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Great Scenes of the Prequel Trilogy: Qui-Gon’s Funeral

February 22, 2016

Qui-Gon’s funeral on Naboo is one of those important, fascinating yet kind of overlooked scenes in the saga.

The major players in the prequel trilogy are assembled in a tiny room as they watch Qui-Gon’s body burn on a funeral pyre.  The fire provides the only light in the room as they stand grim-faced, John Williams’s funereal score emphasizing the solemnity of the scene.  (For you trivia buffs, the lyrics are in Sanskrit, as are the lyrics to “Duel of the Fates.”)  Anakin asks Obi-Wan what’s to become of him, and Obi-Wan reveals to the lad that the Council has agreed to let Anakin be trained.  (You’d think they’d bother to tell Anakin sooner.)  It’s interesting to note that in many scenes crucial to Anakin’s fate or to Vader’s, there’s fire present.  This is one of them.  Anakin is officially taking his first steps forward on the Jedi path.

Yoda and Mace Windu mull over Maul; here is where we hear the Sith Rule of Two for the first time.  There is only a master and an apprentice.  Just after Mace Windu ponders aloud whether Maul was the master or the apprentice, the camera focuses on Chancellor Palpatine.  There he is, right under everyone’s nose!   Is it possible he overheard the chatty Jedi?

I always felt like this scene also foretells the fates of everyone in the room.  Only Yoda dies of old age; everyone else dies tragically or violently.  Nobody lives past ROTJ.  Curiously enough it is the death of Qui-Gon that sets those events in motion.

Fun Stuff To Buy

February 20, 2016

Need to show your allegiance to the Separatists or the Republic?  Check out these vinyl decals you can buy on eBay:



Today the delivery guy brought the Star Wars English-Japanese Dictionary For Jedi Masters ordered from in Japan.  Unless you can read Japanese, you won’t learn a thing but it has scores of amazingly cute illustrations from the prequels (along with regular photo stills) as the films are used to teach English.  While you’re at it, the Dictionary for Padawan Learners has similar cartoons and lessons from the OT.

Blogger: “Why I Love TPM”

February 19, 2016

Writer/filmmaker Michael O’Connor posted a highly-enjoyable defense of his affection for TPM, largely focused on the theme of symbiosis in the film:

In the world of the film, the metaphor of symbiosis is not just applied to the Gungan race and the Human Naboo who both inhabit the same planet. It also carries over to the political “body” of the Senate, the internal workings of The Force, and the motley crew of Jedi, royalty, droids, alien and slave that must join forces to combat the greater threat of the Sith.

Symbiosis is not just unnecessary flavoring to an action adventure fantasy story; rather, it is the ENTIRE point of the film.

Go check it out!

Screen Rant: Future SW Films Can’t Ignore Prequels

February 18, 2016

Screen Rant is normally a rat’s nest of prequel haters and Lucas bashers but someone actually posted this piece on why future Star Wars films can’t ignore the prequels.  Sure there’s some laying down cover fire and it seems to have the idea that there’s something “correct” or more palatable about the OT but coming from Screen Rant, this is astonishing:

That’s obviously not the case. First of all, not all fans that were there in 1977 feel that way. There are many who also enjoy the prequels. Second, The Phantom Menace came out over a decade and a half ago. There is an entire generation of fans that love Star Wars and were introduced via the prequels, or Rebels and The Clone Wars. Many of these fans view the prequels with just as much nostalgia as the older generation of fans view the original trilogy.

Of course, that older generation often dismisses these fans, suggesting that younger generation of Star Wars lovers “aren’t real fans.” The Force Awakens may have positioned itself to win back those of the older fan base that were disillusioned by the prequels, but in only a few short years, the majority of the fan population will be populated those “fake fans” who came to love Star Wars through the prequels and animated shows.

That generation is not going to be ignored. That doesn’t mean the older generation will be swept to the side, however. As mentioned above, there are many ways to include prequel era references in newer canon in a way that embodies the style and tone of the original trilogy. All Star Wars fans can be winners here, regardless of what part of Star Wars they love the most.

Cool Japanese Jewelry

February 16, 2016

K.Uno is selling a line of fine jewelry for men and ladies that’s amazing and way more varied than the stuff Kay Jewelers is selling in the U.S..  You can get Mace Windu, Count Dooku, PT Obi-Wan, and Anakin lightsaber necklaces, keychains, tie bars, and cufflinks among other offerings from the other films.

The catch is K.Uno doesn’t seem to ship to the U.S. and even if it did, good luck figuring out how to pay if you can’t read Japanese.

I Am Shark To Release AOTC Vinyl

February 16, 2016

Remember I Am Shark, the small purveyors of TPM’s soundtrack on vinyl?  Yeah, I finally got my disk a couple of months ago.

Anyway, the same company is releasing AOTC’s soundtrack on limited edition vinyl.  Limited to only 1000 copies, it will look sweet right next to that retro turntable you picked up at Urban Outfitters.

Handbags, Backpacks, & Unisex Stuff

February 15, 2016

The Wookiee Gunner spotted Chinese brand Rfactory’s line of handbags, wallets, backpacks, etc. released in December.  I have no idea if those of us outside of China are able to buy these items but if you scroll down to check out the photos, they have TPM backpacks and better yet, Jar Jar mini shoulder bags!

I just ordered for myself this Padmé print shirt from Society6.  This guy is selling a Jedi Order varsity jacket and t-shirt.  Another Etsy seller has these custom shirts with Leia or Padmé.

If you’re looking for Anakin stuff, TeePublic has a tee with the Black Series action figure logo.

And since it’s cold just about everywhere but Southern California (85 degrees today), a seller on eBay has saga poster sweatshirts.

(Thanks to Lady Jedi Scientist who finds all of this stuff!)



Top 10 Anakin & Padme Moments: Clone Wars Edition

February 14, 2016

Remember my top 10 Anakin/Padmé movie moments from last year?  As promised, I’ve listed my top 10 favorite Anakin/Padmé moments from the Clone Wars series (2008-2014).

Honorable Mention:

star-wars-celebration-anaheim-untold-clone-wars-padme-amidala-gunship-nose-art 2

“A Distant Echo,” Unaired “Bad Batch” arc—Anakin Gets Jealous of Padmé pin-up art

One of the disadvantages of being in a secret marriage is that there’s not much you can say when others are drooling over your wife, i.e. “I wouldn’t mind negotiations with her.”  As far as Anakin as concerned, that kind of thing is for his eyes only.

10.  (“Bombad Jedi,” S1)—Jar Jar Finds Anakin’s Robe on Padmé’s ship

Before disguising himself as a Jedi, Jar Jar finds Anakin’s cloak hanging on a peg on Padme’s ship, wink wink.  When he wonders aloud what it’s doing there, Threepio acts dumb.  At least it wasn’t Anakin’s pants.


9.  (“Overlords,” S3)—Anakin talks to “Shmi” about Padmé

In one of many surreal scenes on Mortis, Anakin believes he has been reunited with his deceased mother Shmi (voiced by Pernilla August).  He talks to Shmi about Padmé and says Padmé is everything to him.  That’s right before it’s revealed Shmi is really the Son who flips out and says Padmé is a poison to Anakin.


8.  (“The Zillo Beast Strikes Back,” S2)—Anakin saves Padmé from the Zillo Beast

An old-fashioned save-the-damsel-in-distress moment but she does call him “Ani” in her desperation to be saved.


7.  (Clone Wars film)—Padmé goes to save Anakin

If Palpatine didn’t know what was going on between Anakin and Padmé before, this scene would’ve removed all doubt.  Not too many senators would take that kind of personal interest in a Jedi.


6.  (“Evil Plans,” S3)—Anakin reassures Padmé her party is going to be great

Here Anakin has learned the wise adage “happy wife, happy life.”  He all but tells the droids his ability to get any later on depends on their mission to pick up the cake succeeding.


5.  (“Crisis At The Heart,” S6)—Anakin and Padmé patch things up

The Clovis arc nearly busted up our favorite couple but after Anakin goes clear across the galaxy to save Padmé, they’re back in action.


4.  (“Mystery of the Thousand Moons,” S1)—Anakin and Padmé’s Surreptitious Handholding

After the Blue Virus has been contained, Anakin goes to bid a secret farewell to his ailing but recovering Padmé.


3.  (“Destroy Malevolence” S1)—Anakin and Padmé reunite

Whoever thought that there would be this much romance while standing on a moving floating train thing?


2.  (“Senate Spy,” S2)—Anakin and Padmé’s romantic evening at home

Anakin brings home dinner and Padmé is charmed he thinks of her penthouse as his home as well.  Then after dinner they’re making out on the veranda.  Curse that signal for interrupting everything!


1.  (“Hostage Crisis,” S1)—Anakin and Padmé make out in her office

Bonus:  the line “it’s heavier than I thought” when Anakin gives Padmé his lightsaber.

Finally, Fangirl Fashions

February 12, 2016

Rihanna was seen out in Manhattan sporting a TPM-inspired skirt by French fashion house Vetements:


It can be yours too for $1700.

If that’s a little rich for you, how about this scarf inspired by Padme’s lake gown from AOTC, only $35 from Redbubble?

(Guys, I will have a post later on some unisex/mens wear for you!)

Little Girl Discovers Anakin Is Vader

February 11, 2016

This video forwarded along by Mr. Hand shows a little girl finding out over the course of watching the saga that Anakin and Darth Vader are one and the same!