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April 19, 2017

Here are the Fetts on the Star Wars Live show:

And apparently during the Anthony Daniels panel, he talks about the cut scene from AOTC where Padmé completes Threepio (his favorite). Scoot over to 40 min. if you don’t want to watch the whole thing:

Hey Vanity Fair, Maybe It’s Fandom That Needs Hayden’s Forgiveness: Commentary

April 18, 2017

While I was away from a proper computer, Vanity Fair posted a piece on Hayden Christensen’s appearance at SWCO.  The clickbait link on social media was titled “It’s time for Star Wars fans to forgive Hayden Christensen” while the actual story was a hodgepodge of silly assumptions based on nothing.  Sure he had a jokey answer to his Star Wars Live interview question if he really disliked sand but so what?  It’s a big fat nothingburger as per usual with the fake news media.

And in any case, there’s nothing to forgive.  Christensen was hired to play a role and he did his job.  I loved his Anakin.  There was never any malintent on his part regardless of opinion of how he portrayed Anakin.  The really awful things done and said by internet bullies and the media on the other hand were based on nothing BUT malintent.  Their attitude was “it wasn’t done the way I wanted so I’m going to destroy this guy.”  The media, quick to label people failures and eager to ruin anything Lucas touched out of vendetta against the filmmaker, jumped right in.  Pathetically these jerks are still around.  They overshadowed and silenced fans who have always been on Team Hayden or at least didn’t hate him.  Those fans finally got to come out of the woodwork at SWCO, which I’m sure shocked the media.  Many of them have been fans for years while I’m sure there are others who have discovered the prequels in recent years and haven’t been affected by Hayden-bashing nerds.

If anything, fans should be asking his forgiveness.  Granted, he’s too nice, polite, and Canadian to hold a grudge or ask anything of fandom.  Regardless of slings and arrows, he’s never been anything but gracious.  I just think instead of saying, “Well he’s not a bad sort so let’s forgive him for a performance we didn’t like and for dialogue he didn’t write” we ought to be thinking, “Shame on us for being such a-holes.  Shame on us for a geek culture that’s mean, overwrought, and wrong about a lot of things.”  And especially shame on us for being far less Jedi-like than Anakin ever was.

It looks like Hayden had a great time at the convention; he probably had more fun than anyone else!  I hope his reception at SWCO will encourage him to appear at future cons and I hope the media takes notice and stops listening to the haters.

ICYMI: Hayden Christensen On Star Wars Live

April 17, 2017

From what I’ve seen on social media, it looks like he had a blast at the con. Let’s hope he will be around a lot more in the future!

SWCO Video: Ian McDiarmid & Ray Park

April 13, 2017

In case you missed the streaming or you just want to see it all again, here are Ian McDiarmid’s and Ray Park’s panels from today:

Video: Hayden Christensen and Ian McDiarmid at SWCO

April 13, 2017

In case you missed it live or you just want to re-live it already, here’s the Dark Side Rock Stars portion of today’s 40th anniversary panel:

SWCO 40th Anniversary Panel Notes & Thoughts

April 13, 2017

It would be an understatement to say this panel pushed every possible long-term fan button and delivered surprises galore.  It was one of those things that was almost as exciting to watch from home online as it was to be there in person.  At least until the streaming started hiccuping around toward the end.  Maybe when you figure you didn’t have to pay to get in, book a flight and hotel, or sleep on the sidewalk for three days, it wasn’t a bad tradeoff.  It sucks more to have done all that and STILL not make it inside.


* THE MAKER!!!!!  I figured there was a good chance Lucas would show up and show up he did in his trademark checked shirt and jeans.  He stayed for the entire program.  My favorite thing he said was SW at its core was a film made for 12-year-olds.  Sadly he did not say he was coming out of retirement.

*Warwick Davis…he’s always been funny and charming.  Nice job MC’ing.

*Dave Filoni…the master reunites with the apprentice.

* The Dark Side Rockstars.  Ian McDiarmid and Hayden Christensen appeared to chat about their involvement in the prequel era with George Lucas to big cheers.  Who knew the Emperor had such a great sense of humor?  This was Hayden’s first con appearance since Celebration II in 2002 and he said it was great to be back.  They mentioned the opera house scene had one of if not the longest stretch of dialogue in the entire saga.  Ian praised Hayden and Ewan’s work on the lightsaber duel from ROTS and thought they should’ve done a roadshow demonstrating their fighting skill.  Hayden talked about how hard it was to film without making the lightsaber noises.

*The OT reunion minus the alumni who have left us, which was kind of sad.  Which leads us to…

*The long and touching tribute to Carrie Fisher.  I know this sounds super hokey and I’m not the Long Island Medium, but it really felt like she was there in spirit among her fans, friends, family, and former co-stars.  This included some first glimpes of Leia in TLJ.

*Thank God on the livestream we were spared the pre-show hype man.


*JOHN FREAKIN’ WILLIAMS!!!  His first Celebration appearance ever with a local orchestra for a great closing program of music, at first in tribute to Fisher then to SW in general.

*HARRISON FORD!!!  Also his first Celebration appearance, with many plane jokes to go around.  I have to say this was the most coherent I’ve ever seen Ford in a live interview; he usually seems drunk or really nervous.  Here he seemed relaxed, present, and genuinely happy to be there.  He expressed his gratitude to Lucas and to the fans.

*Video howdys from Liam Neeson and Samuel L. Jackson!!!  Neeson sent his regrets from the set of something he’s shooting in the Canadian rockies and looked a little beat up.  He joked that it was about Jar Jar going to the dark side.  He spoke of how honored he was to play Qui-Gon.  Jackson kicked off his Bring Back Mace Windu campaign by mentioning how many other characters have been killed only to return stronger than ever with cybernetics.

*Billie Lourd!!!  I was so ticked off when the streaming went wonky just after her speech started.  Since this was her first public appearance since her mother’s and grandmother’s deaths, I imagine every celebrity news and gossip site jumped on the feed immediately.  I’ve read/seen bits and pieces of her speech, where she capped it off by reciting from memory Leia’s your my only hope part from ANH.  The Leia-inspired dress she wore was custom-designed by Tom Ford.  Because I care about stuff like that.

*No Disney kids?  I kind of thought this would be a crash-bang journey through all four decades of SW-ness with some of the ST or Rogue One cast dropping by but I guess with a panel tomorrow and a separate RO panel with Forest Whittaker and Felicity Jones, it would be kind of redundant.  This panel was about George Lucas’s classic SW (PT, OT, a little bit of Clone Wars).


*The flow of the panel felt a little disjointed until they got to the Fisher tribute.  I can’t put my finger on why.

*The streaming going wonky at one of the panel’s emotional highlights.  Your service sucks, Verizon!  It’s really going to be a nightmare tomorrow with the TLJ panel.

*Hey, Kenny Baker passed too.  Remember him?

*While I’m glad this is the most acknowledgment of the prequels I’ve seen at any Celebration since 2005, what happened to Ewan and Natalie?  What, are they training with SEAL Team Six in South Korea as we speak?  In all seriousness, I know Ewan is filming “Fargo” and Natalie is the very tired mom of two including a newborn daughter.  But they couldn’t drop a quick hello on Skype?


Really Popular Con Guest Adds Another Day Of Photo Ops

April 6, 2017

Hayden Christensen got a second day of photo ops (April 13) added to his time at SWCO, so if you missed out the last go ’round better jump on it fast.  Autographs remain sold out.

By the way, judging from a retweet I saw earlier today it seems unlikely Hayden is participating in The Last Jedi panel on April 14.  Someone who bought photo op tickets with Hayden said he’ll have to miss the panel because it’s the same time as his photo op.  It’s not impossible–I’ve seen autographing guests run in and out on a “break” or show up late because they were doing other things–but it makes it a bit more doubtful.  We’ll see what happens!

Let The Rumors Fly: Hayden Christensen Suddenly Coming To Celebration O’Town

March 31, 2017

I said I wouldn’t post about fake news/rumors/speculation because that’s not what I’m in the business of doing and I almost got seriously burned last year with something inflammatory that got walked back (but not debunked).

Today there are “rumors” that an Obi-Wan standalone flick directed by Rogue One’s Gareth Edwards will be announced at Celebration with Ewan McGregor (whose birthday is today) present.  Frankly I think these rumors took off like a jack rabbit after uncle Denis Lawson magically decided he wasn’t so bored with Star Wars after all.  But the “source” of this story (we’ll call it SWNN) claims its informant saw some Celebration materials (like what, graphic slides?) that indicates this may be happening.

And now it’s revealed Hayden Christensen is coming to the con.  At the very least he is there to sign autographs and do photo ops.  You can even do one with Hayden and Ian McDiarmid!  What they aren’t telling you is Rachel Bilson is there with a baseball bat studded with nails in case any fans get too fresh.

He will appear during the 40th anniversary panel, just to have a few reps from different films of the saga.  Maybe he’ll drop in on the panel with Ray Park and McDiarmid just to make it a Sith trifecta.  Or maybe it’s going to be announced he’s in TLJ and many heads will explode.

The intrigue continues…


Filoni: Prequels Important To Today’s SW

February 18, 2017

Comic has a short interview with Dave Filoni where he discusses why the prequels are relevant to today’s Star Wars stories:

“I think it works into what the struggle is. You want to achieve this balance or you want to become … I think it’s a natural part of it, and really the introduction of this idea of balance comes from the prequels,” Filoni told “That’s where the prophecy of the chosen one and ‘the one who will bring balance,’ as quoted by Mace Windu, really comes from. So, I find that very interesting because the prequels add a tremendous amount of depth to all these things, especially ways of the Force. The people, I don’t think realize that that’s where it comes from, but it’s not something that’s natural to the original trilogy. It’s something that stems from the prequels, which added a tremendous amount to what we know about Star Wars.”

Kitster Gets His Own Funko Pop Figure

February 16, 2017

The Star Wars Show brought back Dhruv Chanchani, who played Anakin’s buddy Kitster in TPM, to present him with a custom Kitster Funko Pop! figure direct from the company.