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Meta On Padmé & The Jedi

May 30, 2018

Every now and then you find something worthwhile on Tumblr, like this meta about Padmé and her unique relationship with the Jedi Order:

She has come to the conclusion that the Jedi, or at least Qui-Gon, while brave and insightful, are not without flaws, and are a bit…removed from society to their  detriment.

This impression of them is solidified when she observes the impotence and corruption of the Senate at its very worst when she goes to plead for her people; the Jedi, who are obedient to the Senate, do not help her. Hence, while Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan accompany her back to Naboo, they do not offer her any assistance beyond protection, (and trying to find the Sith…) She notices this too. The Council could do more, or course, (even over the Sith threat!), but they do not. By the end of TPM, Padme respects the Jedi as a part of the judicial forces, but no longer holds them in high reverence. She is grateful for their existence, but they’re hardly up on a pedestal either.


TPM Art To Film Comparison Video

May 30, 2018

Naboo News posted a link to this new video comparing TPM’s concept art with the final product on film:

Spoilerific Thoughts On “Solo: A Star Wars Story”

May 30, 2018


Rosé All Day In The GFFA!  (Seriously, what’s this movie’s fascination with rosé wine?)

Spoilers ahoy!


Chosen One Video

May 22, 2018

Heroes Fan Productions does some high-quality fan videos.  Here’s a great one about Anakin/Vader’s character arc. It’s almost 9 minutes but worth your time:

Re: “Solo,” Spoilers, & A Review

May 22, 2018

Here’s what I’m doing re “Solo:  A Star Wars Story” (out on Thursday) and this site:

1. I am not mentioning or posting spoilers until after June 4.

2.  Due to the toxic nature of fandom and what passes for discussion these days, I see no point at all to an open thread.  So there won’t be one.

3.  I will post my thoughts on the movie after I have seen it TWICE.   One thing I’ve learned from TLJ is that watching a Star Wars movie for the first time can be like witnessing a car accident.  There’s a lot you miss.

4.  I’m planning to see the movie May 29.  I might see it earlier but it’s dependent on what other family members want to do.  *Sigh.*  So a review might be up as early as May 29 or May 30 or it may be as late as June 4.  We shall see!

5.  No spoilers on the FB page until June 4.


May 19, 2018

This is a short, interesting video looking at the similarities between Anakin Skywalker and Macbeth.

Happy Prequel Pride Day/Prequel Appreciation Day

May 19, 2018


Also TPM’s 19th anniversary and ROTS’s 13th!

TMZ Re Rumored Obi-Wan Standalone

May 18, 2018

This was posted yesterday on TMZ. Believe it or don’t believe it (and if you’re especially spoiler phobic you probably don’t want to read it anyway) but there’s still smoke around the Obi-Wan standalone fire. TMZ has a tabloid reputation but it’s also one of the best news gathering outfits around. We’ll see if it pans out.

Star Wars Celebration Chicago 4/11-15/19

May 16, 2018

Good news if you live in Chicagoland or you’re within driving distance of the Windy City (I know you Midwesterners…1500 miles is “driving distance”):  Celebration returns to the Heartland after 14 years next April.

The con is set for McCormick Place, south of downtown Chicago.  Tickets will go on sale June 5.  The con Hotelpocalypse is set to begin the same day.


Funko’s ROTS Smuggler’s Bounty Box

May 16, 2018

Funko’s Smuggler’s Bounty box series has up for pre-orders its upcoming ROTS set.  If you’ve never purchased one before, it generally comes with at least one Pop bobble head, another Funko-manufactured figurine, and a load of cool stuff/surprises.  For example in the Sith box I got a Kylo Ren/Darth Vader t-shirt, a Darth Vader drink cup, and a Count Dooku Pop among other goodies.  Given that Pops alone go for at least ten bucks and t-shirts average $20-25 these days, it’s a really good deal for $25.

The deadline for ordering is July 15!