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Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2007

Star Wars Pumpkins

Have a happy and safe Halloween. And if you’ve got any pictures of yourself in prequel costumes, e-mail them on over!

Clone Wars T.V. Watch: Two of the writers revealed?

October 31, 2007

The is reporting that Kevin Rubio, of “Troops” and Tag & Bink fame, and Bruce Timm, writer of several superhero animated shows including Batman and Justice League, are among the writers penning episodes of Clone Wars. Should be cool!


Update 10/31: TFN posted today that Timm isn’t on the Clone Wars writing staff, but comics veteran Paul Dini is.

Karen Traviss Executes Order 66

October 30, 2007 reports that the awesome Republic Commando series of books will conclude with a hardcover (its first and only) titled Order 66, due out in August 2008. See who lives, who dies, and what becomes of the clone commandos we’ve come to love!

Clone Wars T.V. Watch

October 30, 2007

The Force.Net posted a report from France’s Star Wars Réunion convention held this past weekend concering both new SW t.v. projects and the possibility of a SW saga box set (basically, they’re waiting to see what format wins out, Blu Ray or HD DVD, and they will cram on there 100 hours’ worth of documentary material).

Here’s what Rick McCallum and Steve Sansweet had to say about Clone Wars:

*The first season will have 21 episodes, 22 minutes each. (In the U.S., this will be a half-hour program with commercials added.)

*Trailers will air once a network is chosen

*Clone Wars could be shown in multiple countries at the same time


Welcome to the Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Society

October 30, 2007

With the millions of SW-themed websites, blogs, message boards, etc. kicking around, why does fandom need yet another one?

The story begins in May of this year while I was at Celebration IV. I sat around talking with some fellow fans I’ve “known” for a while from the A&P Defenders thread at’s message board. We were getting sick and tired of the PT getting treated like the redheaded, freckled bastard stepchild of the SW saga by the media, by the internet culture, and by a vocal group within SW fandom. Somebody, I thought, needed to do something. Too many of us, whether we’re hardcore fans or casual moviegoers, are too reluctant to stick up for the prequels even if we enjoyed them. But it’s understandable that one can get sick of feeling on the defensive or put on the spot whenever the topic comes up.

One thing I’ve learned from being a SW fan for 30 years is the movies have staying power in part because people remember the films and the experience surrounding them fondly. Well, we had good times 1999-2005, didn’t we? There were mass campouts, trips to Celebrations, midnight toy runs, costuming, going to see the films in glorious digital presentation, seeing little kids pound on each other with toy lightsabers, etc.. We’re not going to let the haters take that from us. These movies made billions of dollars worldwide; plenty of people loved them and here, you are free to share that love with fans just like yourself.

While I can’t say the topic will never come up, this is not going to be a site devoted to dredging up who’s talking smack about the PT today or grousing about critics of the films. It gives those guys all of the power over the discussion here and I’d rather emphasize the positive. After all, it’s my goal to have a positive effect on fandom rather than engage in an endless basher vs. gusher argument.

The SWPAS will feature news, memories and pictures from fans, cool collectibles, graphics you can use, and maybe even a couple of interviews. And sometime early next year, I’ll start on getting t-shirts designed so you can proudly show your love for all that are Episodes I-III to the world in a sassy sort of way ;).

I will work as diligently as I can on this site but in order to make it a real success I need YOU. Send in your real-life fan experiences, pictures, artwork, graphics, etc.. Check the submissions page for guidelines.

Thanks and MTFBWYA!