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February 29, 2012

Prequel fans got a very shocking and unwelcome surprise today when Dave Filoni announced that Simon Pegg was going to have a cameo in this week’s episode of Clone Wars, playing action figure favorite Dengar. Of course they waited until Wednesday to spring this because they likely knew it would be controversial. Yeah, you think? Pegg is perhaps the world’s most famous basher, a guy who frequently and publicly slags George Lucas and especially the prequel films, yet he is always given the royal treatment by Lucasfilm and held out as some kind of “true fan.” In spite of posting on Twitter just a couple of months ago, “Enjoyed Hugo, despite almost being ruined by Phantom Menace 3D trailer. Come and revisit the most disappointing 2 hours of your life, in 3D!” and in spite of saying the Blu-Rays were just a money grab by Lucas, he cheerfully grabbed the money FROM Lucas to appear on a show based on the prequel films. When Filoni got some complaints, he dug in on both Twitter and Facebook, saying he was happy to have Pegg on the show.

It’s obvious Pegg himself has no integrity, wanting to be in the middle of whatever’s going on in Star Wars or Star Trek, depending on the fashion of the moment. He pays lip service to whatever fanboy nation wants to hear, like his blather about how Trek “won the war” against Star Wars because it had more integrity right before the first JJ Abrams Trek film came out and said that he might have eliminated any chance of ever doing anything with Star Wars again. Hah! It seems like the more he trashes Star Wars, the more Lucasfilm tries to kiss his butt. If he ran Lucas over with a car, they might make him president of the company. Even if Pegg asked them instead of the other way around, they still said, “Yes.”

But as a prequel fan and as someone who, like many of you guys, has known what it felt like to get cyber-jumped or to cringe as the movies we love are yet again savaged somewhere, it really does feel like a betrayal by Filoni and whoever else at Lucasfilm who thought this was a good idea. Either they’re tone deaf as to what’s going on in fandom or they don’t care. It’s not as though Pegg has backtracked or apologized for anything he’s said. It’s people like Pegg who have kept the hate party going these last 15 years and made things harder for fans as well as for some of the people who have worked on these films. Bear in mind, Pegg isn’t some random hateboy on a message board or just some dude on hawking his own cut of ANH. This guy is a celebrity and whatever he says gets circulated in the press. He’s a one-man anti-prequel PR machine and he gets rewarded for it! Meanwhile, you and I get treated like Sean Young at an Oscar party.

What’s next, Clone Wars crew? Bringing in fellow prequel hater Patton Oswalt for another episode? How about inviting the Red Letter Media guy to guest direct?

Hell, just invite them all to Celebration and make them grand marshals of the parade.

What makes it especially galling is how Pegg is always held out as some kind of real passionate Star Wars fan and that is often used to justify his bashing. It goes back to what I’ve said over and over again. The attitude at Lucasfilm and in Star Wars fandom is that a REAL fan only has to like Eps IV-VI; in fact the TRUE fans don’t like the prequels. If you’re passionate about the prequels and don’t want to see them trashed, then you’re not treated or regarded very well. A guy on Facebook (not on the SWPAS FB) had posted that if you had a problem with Pegg on Clone Wars, then you should let a car run over your head and die. The posts on announcing today’s news had more fun posts from people with screen names like “Lucas Is Worse Than Hitler” who called for Lucas’s execution. See, not even putting Simon Pegg in Clone Wars is enough to appease these jerks.

But appease them is what they do while the rest of us are just chumps they take for granted. I feel like Adele after getting dumped. Now I have no desire at all to see Friday’s episode (it looks like bounty hunter fanservice anyway) and they’re lucky if I tune in the rest of the season or next for that matter. Not going to any panels this summer either. They’ve lost their goodwill with me and it will be a long-time coming to get it back. I don’t care if Pegg’s vocal skills amount to 30 seconds’ time playing an overrated background character. It’s the principle.

Some commenters on TFN have said this just shows that Filoni and Lucas are above the fray and have class. Oh yeah? Here’s what Pegg had to say to an unhappy fan today on Twitter:



Second Obligatory SWPAS Housekeeping Post

February 28, 2012

The great thing about SWPAS when it first started was that it was very low maintenance, though hardly anyone knew it existed ;).

It’s flattering more people are interested in SWPAS and are participating. But with that there are going to be more issues and issues have flared up at least a couple of times this month.

I started SWPAS because I wanted to help the Star Wars prequels. I wanted to do that because I’ve always been about helping the saga overall. I wanted a place for likeminded people to gather and have it be something different from the cauldron of ugly I’ve found just about everywhere Star Wars is discussed. There’s a reason why I no longer associate with fan groups in real life; I’m sick of being on the defensive even among other “fans.” Especially among other fans.

So please understand I don’t want to be on the defensive about the prequels, the people associated with them, or Star Wars itself here.

Things got a little heated in an exchange with a commenter last night and let me just say, I did not mean to hurt anyone’s feelings and I apologize if I did. Sometimes, after a long stressful day I don’t handle things the best way.

That said, I think that in order to keep things low maintenance, I’m going to have to draw up some explicit rules for posting here, posting on the Facebook page, and for submissions so that we’re all on the same page and everyone understands what the expectations are for this site. I’ll let you know when they’re done.

Ahmed Best Interview

February 27, 2012

I’d heard about this interview a while ago, but it wasn’t until today that TFN posted a link to Entertainment Weakly’s chat with Ahmed Best. It’s an informative read and I have to say, even with all of the totally unfair bullcrap dumped on Best and on his alter ego (much of it I could blame on the likes of EW), he has a great attitude toward his time in the GFFA. Props also to his former co-stars sticking up for him.

New Swag From The Shoppe

February 26, 2012

Introducing my first t-shirts:



And a new button for Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Day:

Visit the Shoppe here.

The Batmobile Lost Its Wheel

February 26, 2012

And Jar Jar Binks got away…

TPM leapt past “The Dark Knight” on the global box office list this weekend. The 3D re-release has pulled in $85 million worldwide thus far.

Clone Wars Debriefing: “Massacre”

February 25, 2012

Take voodoo and zombies, then toss them in a blender with Star Wars and you get “Massacre.”

Asajj Ventress returns to Dathomir to take her place among the Nightsisters, the cult of dark magic from which she’d originated. They do some ooga-booga ceremony to welcome Ventress back into the fold. Just as there might be some lesbian come-on during the party to celebrate (“I am honored to have you as a sister”), General Grievous and the Separatists attack. Dooku wants Ventress and her friends killed.

What follows is basically one long battle. Even with Mother Talzin’s powers, Ventress’s lightsaber skills and use of the Force, and the battle skills of the Nightsisters, they are hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned. (Astute viewers have noted the return of Lok Durd’s defoliator weapon.) Talzin goes to this crone and asks for her help. The crone figures the easiest way to find reinforcement is to simply reanimate the dead. That’s right, people. Zombies. I guess the Nightsisters store their dead in these big sacks and hang them from trees, because that’s from where the dead start rising to kick some butt.

Meanwhile, Talzin decides to put her Marie Laveaux skills to work on Count Dooku, who is supervising from a ship up in space. Soon Dooku is writhing in pain and breaking out in acne. It’s kind of interesting to see that not even a powerful Sith can deflect good old fashioned voodoo. The Jedi Order should have just moved to New Orleans or Haiti.

But interestingly enough, the real game changer in this episode is General Grievous. In previous seasons he was almost a comedic villain, running away just as it got too hot in the kitchen. Remember the Grievous of the Clone Wars microseries? He’s back. Grievous is utterly brutal and he wins a victory for the Separatists. He slays the Nightsister crone, ending the zombie rampage. He stops Talzin and ends Dooku’s suffering, though it’s not exactly clear to me if she’s dead or simply took ethereal form. The Nightsister clan is decimated, leaving Ventress alone and injured, running for her life. She pleads with Talzin’s green misty form but is left on her own.

Poor Ventress. The gal can’t find her place in the universe and whenever she tries, it’s ripped out from under her. She is taken from the Nightsisters as a child. Her Jedi mentor is killed. She tries her hand at being a Sith and that doesn’t work out. She tries to go home and it ends with the clan wiped out. It adds pathos to her pathology.

(There are Nightsisters remaining in “The Courtship of Princess Leia” and other expanded universe sources that take place years later, so I guess they’re not all gone. Just Ventress’s crew.)

The animation is of course, fantastic as always. Not everyone is going to buy the traditional use of magic or voodoo in Star Wars. I kind of figured the Force was supposed to take the place of that stuff which was why I thought using magic in last year’s Nightsisters arc was a little iffy. Could it be just another way of using the Force? I guess so. *Shrug.* If Pops says it’s okay that sorcery co-exists with the Force, then it’s okay if Katie Lucas can write it into the show.

Next time: Ventress tries her hand at bounty hunting. I guess getting a real job isn’t her thing.

Star Wars Movie Reaches Milestone, Star Wars Sites Yawn

February 24, 2012

Well, not this site, of course! But it’s been more than 24 hours since TPM crossed $1 billion in box office worldwide and it’s not been mentioned on,, Rebelscum, or any other major fan site I can think of besides Jedi News. What gives? Maybe since most of these sites are based out of the U.S., they don’t keep track of international box office, but come on!

I always ask…would they ignore it if it was TESB?

Somebody Besides Me Noticed…

February 24, 2012

Imagine my surprise when I saw on Rebelscum this post, “The Redheaded Stepchild of Star Wars” re AOTC:

While looking on eBay today it really hit home that up until last year, Attack Of The Clones didn’t even get a toy line with a proper title logo on the packaging. I think it is time for the Star Wars Generation to embrace the second chapter in the Saga and show a little respect for this important chapter in Anakin’s story. If we can successfully demand a Ben Quadinaros figure we should be able to get this film a bit more positive recognition for it’s tenth anniversary.

Of course, I’ve felt the entire prequel trilogy gets treated like the Redheaded Stepchild. Which gets me to my next post…

Disney Character Figures

February 23, 2012

New Disney figurines are coming soon to park gift shops and this batch includes Goofy as Cad Bane, Daisy Duck as Aurra Sing, Stich as General Grievous, and Donald Duck as Commander Cody, with Huey, Dewey, and Louie as Jawas. Cute stuff!

TPM 3D Opens March 16 In Japan

February 23, 2012

While TPM 3D opened in several countries February 9 and 10, Japan finally gets it turn next month.

Daniel Logan posted on his Facebook that Jake Lloyd and Carrie Fisher will be in Japan March 17-20 for opening festivities and 7-Eleven will have a cool promo with exclusive chopsticks. Knowing how Japanese licensees go nuts for Star Wars, I’m sure there are more forthcoming.