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Preview of “War On Two Fronts”

September 30, 2012

Check out a clip from next week’s Clone Wars episode here! Anakin and Ahsoka land on Onderon.

H/T the Lil’ Soka page on Facebook.

Clone Wars Debriefing: “Revival”

September 29, 2012

Originally this was not going to be the season premiere episode but it turned out to be a good idea to start season 5 with “Revival,” since it ties up the Darth-Maul-Returns arc and sets things up for the next stage of his involvement on the show.

Maul and Savage are on the loose, causing trouble. They realize they need more than lightsaber skillz; they need money and minions. But Savage, who’s not really a Sith, is focused on the “Wow, money” part of it while Maul, who is an awesomely trained Sith, is focused on getting revenge on Obi-Wan. It doesn’t take long for Maul to make it clear who’s going to be the boss. With that little understanding, Maul and Savage offer to pay off a crew of Hondo Ohnaka’s pirates to join them. They head out to Hondo’s HQ on a planet called Florrum to take over.

However, Obi-Wan and Adi Gallia are hot on the horned hermanos’ trail. In fact when the Jedi arrive on Florrum, Maul’s upset because it’s too soon in the game. Maul and Savage are forced to drop everything to fight Obi-Wan and Adi Gallia. Unfortunately for Miss Gallia, Savage manages to kill her. I think the expanded universe had a different ending for her, so expect the usual outrage over “continuity.” In any case, it explains why Gallia was nowhere to be seen in ROTS.

Obi-Wan and Hondo must become allies to survive the “horny-headed maniacs” and a pirate gang insurrection happening at the same time. Obi-Wan manages to battle both baddies with his lightsaber and Gallia’s, maiming Savage in the process. It’s cool because you can see the wispy green magic smoke when both Savage and Maul are injured. Remember, both had been healed by Mother Talzin’s dark magic.

While Savage and Maul live to fight another day during sweeps, both of them (especially Maul) realize their plans for revenge and galactic domination weren’t going to come easy. Maul overestimated his ability to intimidate unknown quantities like pirates into permanent loyalty, since Hondo was able to win back his men. Obi-Wan might have had to flee the last time but he’s still a powerful enemy. If you ask me, the luckiest break Maul has had all along is that Obi-Wan never seemed to have Anakin around during their confrontations. Now both he and Savage are broke, alone, and without Talzin around to use her hocus pocus.

At the end of the episode, Obi-Wan briefs Yoda, Mace Wind, Anakin, and Palpatine on what had happened on Florrum. Palpatine pooh-poohs the danger Maul and Savage present, basically saying, “Aww, just leave him alone, he’s no big deal.” Yoda dismisses Maul as just a personal vendetta and figures Dooku’s the real problem. I say, why doesn’t this make Palpatine look suspicious to anybody? The show ends with Palpatine leaning on his desk, sneering wickedly to himself. TFN’s Eric Geller seems to think Palpatine/Sidious is fine with Maul and Savage causing trouble and tarnishing the Jedi’s reputation. It is interesting to note that many of the “regular” folks who had encountered the destructive duo thought they were Jedi.

Maybe so, but as those preview clips revealed, Sidious ends up confronting the two of them. I think he pushed the Jedi out of the way so he could deal with them himself when the time was right. The last thing Sidious really wants is a former apprentice going rogue, violating the Sith Rule of Two, and mucking up his plans. Especially since Maul could very well tell somebody, “Guess what? The Chancellor’s really another Sith and this whole war’s phony!” Maul hasn’t shown any desire to be loyal to anyone but himself.

The animation rocks and the music was fantastic. Hondo is becoming the show’s resident Lovable Rogue, kind of like a Jack Sparrow without the drugs. He got all of the best lines too.

It always seems like five years passes in between seasons, so seeing fresh Clone Wars on t.v. again is a welcome thing indeed. Seeing it on Saturday mornings will take some getting used to. We’ll see if it sticks.

Who Will Fall?

September 28, 2012

A chalk drawing at Celebration VI featured the ominous tag line, “Who Will Fall?” The art depicted Darth Sidious looming above prospective characters marked for death, i.e. no one who appears in ROTS. They included Ahsoka, Rex, Satine, Darth Maul, Savage Opress, Asajj Ventress, Pre Vizsla, Embo, Adi Gallia, and Hondo.

This seems to hint that somebody there, or somebodies, will meet the Star Wars Grim Reaper during Season Five. Of course, they could mean a literal fall, like Ahsoka slipping on a banana peel. But I doubt it.

Speaking of Ahsoka, I think that’s one person you can take off the table right away. If this was the final season of Clone Wars, and it isn’t, I would have given it about an 80-90% chance Ahsoka was going to croak. But a Clone Wars without Ahsoka is like pizza without cheese. She’s a vital part of the show and a big draw for kids, especially girls. She’s not going anywhere. Yes I’m aware of secret recording sessions, but that could have been anything, even Ahsoka finding out about Anakin and Padme. Ahsoka could very well get kicked out of the Order or abandons it. But she won’t die, not yet. This isn’t “Shonda Rhimes’s ‘Clone Wars’.”

Rex is almost as an iconic representation of the show as Ahsoka is, which is why I don’t think he will die either. Again, if it was the last season, it would be a different story. But Rex is a popular character and the clone we’ve become closest to over the years. It wouldn’t be too smart to lose that link with the audience. Besides we’re all dying to know what Rex does on the day Order 66 is issued. He can’t miss it!

As for everybody else, they’re all fair game. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if ALL of those other characters die over the course of the season. Satine has courted death from the get-go by her stubborn pacifism and by earning the enmity of Death Watch. Pre Vizsla makes the mistake of fighting characters way more powerful than he is and some of the preview clips hint at a schism within Death Watch. Adi Gallia’s obviously not in ROTS. Asajj Ventress was fired by Count Dooku and is a wanted woman with no one to back her up anymore. Will she go out doing something noble, redeeming herself? Embo was chasing Anakin, Padme, and Clovis around in another preview clip, giving him an excellent chance one of those three is going to smoke his heinie. Hondo? A pirate who might find himself on the wrong side of somebody’s wrath.

Maul and Savage in particular have put a monkey wrench in Sidious’s intricate schemes. NOBODY who gets in Sidious’s way survives. (Unless he is named “Luke Skywalker,” who hasn’t been born yet.) Everything that guy has schemed for depends on those two being eliminated and again, they are nowhere to be seen in ROTS. Dooku survives as the only other Sith and is quickly eliminated to make way for Anakin. However, given Maul’s popularity and the fanfare surrounding his miraculous return, I would guess that if only one of those two were to be killed this season, it would be Savage.

So there you have it. Start your office Clone Wars Death Pool now.

More Preview Clips & New Feature

September 27, 2012’s blog has begun a new feature by Big Shiny Robot’s Bryan Young on the influences on the films.

I found that after reading his piece at HuffPo on why we should drag ourselves out of bed to watch Clone Wars, which so happens to have a preview clip of this week’s episode.

And here’s another sneak PEEK (ahem, “The Daily”) with Dave Filoni.

Star Wars Infographic

September 27, 2012

Eddie forwarded to me this link,, featuring infographics for all of the Star Wars films, the expanded universe, and Clone Wars. I’d heard about this floating around for a while but I’d assumed it just focused on the first three movies and ignored everything else. It’s not 100% correct but use it the next time you’re confronted with someone confused by the saga.

Star Wars Art: Illustration

September 27, 2012

This book, the latest volume in the Star Wars Art coffee table book series, was supposed to be out on Tuesday but maybe it’s out early because I got it from Amazon on 9/25. Whatever the case may be, it features pages upon pages of the best commercial art done for the saga, featuring many of your favorite illustrators, including Drew Struzan, Tsuneo Sanda, Jerry Vanderstelt, Brian Rood, Matt Busch, and Hugh Fleming. Their works appeared on book covers, posters, boxes, and whatever else that would grab your attention and your wallet. Unlike the previous books which featured all new art or some new art, this one is all stuff that has appeared somewhere before. But they’re cool anyway and many pieces are probably ones you haven’t seen in years. And for you SWPAS readers, it’s got a pretty good spread of pieces from the whole series.

New Clone Wars Clip

September 25, 2012

Check out this new Clone Wars clip where the Maul Bros. meet up with Black Sun!

Watto’s Spy Game On Star

September 24, 2012 has a new game on its site, Galactic Spy. It’s kind of an I Spy/Where’s Waldo game where you look around Watto’s junk shop looking for various objects and characters. Go check it out.

Ask Dave Filoni

September 22, 2012

The official Star Wars channel on YouTube has a new feature where Dave Filoni will answer your questions on Clone Wars on video. The second “Ask Dave” video is here.

Don’t post questions to Dave Filoni here! This is a fan site. I’m not Dave Filoni, I’m not his assistant, and I’ve only met him once. Go bug him on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks.

Fans Shown Two Episodes of Clone Wars Last Night

September 22, 2012

Fans who turned up for the Clone Wars Season 5 premiere at Lucasfilm last night got an additional treat…they got to see the season’s second episode as well. Since everybody signed non-disclosure agreements, nobody’s forthcoming yet on what the episode was about. There was a Q&A/Meet & Greet session afterwards with Ashley Eckstein and Dave Filoni.

Just seven days to go until the premiere on Cartoon Network!