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Terrific Interview With Matt Lanter

August 30, 2012

Newsarama has a really good interview with the Clone Wars’s Matt Lanter. Here he talks about Anakin’s character arc in Season Five…and poses in the Leia hoodie from Her Universe.

Palpatine’s Magical Mystery Tour

August 30, 2012

Did you miss Ian McDiarmid at Celebration VI? Well, you’ve got two more chances this fall to pledge yourself to his teachings. McDiarmid will appear at New York Comic Con (Oct. 13-14 only) and Fandays in Dallas on Oct. 19-21, where he will appear along with his former employee from ROTJ, David Prowse. For more info on Fandays, go here.

Clone Wars To Go Into Syndication

August 29, 2012 announced today that the first two seasons of Clone Wars will go into syndication (U.S. only) presumably this fall.

Syndication is where the real money is at in t.v.. Just ask Jerry Seinfeld and the estate of Lucille Ball. Between syndication bucks, reaching a bigger audience, and hooking more kids in the process (not to mention the merch), Clone Wars alone could fill Lucasfilm’s coffers for many years to come.

The Song Stylings Of Bonnie Piesse

August 28, 2012

If you missed her gig at Celebration VI and haven’t heard her stuff before, here she is strumming away on a tune called More Than I Can Say.

There are a couple of pics of her Orlando show at her site too. And of course, you can find her on Facebook.

Celebration VI Epilogue

August 27, 2012

Eric Geller of TFN fame posted a summary of 8/26’s “Why We Love The Prequels” panel. Hopefully, Bryan Young will post a full transcript like he did the last time. That would be cool for those of us who couldn’t be there!

Also, if you have an hour of your life to spare, you can watch the entire Clone Wars press conference at Celebration here. This was the press conference that was closed to the public. h/t knight_ander.

New Clone From Sideshow

August 27, 2012

Sideshow Collectibles has up for sale another guy to add to your 1/6 scale figure clone army: Commander Ganch. He’s yours for $124.99 or (two?) payments of $62.50 per month.

Clone Wars Trailer On

August 26, 2012

Finally in crystal clear form is the Clone Wars trailer shown to everybody at Celebration. Enjoy!


August 26, 2012

At Celebration’s Closing Ceremonies, Ian McDiarmid announced (via video) the release dates for AOTC and ROTS 3D:

AOTC 9/20/13

ROTS 10/11/13

(They also just dropped that Celebration Europe II will be next July in Germany.)

More New Clone Wars Clips

August 26, 2012

IGN has a nice summary of yesterday’s Clone Wars panel along with some all-new clips and one that was shown at Comic Con. Check ’em out!

New Clone Wars Clip

August 26, 2012

Just posted on IGN, it features Republic Commando Gregor versus some battle droids.