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Star Words: End of AOTC, Beginning of ROTS

April 27, 2018

Last week, I’d missed the final AOTC Star Words installment in Matril’s Star Words series.

And here’s the first in her ROTS series:


This marvelous line can be enjoyed on at least four separate levels. First off, it’s a nice call-back to Han Solo’s line from the original film. When he says it, as they attempt to flee into hyperspace with several Star Destroyers in pursuit, it’s almost certainly sarcastic — though if Han didn’t enjoy danger at least a little, he wouldn’t have become a smuggler. What about Anakin?

That’s the second level. It’s a definite feature of his character that he delights in the thrill of battle. Just look at his face as he says the line. It’s in direct contrast to Obi-Wan’s attitude, who grumbles, “Oh, this is going to be easy” and “Blast; this is why I hate flying!” They’re both excellent fighters and pilots, hand-picked for this rescue mission, but they have very different demeanors about the whole ordeal. It makes them good counterparts in battle.

Anakin Skywalker Inspired Actor-Singer

April 26, 2018

Yahoo via Naboo News:

Anyone familiar with Jackson’s work on the popular sitcom Grown-ish,or with his social media presence knows he takes some pride in his rare choice of hairstyle. In fact, it’s not a leap to say he has become the country’s foremost proponent of the look.

“I love it, I love the position I’ve been handed as rat-tail senator. It means a lot to me,” Jackson said. “And to the community. I’ve had many a kid come up to me and say, ‘Hey, I got a rat-tail because of you.’ And it just makes my heart warm. It grows it two times.”

Jackson credits his adoption of the ‘tail to one specific movie character: Anakin Skywalker, as played by Hayden Christensen in the Star Wars prequels, Attack of the Clones (2002) and Revenge of the Sith (2005).

“Before I put out my album Rough Drafts, Pt. 1 that just came out, and I was very frustrated musically,” he said. “I watched Star Wars [Episodes I-III] with Anakin, and I was like, ‘I feel like him.’ I felt like I was good, and I could write all my songs and sing better than most guys. … But nobody was giving me a shot, and I couldn’t go, and nobody was believing in my vision.

“I felt like Anakin! Am I good? Am I  bad? And he had a tail, and it kept getting longer the whole time — till he cut it off before he became Darth Vader.”

As a bonus, here’s the track:

Uh, Trevor, do you realize Anakin is Leia’s father ;)?

AOTC Star Words Catch Up

April 23, 2018

I missed a couple of Matril’s AOTC Star Words series due to being busy or out of town when they were posted.

Here are Part 26 and Part 27.

Anakin & Padmé Comic Coming From IDW

April 18, 2018

IDW’s Star Wars Adventures series (aimed at younger readers) #12 (July) will focus on Anakin and Padmé.  Gee, that cover sorta seems inspired by something I saw in some other movie recently:


Old Concepts For Battlefront IV

April 14, 2018

Dork Side of the Force posted some concept art from a decade-old alternate reality in the making for the Battlefront series of games.  These include a Darth Vader who had turned back to the light and got a new life support suit, a light side Darth Maul and dark side versions of your other favorite characters.

The game was in development until Free Radical lost the license in 2008.  This artwork was unveiled by a YouTuber.

AOTC Star Words #29

April 13, 2018

We’re getting near the end of the film.  In secret, two Sith discuss their plans:

Just one scene, and everything that seemed so clear becomes muddy. Dooku, leader of the Separatists, is flying to the very capital of the Republic. He calls Sidious “master” and Sidious calls him by his Sith name, Tyrannus. Wait, wasn’t that the name of the man who recruited Jango Fett for cloning? How could Dooku be connected to both the source of the Republic’s new army and the the droid armies of the Separatists?

After making every sign of being shocked and affronted during the escalating battle on Geonosis, Dooku says now that the start of the war is “good news.” And Sidious replies with a phrase that will be chillingly familiar to anyone who recalls the Emperor’s words in Episode VI.


AOTC Star Words Part 28

April 9, 2018

I guess you can say this theme comes up again and again throughout the series:

Indeed. We’ve seen highly skilled Jedi performing extraordinary feats, but till now we could only guess what the great Yoda is capable of. Now, at last, he fights. And it’s exhilarating. His smaller size is irrelevant. He’s everywhere at once, virtually weightless, a little green blur.

And yet, still. “Wars not make one great.” The duel does not end on a jubilant, triumphant note. Dooku flees by playing dirty, forcing Yoda to choose between capturing him and protecting Anakin and Obi-Wan. It makes you wonder if he is thinking of this very conundrum when Luke is torn between finishing his training and rescuing his friends, asking if he must “sacrifice Han and Leia.” And Yoda firmly replies, “If you honor what they fight for, yes!”

Fan Site’s Love Letter To TPM

April 4, 2018

The fan blog Raising A Rebel posted “A Love Letter To The Phantom Menace.”  The author saw the film when he was seven.  Now an adult and a dad, he relates why he still loves the film almost 20 years later:

This was my first time seeing Star Wars up on the big screen and it was as much a transcendental experience for me in 1999 as it was for kids back in ‘77. I’d sustained myself with the original trilogy for years, and I can’t recall a time not being infatuated with the franchise. Despite needing a pee break during the Gungans’ battle with the droid army, I was utterly transfixed.

Star Wars finally felt like it belonged to me and not the preserve of my parents or the previous generation. It was fresh, exciting and mine.

As a bonus, guess who he named his daughter after.