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Independent Geek Girl Designer Seeks Feedback on Padmé Designs

January 9, 2017

Elhoffer Design tweeted sketches for fashion items based on Padmé’s costumes and is asking which three we prefer, assuming those are the ones that will actually get made.  (I picked 3-5.)

Oh Look, There’s Coruscant

January 5, 2017

Rogue One had a sneaky cameo by everyone’s favorite metroplanet, Coruscant, in one flashback scene. Here’s the capture posted by Jack Manuel on Twitter:


In Case You Haven’t Seen It…

January 5, 2017

Sure, you’ve probably seen it already if you halfway care about “Rebels” but the mid-season trailer promises some PT/CW-era familiar faces…first of which is Saw Gererra this Saturday.

A Video On Prequel References In Rogue One

January 2, 2017

“Rogue One” Easter eggs and references are like Pokemon…you gotta catch ’em all.  This video lays out all of the prequel references in the film, courtesy of The Star Wars Prequels Channel :

AOTC Is Someone’s Favorite & Untold Secrets Of The PT

December 15, 2016

Now this is what I like to see…a guy who states his opinion without apology.  AOTC is his favorite Star Wars film…deal with it:

The Original Trilogy was understandably doused in ’80s camp in a good way. The Phantom Menace, though released in the last remnants of the ’90s, still harbors some of that ’80s warmth and lightness. Episode II eschews all of that in favor of a far darker and more mature storyline, one that features Anakin struggling not only with the burden of being the chosen one, but also with the guilt of abandoning his mother, forbidden feelings of passion and love, and overall, a desire for validation of his inner conflict, something no one in his life seems to understand. Anakin’s genocidal elimination of a tribe of Tusken Raiders is a key moment that marks his first steps down a path of darkness.

He might not like the Anakin/Padmé stuff as much but not bad at all for going against fandom groupthink.

Meanwhile over at ScreenRant, usually not the most friendly place for prequel fans, is this piece 19 Untold Secrets of the Star Wars Prequels.  Some of it is pretty well-known, some of it may be new to you.

Sports Media Gang Up On Ball Player For Saying TPM Is His Favorite SW Film

October 19, 2016

Cleveland Indians starter Trevor Bauer revealed in an interview with NBC Sports’s Joe Posnanski that not only he is a Star Wars fan, but The Phantom Menace is his favorite of the series.  Posnanski felt it necessary to snark about it on Twitter, beginning a 2016-style media beatdown of anyone who fails to conform to their “correct opinions.”  Next was a jock site called Larry Brown Sports that felt it was a headline worthy story to mock Bauer.  Then back over at NBC Sports, Craig Cacacrappa or whatever his name is, also felt it worth several pixels beating up on Bauer.  And Jason Lukehart at Let’s Go Tribe, an Indians fan site, decided to proclaim Bauer’s choice as “questionable.”

Gee, and they wonder why I despise the media so much.  It’s full of despicable excuses for human beings.

Bryan Young called this bullying and gatekeeping.  There’s no reason at all for anyone to pile on a young man for his taste in movies.  I mean, WHO CARES?  But we have a media today that feels it is appropriate to shame, harass, and destroy anyone for any reason.  Just a few days ago, some outlets thought it was appropriate to dig into some Reddit posts by a guy who asked a question at a presidential/townhall debate and “expose” them.  It was totally not newsworthy and meant to do nothing more than to humiliate the man.  Unfortunately, the Gawker/Mic/Buzzfeed/etc. mentality is to do just that, humiliate and ruin anyone who doesn’t conform to what they think you should believe, act, say, etc..  And not only is that wrong, it’s frightening.  It isn’t just the posts themselves that are problematic, they invite a bunch of mean-spirited comments and people take them as license to go after the target directly.  On one site, a commenter said Bauer must have autism.  I have to wonder how many trolls and bashers went after Bauer on social media.

In response, Young asked people on Twitter to send him their TPM memories, fan art, cosplay, etc..  If you’re so inclined, he’s at @swankmotron.  He also tweeted to Bauer that he’s welcome on the Full of Sith podcast.  Bauer might be a little busy right now but if you’re on Twitter, you can send some support to @BauerOutage.

Now what would be great is if Bauer is invited to appear on The Star Wars Show, Lucasfilm’s official YouTube program, to talk about his love for the saga.  If Lucasfilm wants to put its money where its mouth is with being all anti-bullying and maybe show that they care about prequel fans too, this would be a great way to do it.  And of course, we’ve got his back here!

PopWrapped’s Top 5 Lines From The PT

October 16, 2016

PopWrapped has a list of its Top 5 lines from the prequels.  Some really interesting choices and interpretations.

Most Adorable Wedding Cake Ever

September 6, 2016

British cake designers Cherry Cake Company posted some amazing pics of a wedding cake featuring Anakin and Padmé:



Tot’s Wish To Fight Darth Maul

July 13, 2016

Make-A-Wish UK helped make a little Star Wars fan’s wish come true:  the chance to do battle against Darth Maul.

Six-year-old Oliver took on the Sith Lord with some help from Obi-Wan:

Oliver was afraid to show the scar that heart surgery has left him with but now he talks to people about his scar. Obi-Wan whispered to him to tell people that Darth Maul did it and that’s what he says. He used to be really self-conscious about it.


If you live in the UK, you might want to consider kicking a few pounds to help out Make-A-Wish’s efforts.

Star Wars Wedding Dress Ideas

June 24, 2016 posted an article on how various Star Wars costumes can serve as inspiration for custom wedding dresses, including more than a couple from the prequels.

It also suggests the handmaiden dresses could be reinterpreted as bridesmaid gowns.