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Old Concepts For Battlefront IV

April 14, 2018

Dork Side of the Force posted some concept art from a decade-old alternate reality in the making for the Battlefront series of games.  These include a Darth Vader who had turned back to the light and got a new life support suit, a light side Darth Maul and dark side versions of your other favorite characters.

The game was in development until Free Radical lost the license in 2008.  This artwork was unveiled by a YouTuber.


Fantastic Analysis of The Force Theme & The PT

March 24, 2018

The woman who wrote this long Tumblr piece is a professional film composer, so she knows exactly what she’s talking about.  It’s never not interesting to break down John Williams’s work in any of the films.  Check it out!


Remastered Eps. I-VI Soundtracks Coming May 4

March 22, 2018

From Star

Disney Music Group announced today that May 4, a.k.a. Star Wars Day, will see the rerelease of John Williams’ original six Star Wars soundtracks on CD — all remastered, complete with new artwork and a collectible mini-poster. This includes A New Hope (1977), The Empire Strikes Back (1980), Return of the Jedi (1983), The Phantom Menace (1999), Attack of the Clones (2002), and Revenge of the Sith (2005), which feature some of the Williams’ most memorable compositions, including the Star Wars main theme, “Imperial March,” and “Duel of the Fates.”

There are links at the end of the article to pre-order ’em.

How Did Anidala Fans Do With Their ROTS Predictions?

February 20, 2018

Edited and paraphrased from a post I made elsewhere:

I’m going to address what we Anidalas guessed correctly about the events of Episode III and what we didn’t.

There is one obvious point to keep in mind that distinguishes where we are now re Episode IX from where Anidala fans were 2002-2005:  EVERYBODY knew Padmé was going to give birth to Luke and Leia and Anakin was going to become Darth Vader, therefore things won’t end well.  We as Anidala shippers dreaded it.  The prequels were basically a journey from Los Angeles to New York where you always knew the destination, but we just didn’t know the route or where we were going to stop along the way.

The fates of the ST characters are as open-ended just as the fates of the OT’s characters at the end of TESB.  We know where we left from but we don’t know where we’re going.  We can only guess from the landmarks.  This of course causes a lot more consternation but a lot more thoughtful and careful consideration.  Indeed there was meta here and there about Anidala and lots of thoughtful discussion but nothing on the level of what I’m seeing now.

Still we had to guess how the endgame between Anakin and Padmé was going to play out aside from the obvious pregnancy and giving birth.

It was a given to me that poor Padmé was toast; I didn’t see her hiding on Alderaan for a few years and her fate left off-camera.  It’s just not how stories are told in films, what Leia said in ROTJ and the assumptions fans made about it notwithstanding.  I knew for sure she was going to die in ROTS.

When I saw the digital (and current) cut of AOTC in 2002 where Padmé took Anakin’s roboclaw hand in hers during their wedding, I knew right then and there that she was going to lose her life trying to save Anakin from the Dark Side.  Why?  I saw it as a symbol of her accepting the monstrous side of Anakin along with his good side and that she was invested in him as a whole.  Of course she would do anything and risk anything for him.  As soon as I saw Padmé running off to Mustafar, I knew her doom was approaching.

I predicted that Anakin’s turn to the Dark Side was predicated on losing Padmé.  Most Anidala fans agreed.  It was obviously the one thing he feared the most and that soliloquy he delivered at his mother’s grave wasn’t for nothing.  Shmi’s death had hurt him deeply and like hell he was going to let the same happen to the love of his life.

I’d also predicted in a fan fiction I wrote in 2003 that he would dream of Padmé’s death and it would shake him to his core.  The difference was that in the movie Anakin dreamed of Padmé dying while giving birth while in my story he dreamed of her being shot in battle.

There were other fans who more or less agreed with me and some who had very different ideas.  For instance, it was a popular theory that the Jedi Order was going to rain hell on Anakin for breaking their no attachments rule (expulsion, jail, scandal) and that’s what would push him to the Dark Side.

The big one most of us missed?  Vaderkin attacking Padmé.  Nobody believed or wanted to believe Anakin would ever hurt a curly hair on Padmé’s head.  He loved her too much!  Most of us thought that Padmé would come to harm or meet her demise via a third party, such as the Trade Federation or Count Dooku’s forces.  We didn’t think he’d Force choke her and break her heart.  In retrospect it makes sense; once he became Darth Vader, he would do evil stuff including things we didn’t think he would’ve done before.

Nobody predicted Padmé would die in childbirth (those avoiding spoilers anyway).

I was also surprised that discovery Anakin and Padmé were in a relationship wasn’t treated as a big deal.  It seems to have been the worst-kept secret in the universe rather than a star-shaking scandal.



A Possible Influence On Star Wars?

February 18, 2018

I spotted this meta on Tumblr about George Lucas’s mother Dorothy and how the events in her life may very well have influenced some of the events of the prequels and the saga as a whole:

And finally, when George Jnr was eight months old (possibly. Some sources say he was actually three?), Dorothy gave birth to another girl. By this point her health was utterly and completely shot, to the extent she couldn’t even really raise the kids and go out with them and such. George and his sisters were mostly raised by their housekeeper, Till Shelley, whom the Lucases have spoken fondly of but whom we know pretty much nothing about.

Obviously that is all very much different from dying in childbirth, considering Dorothy actually lived to be 75, but there’s no way in heck it didn’t have some effect on her only son.

Anyway. Dorothy is described in various Lucas biographies as being strong-willed (especially considering, you know, the era she was in), rather fragile physically even before the pregnancies, dark-haired, dark-eyed, and a loving mother. Obviously, Star Wars fans know a couple of characters fitting that description:


Skating To Star Wars Music

February 15, 2018

Chinese Olympic skaters Yu Xiaoyu and Zhang Hao brought a little saga magic to their routine Wednesday night.  I don’t think they won or got the top scores but their taste in music gets a 10 from us.

They’ve skated to Star Wars themes before.


Song: Padmé’s Message

February 12, 2018

Sacha Feldberg wrote her own song about Anakin and Padmé’s love (forwarded to me by her dad Greg) and I have to say, it’s pretty good!  Check it out:

Rian Johnson Re The Prequels’ Influence On TLJ

February 1, 2018

Last night TLJ director Rian Johnson did a Q&A session over Facebook.  Here he confirms the influence the prequels had on the film:

“So I was watching Revenge of the Sith recently and I noticed there are a few echoes from that film to The Last Jedi, like when Anakin’s talking to Padme in Revenge of the Sith just before they face off Obi-Wan, there’s some similarities there with the “join me” and the lashing out of Kylo to Rey and Anakin to Padme. Did you watch the prequels while you were writing?

Yeah, I watched the prequels a lot actually, and that goes for the writing and while we were in prep. I think partially because the original trilogy was the ones that I know by heart, shot for shot. The prequels – I knew them really well but I saw them less so I kind of wanted to steep myself in that visual language a lot more before I got into it.

The notion of finding echoes, not just in the original trilogy but also in the prequel trilogy felt like just a really rich well to draw from. So I kept the original trilogy and also the prequels just on my iPad that I had with me all the time and at night I would just put it on in a random spot and watch pieces of it.

My question is about the last scene between Rey and Ben. He’s kneeling on the ground, he has his father’s dice in his hands that his uncle gave to his mother and his mother left for him, and he’s looking up at the person who’s the most important person in the world to him and before that door shuts, if he could have a do-over to go back to that moment, what do you think he would say or do differently and why?

That is such a great question. Will you be mad if I said that it’s such a great question, I don’t want to answer it? Only because I think that’s such a beautiful notion of “what does he regret in that moment”, it’s the same way I think about in Revenge of the Sith, that mask is coming down, that beautiful shot of Anakin’s eyes right before it goes over and you see that glimpse of… Is it fear? Is it regret? What is it? What is going through his mind at that moment? That’s that kind of moment for Ben and I don’t want to put that moment in your guys’s head. I feel like that’s a moment that everyone should read into themselves. But just posing that question is really beautiful.”

Transcript by; H/T Naboo News

Video: Mace Windu Vs. General Grievous

January 19, 2018

They never directly faced off in the movies but if they did, who would win? (Frankly, if Obi-Wan was able to smoke Grievous, Mace Windu certainly ought to be able to as well):

Video: Palpatine’s Rise To Power

January 19, 2018

The Prequels Channel has a video analyzing Palpatine’s rise to power.