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New T-Shirt For Kids At Target

November 30, 2007

Have your youngling show his (or her…girls are SW fans too!) love for SW with a new long-sleeved tee featuring Vader, Obi-Wan, Anakin, Grievous, and Yoda.  It supposedly glows in the dark too.Admittedly, the silkscreening isn’t awesome but the $8.99 tee is on sale this week for $6.99, making it a nice Christmas or Chanukah gift idea for the young padawans in your life.   Find it in the boys’ department.(We won’t tell if you buy a L or XL for yourself.) 

Jedi Vs. Sith: The Essential Guide To the Force

November 28, 2007

I just bought this today, so I can’t give a full review of it yet, but flipping through it, the artwork alone is worth buying this tome by Ryder Windham.  It’s gorgeous! The book covers a lot of EU material and of course Eps IV-VI, but there’s plenty of prequel era stuff too, including a chapter on The Chosen One. 

Ace of Cakes finds inspiration from Qui-Gon

November 26, 2007

Cake chef Duff Goldman, star of Food Network’s highly entertaining Ace of Cakes and proprietor of Baltimore’s Charm City Cakes, was interviewed for’s Star Wars Rocks series and aside from the pix of awesome SW cakes, there was this quote that put a smile on my face: 

Star Wars movies to me are like Led Zepplin songs. My favorite completely depends on what mood I’m in. My favorite scene from the films is actually in The Phantom Menace when Qui-Gon has been turned down for the parts he needs to repair his ship, and he says to Obi-Wan, “I’m sure a solution will present itself.” And that has become sort of a mantra for me. I say that all the time.

Anakin Skywalker Homepage message board back up!

November 26, 2007

Picking the Anakin Skywalker Homepage as PT Friendly Site of the Week must’ve jinxed it, because the message board server “upgraded” its software and pretty much destroyed the board. Well, the message board is back at a new server:   

Happy Thanksgiving

November 22, 2007


Fans who get it

November 21, 2007

This is from oxward321, who posted this on his blog a while back: I’m 34 years old and grew up with the Original Trilogy, I’ve been on this ride since the beginning, 1977! I have always loved the films, the characters, environments, technology the WHOLE Star Wars universe. Years later Lucas would open up his world even more, in 1997 the special editions hit theaters. I tell ya I wasn’t disappointed, I love seeing Jabba move, the windows in Cloud City, the much more menacing sarlacc (Well to me anyways, I never found the big anus in the dessert all that threatening) I could go on. Point is I love the OT each and every version, the 2004 DVD’s are my personnel favorite. But soon Lucas would opened up his universe even WIDER!!!Enter 1999, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, then in 2002 Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, I’ve loved these films since the first time I’ve seen them. I will admit, back then if I had too put the films in order these two made up the last two spots (not any more) on my list……that is until 2005, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, came out and did the impossible, it beat out both A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back as the #1 Star Wars film, in my book. To quote myself, “This film (ROTS) is, for lack of a better word, brilliant! I was speechless, moved, it was everything I could have hoped for in a Star Wars movie, hell any movie. Not only was it arguably the best film, it made all the others better as well.” Made all the others better…..thats an understatement. About a year ago I finally did a marathon, and it was at that moment I really understood the total brilliance of the Prequel Trilogy. From that time both Episodes I & II have been rising up on my personnel favorite chart. Like I said, I’ve ALWAYS loved these films, but in this past year I haven’t been able to get enough of them. By doing a marathon I seen SO many connections, both big and small, I saw them in a new light, the brilliance, detail, heart and soul that Lucas put into them. Now as the years progress I find myself much more engaged with the rich, deep story and characters of the PT. Yes, even over the OT. OWith that said I love all six films and I really don’t see them as two trilogies, but one six part saga. I just happen to find the first half (I,II &III) of the Saga to have more meaning, more depth. Well done! Thank you George!STAR WARS IS FOREVER! 

The future of fandom

November 21, 2007

Yesterday I made a lunchtime run to Target.  While I was in the store, I passed a couple of young boys (I’d say they were 8-10 years of age), one of which was wearing a SW t-shirt.  They were talking about the way Jar Jar walks and one of them starts imitating everyone’s favorite goofy Gungan.Truly wonderful the mind of a child is ;). 

Hayden on “The View”

November 20, 2007

Today, Hayden Christensen was a guest on the talk show The View.  He was there to promote his new film Awake, but he also talked about SW and about George Lucas.  The cool part?  When Whoopi Goldberg mentioned Anakin Skywalker, the audience broke into enthusiastic applause.  Go check it out on! 

PT Friendly Site of the Week

November 18, 2007

The nepotism continues with this week’s site ;).  ladyaeryn is a friend and the webmiss of The Moons Of Iego, a site entirely devoted to everyone’s favorite doomed couple, Anakin and Padmé.  Established in 1999, it’s probably the oldest A/P site in existence.  Here fans can find lots of graphics like wallpapers, photo manips, fan art, and in all likelihood the largest collection of A/P photo stills and screencaps on the internet.  There’s also a nice selection of fan fic and other fun stuff: 

Clone Wars T.V. Watch: Coming to a theater near you?

November 16, 2007

The beans were spilled during a Hasbro meeting. Lucasfilm won’t exactly confirm or deny:

Frankly, I think it’s an awesome idea. I’m always happy to see SW at the movie theater!