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September 30, 2015

Here are a few new posts of interest on star

5 Cool Practical Effects In Star Wars mentions several practical effects used in all of the films, including the prequels.

The Cinema Behind Star Wars: The Third Man examines the influence of the noir film on AOTC and The Clone Wars.

And for you craftsy, baking nuts, here’s a recipe for Cad Bane cupcakes.

Great Scenes of the Prequel Trilogy: Obi-Wan vs. Jango

September 30, 2015

Here we go with an action scene in AOTC. Things were already tense between Jango Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi when they met earlier. Obi-Wan knows Jango is totally lying and is the bounty hunter responsible for the attempt on Padme’s life, while Jango knows the jig is up. Which is why he and his clone/son Boba are trying to get off Kamino as quickly as possible when Obi-Wan tries to stop him after Yoda and Mace Windu order him to bring back Jango for questioning.

As Boba scrambles onto the ship, Jango in full armor and Obi-Wan battle it out on a rainy landing pad. AOTC uses a lot of cloudy skies, which is a Lucas shorthand for things mysterious, hidden, and unclear. Kamino is itself an enigmatic out-of-the-way, taken-off-the-map planet of constant rainstorms and inhabited by an enigmatic race of alien beings whose specialty is cloning. The big secret Kamino is hiding is the creation of a massive clone army that had been done in secret for over a decade and the destructive implications of which are symbolized by the storms raging outside. The clouds on Kamino are dark gray and black, making it the most ominous location in the film.

Obi-Wan basically spends most of AOTC chasing down deep dark secrets and he’s stumbled onto a doozy. But Jango is a more than capable and dangerous fellow, even matched up against Obi-Wan. Jango is able to escape (even while bumping his head).

As with all good action scenes, it comes down to stunt coordination and editing. The result is fast-paced yet unlike with a lot of action scenes these days, I can actually follow what’s happening. Bonus points to Ewan McGregor, who really got put through the wringer when doing many of the stunts himself, and to Temuera Morrison for having to do a fight scene in that armor. ILM and the on set special effects crew of course deserve its props for convincing effects, combining practical and digital elements. A great popcorn moment.

A Look At The Yoda Arc From Clone Wars

September 28, 2015

Brad Monastiere posted on Star Wars Junk about Yoda and the final completed arc of The Clone Wars:

Yoda has been with me as a character for 35 years. He was always an essential part of Star Wars in all eras. But after this arc, I grew to love Yoda. I saw him endure physical and spiritual pain, only to come through as strong and as wise as ever. We fell in love with Luke because we could understand and follow him through his struggle. We felt his lows and shared his happy ending. Now, we finally experienced something similar with Yoda. Yoda’s story in this arc is so abstract, but so real at the same time, it’s like nothing else I have experienced in consuming Star Wars stories, in whatever form they’ve taken over the years.

Epica Covers Battle of the Heroes/Imperial March

September 26, 2015

Posted on the The Prequels Behind The Scenes Facebook page is this video of a symphony/metal band covering “Battle of the Heroes” and “The Imperial March.”

IGN Tries To Serve Haterade, Fails

September 26, 2015

IGN, part of the geek media entertainment industrial complex, tried to use the rumors of Hayden Christensen appearing in Ep. VIII as an excuse to bash him only to find out the first comment getting 1500 “likes” isn’t what they expected: Looks At The Main Themes Of TPM

September 26, 2015

As part of his ongoing series “Studying Skywalkers,” Dan Zehr has posted a summary of the major themes of TPM. They include fear, working together, friendship and loyalty, and family.

More of these posts on the other Star Wars films are forthcoming.

Can You Stand One More Article On PT Visual Effects?

September 25, 2015

This was posted last week but I only found out about it today: “Exposing The Biggest Lie In Star Wars History”. Love the title. It has photos galore of real sets, real deserts, and other real stuff used to make Eps I-III.

Flashback Friday: TPM Title Announced 9/25/98

September 25, 2015

Has it really been 17 years? Geez!

From’s Today In History:


“Jedi Squad,” LOL. I don’t remember that one. “Red Tails” was obviously used for something else. But I do remember a lot of people believing it was going to be “Balance Of The Force.”

I also remember the fanboy whining that TPM sounded like a Scooby Doo episode or that it sounded like a movie about ghosts.

Sony Classical To Reissue Eps I-VI Soundtracks On Vinyl & Digital

September 25, 2015

Time to run down to Urban Outfitters and get one of those retro hipster turntables! Sony Classical announced it will release on January 8 three ultimate versions of the Eps I-VI soundtracks: The Ultimate Vinyl Collection, The Ultimate Soundtrack Collection (CD), and The Ultimate Digital Collection (hi-def downloads).

It doesn’t appear that these are going to be expanded soundtracks like the supersized TPM soundtrack released in 2000. But it’s a great opportunity to get all six soundtracks on vinyl if you’re into that sort of thing or replace CDs/downloads you might have lost.

Preview of PT-Related Stuff In New Insider

September 22, 2015 posted a preview of Star Wars Insider #160. The PT-related pieces include:

An interview with Dee Bradley Baker about the return of Captain Rex.

A look at Ahsoka’s heroic journey.

A look at the practical effects of the PT by Bryan Young

Check out images and more info here.