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Clone Wars Conversations Ep. 1

June 4, 2017

James Arnold Taylor has a new web series on his channel called “Clone Wars Conversations.” First up is Anna Graves, who played Satine. Enjoy, shippers:

New Animatics With Cad Bane and Boba Fett Shown At SWCO

April 13, 2017

During Dave Filoni’s animation panel today, some never-before-shown animatics from Rebels (?) was shown.  There’s supposed to be a showdown between Cad Bane and Boba Fett that left the latter with the famous dent in the helmet.  The livestream did not show the footage (or any art shown during the panel…which is stupid) but the Boba Fett Fan Club managed to snag it:

Here’s some of the concept artwork:

And here’s some never-before-seen Savage and Maul:

Here’s 40 minutes footage of the panel with images.

NOTE:  I didn’t watch the livestream (had tasks to do) and I’m just piecing together what happened from social media.

Rebels Trailer With Obi-Wan/Maul Rematch

March 10, 2017

Airing on March 18!

In related news, Clone Wars is staying on Netflix.

Clone Wars Leaving Netflix 3/7

February 5, 2017

Well, if you’re done with “The Crown” and you don’t care about anything else until “Stranger Things” comes back with another seasons, here’s a good reason to save $10 a month on Netflix for a while.

The series is available on Blu-Ray but for those of us without players or who just like to be able to see CW on the go, this is not great news.

Update:  Seasons 1-6 are still available on iTunes.

Some Anakin News

November 22, 2016

First off, Star Wars The Prequel Trilogy Facebook page posted an image of SH Figuarts AOTC Anakin figure coming May 2017.

Clone Wars alum Matt Lanter has a hit with NBC’s “Timeless” and is currently featured in People magazine as part of its Sexiest Man Alive issue.  Here’s the kicker…he named his dog after his former padawan Ahsoka:


No word if she gets called Snips when she barks too much.

Finally, the Christmas comedy “Jingle All The Way” was released 20 years ago today.  I remember going to see that, “Space Jam,” and “Star Trek:  First Contact” (also released 20 years ago this week) just to see the Star Wars Special Edition trailers attached to them.   Little did any of us know that just a short time later, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son in the movie, Jake Lloyd, would be part of the saga himself.

Book Report: “Ahsoka”

November 7, 2016

“Ahsoka” by E.K. Johnson

In many ways, Ahsoka Tano is the Harley Quinn of Star Wars. Sure, she’s nothing like the psychotic villainess who’s in love with the even more psychotic Joker but the trajectory of their characters are very similar. Both weren’t part of the original “mythology” but were created for an animated television series where each took a life of her own and quickly built up a devoted fan base. Ahsoka is as much a part of Star Wars now as Quinn is part of Batman and the DC universe, though if “Ahsoka”’s book sales, popular appearances on “Rebels,” toy sales, etc. are anything to rely upon, it won’t take 24 years for the spunky Togruta to make the leap to live action as it did for Harley Quinn.

Publishing this novel was a smart move for the Lucas Books department then, knowing Ahsoka’s vast popularity. I figure a lot of people will love this book because they love Ahsoka and Johnson does a decent enough job characterizing her. A lot of people will love this book because there are prequel references aplenty as well as references to “The Clone Wars” and “Rebels,” as you might imagine. There are times when Johnson knows how to produce the feels. However as a novel, it’s good but doesn’t quite reach “great.”

Spoilers ahoy!


“Rebels” Serves Up CW/PT Nostalgia

October 24, 2016

Last Saturday night’s “Rebels” episode “The Last Battle” was a trip down memory lane for fans of The Clone Wars and the prequels in general.  Written by Clone Wars alum Brent Friedman, it featured Captain Rex in a final battle against those “clankers”  when he went along with Ezra and Kanan to go salvage some battle wreckage for use by the Rebels.  It turned out the battle droids’ “boss,” itself a droid, thought the post-Order 66 shutdown order was a trick so these were still active.  It was sort of like those stories about Japanese soldiers hiding out for years after WWII and thinking the war was still going on.

Not only was it fun to see Rex in double barrel action mode and to get a few more laughs from the battle droids, it was also awesome to see droidekas again.  Seriously, those things were COOL.  Why did the Empire not use them?  They could’ve mowed down a lot of Rebel scum!  I also got a chuckle out of Rex’s joke about the superiority of first generation armor; the Empire went cheap on that too.

Speaking of the Empire, Ezra managed to solve the whole thing by pointing out that they and the Separatists were on the same side now.  This was driven home with the Imperials’ reaction to finding a battle droid was to shoot it.

To cap off the night of Clone Wars feels, the show ended with CW’s theme song and a CW-style rendering of the Rebels logo.

There’s more info here on other CW alumni contributions.

Anyone else see it?  What did you think?

Another Clone Wars Character To Turn Up On Rebels

September 10, 2016

If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read it but the person playing the character dropped the news at Sydney Comic Con.

“Rebels” Season Three kicks off later this month.

Clone Quotes & “The Professional”‘s Contribution to the Saga

August 15, 2016 recently posted a couple of things of interest.  First is Amy Ratcliffe’s Six Great Clone Trooper Quotes, her list of memorable clone trooper quotes from The Clone Wars and Rebels.

Then there is Bryan Young’s latest installment of The Cinema Behind Star Wars, a look at Luc Besson’s 1994 film “The Professional,” which of course gave the world Natalie Portman.

Read away!

Debate On What’s The Best TCW Episode Ever

July 3, 2016

Bryan Young and Jamie Greene debate on which is the best TCW episode.

Come to think of it, that’s a pretty tough question1