What Are We Looking For From You?

We are always looking for the following from readers:

*News concerning the films or the Clone Wars t.v. show

*News concerning prequel collectibles or Expanded Universe (yes, video games count)

*Reports from fans at relevant events

*Memories of pre-release campouts or previous events (i.e. Celebration, Comic Con, Dragoncon)

*Costumes/costuming tips

*Fan-made arts and crafts

*Graphics (icons, avatars, etc.)


*ORIGINAL interviews with PT cast, crew, EU authors, artists, etc.

We are NOT looking for:

*News about PT cast and crew that don’t pertain to SW, short of that person’s death. There are plenty of other sites, blogs, message boards, etc. where you can keep up with what Keira Knightley, Hayden Christensen, Natalie Portman, Ewan McGregor, etc. are doing.

*Fan fiction.

Anything you submit must be suitable for a PG to PG-13 rated audience. The editor has final say over what is acceptable for the site.

We will respond to submissions ASAP, within reason.

Any pictures, graphics, or written material you send must be YOURS. Do not grab somebody else’s work and try to pass it on to SWPAS without the author’s/creator’s permission. If there’s an article you find interesting, please send the link.

Be aware that since this is the internet, anything you post can and probably will be posted or forwarded elsewhere.


56 Responses to “Submissions”

  1. oxward321 Says:

    I’m not sure who’s site this is, but it’s an AWESOME source for memorabilia from Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace, I just like spelling out the whole names of the films:

  2. lazypadawan Says:

    I’m aware of the site…I’ll highlight it sometime ;).

  3. Celosia Says:

    Just thought I would let you know that I am still working on some more SWPAS icons for you!

  4. magsky2009 Says:

    First I just want to say, I am still and always will be a true Star Wars fan. All of the saga (Not only ep. IV, V, VI, But I, II, and III as well) I still can’t understand all the Hatred that goes towards the Prequels. They all had weak moments, but overall they really were great films. Yes Ep I was (In my Opinion) not the greatest, but the themes and yes the overall movie worked. Yes I hate Jar-Jar (Who Dosen’t) However to let one semi- Regular CGI Dork destroy a whole saga is just – Stupid. I loved ep II There was a lot of good in this movie, OK the love scenes were awkward, but they were part of the story. Remember this saga is the Tragedy of Anakin. Not all about just Darth Vader. IN ep II The battle of Jango and Obi-Wan. Amazing. Learning about the clones and there development, is really fascinating. It anwers a lot of question I have always had. The Arena battle, when have we seen so many Jedi? that leads into the start of the Clone Wars. I don’t know about most of you, but I have been waiting for the clone wars since 1977. It was a very good movie and an important addition to the Star Wars saga. Ep III well I couldn’t find fault with it at all. TO me this was the most important movie in the whole saga. It answered every question I had since the Star Wars saga began. Truly an awesome movie. Now I think a lot of So-called Fans do not like the Preqels, simply put they were not the Originals. They were completely different, That upset a lot of fans. I think if they were just like the Originals, it would have been silly. The Preqels stand as their own saga, and the Originals stand as their own saga. If people can’t accept the Prequels that is their problem. I really Loved them and I always will.
    Sincerley 41 Year old Original Star Wars fan, and yes I am Married, and the family Loves the Movies.

  5. Cad Bane Says:

    Disagree on a few points, I did not think Jar Jar was not a CGI dork and the Love scenes were not awkward at all :/ Otherwise well said

  6. Omar Says:

    What I have has to do with, unfortunately, the darth media parts of the updates. just recently had an article talking about movie failures, where the movies they mention should’ve remained as trailers. One of those movies was, yes, you’ve guessed it, TPM. Because of that, I decided to completely boycott Just something I thought I’d let you guys know. By the way magsky2009, I actually don’t hate Jar Jar (in fact, I actually like him), so how does that prove your statement that nobody likes him?

  7. Jason Talbott Says:

    Love the prequels and I’m trying to rewrite them all using only limerick verses.

  8. Whatever James Says:

    Hey guys, I actually run a blog dedicated to Star Wars needlework (cross stitch, embroidery, etc). I’ve done a few pieces based on the prequels and after checking out your site we’ve started Prequel Appreciation Fridays to coincide with the Clone Wars airings. Anyone interested can check it out here:

  9. taffysaur Says:

    i love jar jar!
    binks fans unite!

  10. audioepicsDDG Says:


    maybe some of you enjoy tabletop RPGs as much as I do. If so, you may also know that Fantasy Flight Games, designers of the excellent Warhammer RPG, have bought the Star Wars license and are releasing a trilogy of roleplaying games. At first I was hugely excited about that, but now that more information has been released I am disappointed to find that FFG have chosen to cater very clearly and obviously to the in-their-fourties “only the OT exists” crowd. Am I paranoid about this or am I right to be grumpy about this? Check the product page here:

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I don’t play RPGs but I have seen the product announcements that obviously ignore the prequel era. Different day, same well, you know.

  11. audioepicsDDG Says:

    Too bad… Nostalgia has clouded their vision. I showed the entire SW saga chronologically to my girlfriend who had not yet seen the older films and afterwards she said her favourites were Episode III and Episode VI and she particularly liked the story of Anakin’s downfall and ultimate redemption.

  12. Rob Martin Says:

    I am a middle aged scifi fanatic who reads as much hard scifi as I watch mainstream scifi. I am a huge supporter of the prequels and Jar Jar Binks. The backlash against the prequels exists mainly because it became hip to do so back in 1999. Classic generation fans were basically angry that Lucas had kicked over their sandcastle by trying to inject some level of scifi world building and political intrigue not contained at the same level in the classics unless one read the tie-in novels to fill in the gaps. I could go on for pages regarding detailed analysis of why this is but I am sure it has been done elsewhere . Classic Star Wars was groundbreaking for its time so anything coming after it would be considered derivative. At its basic level however is a simplistic fairy tale with as much wooden acting and dialogue as the prequels, Sir Alec Guiness aside, only Harrison Ford has had a successful career while the prequels have produced Natalie Portman, Ewan McGreggor, (Liam Neilson , Samuel Jackson) . Jar Jar became a media punching bag that haters could really dig to find fault with as the scapegoat to launch the hater’s revolution. Jar jar is essentially no sillier than Chewbacca or an Ewok aimed at a children’s toy market. live with it. The prequels work better as a trilogy unto the,selves than the classics. One moment Leia and Luke are kissing then they are brother and sister…lets just wing it while the Dewey eyed world looks on in nostalgia. There are campaign efforts out there for Disney to dump CGI in favor of stop motion puppetry, which while the best that could be done for its time, is no more realistic looking than a current day Gollum or Caesar. Just because we may enjoy the quaintness of a Model T doesn’t mean we all need to drive PT cruisers. Lucas could do no right other than stop after episode 6. His prequels could have been Citizen Kane and the masses would have complained about a cgi rosebud. Take a better look at the prequels. There is a lot more there under the cgi surface than meets the candy eye.

  13. audioepicsDDG Says:

    Rob Martin, I agree with everything you’ve said!

  14. happynerd42 Says:

    I didn’t make this, so I wasn’t sure under the submission rules whether it would be okay to post it…but this is an awesome prequel-related meme. It made my day.

  15. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    Have you seen this interview featuring Joel Edgerton promoting “THE GREAT GATSBY”? You should check it out. “STAR WARS” is mentioned:

  16. obiwanlookalike Says:

    Did you see the saga t shirts for sale at Old Navy? One for each film, and the I-III shirts look great. The Phantom Menace one is here:

  17. Boba's Vette Says:

    Hey Lazy,

    As you may have seen, The Wall Street Journal has just unleashed a hate boy article titled “Fans’ Love-Hate Relationship With the Star Wars Franchise” I combed through it online and noticed that the writer makes nearly every anti-prequel talking points from RLM to People vs George Lucas and uses a “Die-hard super-fan” as the mouth piece. The super-(prequel hater) fan had this golden nugget to say, “Mr. Giunta is hopeful. “I think it’s gonna be good,” he said. “But I thought ‘Phantom Menace’ was going to be good. I thought ‘Attack of the Clones’ was going to be good. I thought ‘Revenge of the Sith’ was going to be good. I don’t learn, obviously. My son is nine now. He’s at the perfect age. And I have not let him watch the prequels. I want to make sure he’s old enough to hate them. Which is sad. Because maybe he would like them.”

    “I want to make sure he’s old enough to hate them.” What a jerk.

    Then I went to the comments section and was upset to find merely smidgens of people who didn’t mind the prequels, but no one calling this guy out.

    Then, to make things worse, I get to work and see that in our lounge has the actual printed article that came this morning with incorrect RT data and all!

    I just wanted to bring this to your attention and maybe we can call this guy out in the comments or something.

    Frequent Reader of SWPAS
    Boba’s Vette

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Someone posted a link to the article in the comments section to a recent story. I’ve chewed out the WSJ on Twitter for its shoddy “journalism.” It’s a biased piece of crap. Stay tuned for my media takedown coming soon!

  18. obiwanlookalike Says:

    this brave soul shared a fairly well reasoned piece about why he likes the PT for the AV Club’s ‘Star Wars Week,’ and could use some support and positive comments!

    • lazypadawan Says:

      It’s like 2000 comments by the same tribal fat neckbeards saying the same stuff over and over. Why I have no time for “nerds” anymore.

  19. Martin Hay Says:

    Just tried submitting something to the email provided above but got an error message telling me that the “server isn’t available.”

  20. Sarah Says:

    I dunno if you’d be interested in this, but the Radio Times (a Respected Institution in the UK!) published this recently:

  21. Jim Raynor Says:

    Got a couple recent Prequel/Complete Saga inspired videos on YouTube that are getting quite a few views:

    1) Violinist and costumer covers several songs from both the OT and TPM:

    2) Edit that intercuts Obi-Wan’s story of Anakin in ANH with his battle in ROTS. Gives the haunted look on old Obi-Wan’s race some really clear significance:

  22. Maddie Wilson (@maddiejoy33) Says:

    Here are some quotes from the comments above that perfectly describe my feelings about the prequels!

    “Too bad… Nostalgia has clouded their vision… not yet seen the older films… favourites were Episode III and Episode VI…particularly liked the story of Anakin’s downfall and ultimate redemption.”

    “Jar Jar became a media punching bag that haters could really dig to find fault with as the scapegoat to launch the hater’s revolution. Jar jar is essentially no sillier than Chewbacca or an Ewok aimed at a children’s toy market. live with it.”

    My personal opinion in my own words:
    I was not alive when the original trilogy was released, or even for TPM, and AOTC. I was 1 Year old when my favorite SW film was released: ROTS. I can’t really explain why I like the prequels better, I just kind of do. A lot of people don’t like the prequels because they are dark, or involve too much politics. If they understood WHY they involved that much politics, maybe they would respect the prequels a bit more. If you want to know thy the Prequels involve so much politics, here you are: THE PREQUELS ARE TRIBUTES TO WW2! Look it up at!
    When I was little, (6) My dad watched the SW movies with me, and my favorite character was none other than Jar Jar. That was mostly because he was just like me, and I thought he was funny! To me, I think Jar Jar was there for comic relief. Now my favorite character is Anakin. (as in episode III) Again, because he was just like me: Feels like everyone is against him and no one understands him. As I said earlier, The Prequels are dark, man! AND I LIKE THAT! I am most definitely NOT an optimistic, bubbly, person! For the most part 😉 I’m not, mean or nasty, but I’m a “Glass Half Empty” person. If you enjoy thrilling, addictive, possibly even tear-jerking stories, then check out my Facebook page, Wilson’s Story Corner, where I do my best to add new content as often as possible. I’ll be waiting for you! 🙂 Also, ever notice how this Site’s Spellcheck says that Chewbacca, Ewok, and Anakin are spelled incorrectly? That just ain’t right!

  23. prequelprincess Says:

    I’m so glad I’ve found the Prequel Appreciation Society. I’ve been a prequel fan since Attack of the Clones. I grew up on the Original Trilogy. Finally, a safe place to post. The media and the internet are anti-Prequel and anti-George Lucas. The Force Awakens seems anti-Prequel. The Prequels and The Force Awakens are the antheisis of each other.

  24. Sarah Says:

    Have you guys seen Chewbacca Mom talking about her fond memories of the Star Wars prequels? It starts about 5:40!

  25. Sarah Says:

    Funko are going to be making more prequel Funko Pops! Or a Padme and Anakin for sure! /

    And it looks like they’ve had a lot of people asking for them:

    (Sorry, I freaking love Funko Pops. I’m gonna need another shelf now.)

  26. Sarah Says:


    • lazypadawan Says:

      But it’s a NYCC exclusive, meaning it will be extremely difficult to buy one at the show if you’re actually going and you’ll have to pay $300 for one on eBay if you’re not.

  27. Sarah Says:

    I don’t know who Trevor Bauer is but we have something in common

  28. Sarah Says:

    did ya know that George Lucas collaborated on an anti-Trump ad but THE REALLY IMPORTANT THING was the badness of the prequels, obv

  29. scottryaningersoll Says:

    remember this? a tv spot with positive reviews for AOTC? impossible!

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I’d love to see it but it’s an old, old file and didn’t work on my computer.

      • scottryaningersoll Says:

        shoot! popped open on my iPhone. i’ll see if i can get a file to send. can’t find it on YouTube!

  30. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    I saw the post about the soundtrack for “Attack of the Clones”. Have you seen the following clip called “Film Score Analysis: John Williams’ Hidden Parallels in Star Wars with Doug Adams”

  31. scottryaningersoll Says:

    great little read from a Star Wars noob. not a prequel gushfest, but a clear eyed, sober realization from a first time viewer:

    • lazypadawan Says:

      It was really stupid he skipped TPM.

      • scottryaningersoll Says:

        truth, but sounds like that was at the urging of his ‘friends.’ loved his perspective on the beauty, thrills and story of ROTS, and the lack of new ideas in TFA.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        His perspective on those films was interesting.

  32. Jolex41 Says:

    Hey Lazypadawan, a blogger from my hometown (Mérida, Yucatán, México) wrote this awesome essay about the politics in the Star Wars prequels. It’s in Spanish, but he knows English. You should ask him if it is possible for him to translate it and to publish it in your blog.

  33. Jim Raynor Says:


    I just came across some VERY interesting polling data from a brand management survey group called Morning Consult Intelligence:

    They surveyed a representative sample of thousands of people on their opinions of the Star Wars movies and characters.

    The overall result? Star Wars, ALL of it, is pretty darn popular. The Original Trilogy has a 94% favorability rating, the newer Disney movies are at 91%, and the supposedly hated Prequels are in the mid to high 80s.

    Also interesting is the popularity of the various characters. The Original Trilogy characters stand far above the rest, with Leia and Luke (not Han) leading the pack.

    Anakin is far more popular than most other characters with 55% favorability.

    Most of the others lag behind. Padme is about as popular as Boba Fett and the main new heroes from The Force Awakens.

    Most interesting of all, JAR JAR isn’t that far behind from Rey and Finn!

    Please spread this news. I love it when false narratives get destroyed with actual statistical facts.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Yeah, Naboo News has all of this stuff. I flipped through the survey results (they polled on a LOT of things) and the results are fascinating. Catholics and “something elses” (pagan? spiritual but not religious? Buddhists? Hindus?) are more likely to own action figures. Men registered as Republicans have the most favorable views of the characters almost across the board. Leia gets the highest approval ratings of any SW character, just a tad ahead of Luke. I didn’t have time to look at their methodology but it really turns a lot of assumptions on their head. I wonder if Lucasfilm and Disney will pay heed to it.

  34. The Burning Blogger Of Bedlam Says:

    Hi guys, I just wanted to share a Star Wars theory I’ve been working on ever since I saw TFA: it’s about Anakin Skywalker’s ‘Force Presence’ in relation to the events of TFA. I think it pertains very much to the legacy of the prequel-saga in terms of current or future Star Wars, and that you guys might find it worth contemplating:

  35. ljones1966 Says:

    I came across this Tumblr post featuring a ‘Behind-the-Scenes’ sequence with George Lucas directing Jake Lloyd in a scene from “The Phantom Menace”. Here it is –

  36. Jim Raynor Says:

    “Star Wars Theory” YouTube analysis of Hayden’s performance as Anakin:

    This is one of the best analyses and prequel defenses I’ve seen in a while. Totally explains Anakin as a character, as well as George Lucas and Hayden Christensen’s creative choices.

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