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SyFy Wire On Prequel References In “Solo”

June 3, 2018

H/T Naboo News;

SyFy Wire posted “Five Times Solo:  A Star Wars Story Makes The Prequels Matter,” which covers some of the prequel references the film carries.  Spoilers in the link, of course.

(As of tomorrow, spoilers are fair game on SWPAS.)

Open Thread: A Sad Day For Fandom

December 27, 2016

Even though Carrie Fisher wasn’t part of the prequels, she was easily one of the most important players in the saga.   I will post a separate piece with my full thoughts.  Here, feel free to vent, mourn, react.

The Ricker Speaks

November 6, 2007

Here’s an interview with Rick McCallum in two parts:

Have to warn you about language and the occasionally incoherent transcription.

Will somebody please tell Mr. McCallum that plenty of us older fans love the PT too?