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Offline Until April 11

March 30, 2011

I’m going on vacation and will be offline much if not all of the time. See you on the 11th!

Blu-Ray Release Date & 3D Conversion Company

March 29, 2011

Yesterday announced that the Blu-Ray set will be out on September 16. Get those pre-orders in now!

And today, announced that Prime Focus will be doing the 3D conversion for TPM.

Clone Wars Debriefing: “Wookiee Hunt”

March 28, 2011

Because I’m going to be out of the country on April 1 and won’t be back for several days, I’ve reviewed “Wookiee Hunt” and posted it at my LiveJournal page.

I’ll have a Season Three recap and my thoughts on the show’s evolution as a whole sometime next month.

What I Love About The Prequels: Derrick Zurn, Part 2

March 27, 2011

Stories come in all sort of shapes and sizes. They sometimes tell the tale of one man trying to find what he was put on the Earth to do. They sometimes tell the tale of one man trying to kill another, to take out revenge on another individual. They sometimes tell the tale of one man’s struggle to return to the light, for redemption. That is the epic lesson George Lucas was trying to tell with Star Wars. The Star Wars saga as a whole is the tale of Anakin Skywalker, his struggles for more power, his manipulation through the cunning Palpatine, which ultimately leads to his downfall and transformation into Darth Vader. The original Star Wars films focus on Anakin’s thirst for overthrowing Palpatine, but in the end, he comes to realize the horror and misery he has caused in the process, which allows him to return to his former self, save his son, destroy the Emperor and fulfill the ancient Jedi prophecy, and save the galaxy from a horrible fate, though it costs him his own life. What knowledge of what Vader once was and what he once dreamed of would we have if the Star Wars prequels were never made. Through Episodes 1,2,and 3 we see Anakin go from the sweet, podracing youth wanting to help the galaxy and become a jedi to a children slaughtering psychopath, wanting to become the most powerful creature in the galaxy and eventually rule the galaxy as his own. The story of the prequels are, as I said before, not meant to have the greatest visual effects or the greatest characters like in the original 3 films, but to explain things, explain why things are the way they are in the films which defied cinema decades earlier. Anakin Skywalker has had a profound impact on the galaxy, the Star Wars galaxy, and our own galaxy if you think about it. He has many struggles which many people have struggled with in history. He carries on traits reminiscent of Julius Caesar, Adolf Hitler and mirrors the devil himself, a once benevolent force what goes from being with the power to being against the power, which ultimately leads to his descending into a living hell. It is also worth pointing out that Anakin’s downfall is also driven by love. He sees visions of his wife’s death in childbirth, just as he did his mother back in Episode 2.He loves his wife so much, and he wants to become a powerful jedi and learn the powers of Darth Plagueis so he can save her and the twins, and he would give up anything or do anything to get to that sort of rank, even go against the very thing he was destine to destroy. And it isn;t until after she is dead that he realizes that it was all part of Palpatine’s plan, to bring him to the bad side, and he has to go through living agony serving the Emperor.


What A Surprise: Clone Wars Renewed For 4th Season

March 26, 2011

Cartoon Network announced on Friday that it’s renewing Clone Wars for another season. Lightsaberrattling has the press release.

Report From Season Finale Screening

March 26, 2011

Some lucky soul got to attend Lucasfilm’s screening of Clone Wars’ season finale the other night. Read his spoiler-free report here.

Star Wars Lego III: The Clone Wars Out Now

March 25, 2011

The third Lego Star Wars game, based on The Clone Wars, is now out in stores (actually it was out on Tuesday). Something to do while you wait to catch the Season Three Finale and wait out the long spring/summer until Season Four.

USA Today Weekend Interview With Dave Filoni

March 25, 2011

USA Today’s Weekend interviewed Dave Filoni about the Season Finale and some hints are dropped about Season Four.

Clone Wars Q&A

March 24, 2011

Dave Filoni answered several questions from fans on his Facebook page on Clone Wars. Here are a few of the more interesting exchanges:

5. Will we see Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka talk to each other about Mortis? – Mike Rondeau

No, not to each other.

8. Can’t wait to see Chewie in the Clone Wars; will we see a little Han Solo in those episodes or later on? The Mortis trilogy was my favorite episodes from season 3 – will we see more episodes like that? – Elizabeth Spencer

We will NOT be seeing young Han Solo. I’m not into that. I like meeting Han in the Cantina in Episode IV. As for the Mortis Trilogy – it is a beginning, not an ending.

10. Might we see in a future episode the origin of Obi-Wan’s nickname “Ben?” According to Ep 4 he was using it before Luke was born. (It could have been a random alias he adopted though). – Thom Willis

Satine used to call Obi-Wan “Ben” in an episode, but it was later revised to “Obi.” We reasoned that Obi-Wan would only use “Ben” during the period that he was in hiding, thus it would be a better secret name.

Clone Wars Debriefing: “Padawan Lost”

March 24, 2011

This episode won’t air in the U.S. until April 1, but I managed to find it online. Ordinarily I’d wait to view the episode and write about it, but I’m going to be out of the country on April 1. So here it is…spoilers below: