30, 2017

Matril is back with another installment of her series, this time it’s about one of Queen Amidala’s more famous lines from early in TPM:

It’s already too late. Amidala’s words are all very well as a pacifist ideal, but in the face of an actual invasion, they can’t do a bit of good. Whether she wanted to lead her people to war or not, war has come. And whether it’s her fault or not, she must deal with the consequences.

Revenge Of The Dank Memes

March 30, 2017

I don’t spend too much time on Reddit but I found out today through the magic of social media about /r/PrequelMemes.  According to Mashable, the subreddit has 134,000 and counting subscribers and has been the fastest growing non-default subreddit twice this past month.

As an aside, I have to disagree with a few things in the Mashable piece:  the prequels don’t need “saving,” not everybody hated them, and not everybody doing these have political motives.  I see it as fans finally finding their own space to freely celebrate their love of the movies without a bunch of douchebags telling them they’re wrong and stupid.  And on various “sithposting” pages on Facebook, there are a lot of prequel memes too.

Not everyone on the subreddit is a prequel fan per se but it seems after taking a look at several pages’ worth of entries, most of it is about having fun with the movies.  People routinely quote the movies in their comments.  This being Reddit, not all of the memes are family-friendly or politically-correct and a few are kind of NSFW.  So venture at your own risk.

But now I have this to use:


The Good And Bad News About Celebration: O’Town Edition

March 27, 2017

If you are going to the convention (I won’t be), it seems to me all of the action will be around three panels:  the 40th anniversary panel, the TLJ one on Friday (safe bet Trailer #1 drops), and the “Rebels” Season 4 sneak peek.

As far as prequel-themed events go, the good news is there are at least a few guests coming:  Temuera Morrison was confirmed today, plus Daniel Logan, Ian McDiarmid, Matthew Wood, and Ray Park.  Plus there are saga perennials Anthony Daniels and Peter Mayhew along with the cartoon incarnation of Darth Maul, Sam Witwer.  Unless Ewan McGregor is going to sneak in his uncle Denis Lawson’s suitcase, I think that’s likely it.

(As a quick aside, I am SHOCKED Lawson is going to be an autographs guest given his longstanding ennui with all things Star Wars.  Papa must need some new shoes.  Seriously, I would’ve expected Harrison Ford, Liam Neeson, and Natalie Portman to open a kissing booth at a Celebration before I’d ever see Lawson darken the door of a convention.)

The bad news is it doesn’t look like as of yet they’re going to screen any of the prequel films:  only Rogue One, the OT, and TFA.  While there are still a lot of holes to be filled in the schedule, I have to wonder why they wouldn’t schedule the PT if the others already are (and they could run all three Thursday night).  The room was packed every time with each prequel film at SWCA in 2015.  I had to sneak in to see ROTS with squinty eyes!  So they can’t say nobody came to see the prequels.  AOTC’s 15th anniversary is going virtually unnoticed.  And there’s nothing about Clone Wars; all of the animation focus is on “Rebels.”

Essay On Qui-Gon

March 26, 2017

This was posted on Future of the Force on St. Paddy’s Day but I didn’t see it until now:

Qui-Gon Jinn. The wisest of Jedi, and an advocate of the living Force. A critical voice to the Republic’s Jedi Council. A voice in the wilderness, in a period increasingly dominated by bureaucracy, rules and regulation. Qui-Gon was convinced that Anakin was the Chosen One, the one who would bring balance back to the Force.

Star Words Part II

March 24, 2017

Matril has posted the second part of her “Star Words” series:

He is a dutiful, deferent Padawan to Qui-Gon, clearly respectful of his master’s teachings but not opposed to raising questions now and then. We see this in their opening scene, as they discuss Obi-Wan’s elusive “bad feeling” (and I love all the “I have a bad feeling” lines, but since they’re not unique to the prequels, there’s no need to discuss them here) and explore how to follow Yoda’s advice about being mindful of the future, without neglecting the living Force.

Read the rest here!

Prequel Goodies You Can Buy Now Or Soon

March 21, 2017

ROTS Tsum-Tsums from Disney are scheduled to drop April 4.  There are only four in this set instead of the usual seven:  Vaderkin, Grievous, an AOTC era clone trooper (?!), and Obi-Wan.  No word yet on whether there will be t-shirts.  Check out a photo of the set here.

LadyJediScientist found a bunch more independently-produced prequel items:

House Organa necklace

Padmé eyeshadow set

Lip gloss

Funko announced its first wave of SWCO Pop exclusives.  There is one prequel Pop and that is a hologram Qui-Gon:


Han Solo not included. Apparently more exclusives will be announced. Funko says some will be “shared exclusives,” meaning you will be able to buy them elsewhere but they’re not saying yet which ones. If you’re going to SWCO, you must enter a lottery to get a crack at buying any of the exclusives.

Update: Funko will also be producing a 442nd Clone Trooper for SWCO. If you’re not going to the con, the clone trooper will also be available from FYE and Holographic Qui-Gon will be available at Target.

Rebels, Canon, & Confusion

March 20, 2017

If you haven’t seen last Saturday’s “Rebels,” this contains spoilers:


Finish The Quote Quiz On Star

March 18, 2017

How well do you know the dialogue from AOTC?  Chances are if you’re reading this site regularly, you’ll do pretty well in this star quiz.  (And if your memory fails you, there’s always Google, heh heh).