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HasCon News

September 11, 2017

Hasbro’s convention HasCon was over the past weekend in Providence, RI and while most of the Star Wars action was about The Last Jedi, a few bits of prequel-related news came out.

First off, here’s Ahsoka and Padmé in the Forces of Destiny line:

This post from Collectors Cantina indicates there will be an Ahsoka with loth cat and an AOTC Padmé “before the holidays.” So there are at least two sets on the way.

The Force Guide has an interview with Hasbro’s Star Wars team and here’s a money quote about what to expect in the future in terms of prequel merchandise:

TFG: So for the Black Series 6”, a lot of the prequel characters and Clone Wars characters have been great additions, like Qui-Gon and Captain Rex. Will we be seeing more of those prequel and Clone Wars characters going forward?

SE: Yeah. 2019 is 20 years of The Phantom Menace. We’ve been talking about it a lot, actually, at this convention. The love for the prequels has kind of gone through this sort of—hate has kind of gone into, like, love again. There’s a lot of memes out there, and Hayden Christensen had a good response when he made an appearance, I think it was at Celebration. We’re seeing a little bit of love coming back for the prequels, so we’ll share some love on that, I’m sure, going forward.

I TOLD you this stuff would make a difference.



As Long As We’re Talking About Merchandise…

September 1, 2017

Sept. 1 is/was Force Friday II:  Electric Boogaloo with a new round of merchandise.  Most of it was to promote The Last Jedi but believe it or not there are prequel-related items out there:

Walgreens has its exclusive Commander Cody Funko Pop figure for $9.99.  Speaking of Funko, it revealed today one of the Pops due to come out in its upcoming Jedi Smuggler’s Bounty boxes (if you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t click on the link but I’m really glad I ordered the darn thing).

Think Geek has an exclusive galactic necklace featuring planets from the saga, including Coruscant (of course they should’ve included Naboo as well but it’s a miracle Coruscant even got in).

Elhoffer Design is taking pre-orders for a new Ahsoka-inspired cardigan.

Zulily has long been the place to find Star Wars goodies on the cheap and I managed to score Jedi nail wraps and an ARC 170 t-shirt.  A smattering of other prequel goods are there too if you look around.


Hot Toys Anakin Up For Pre-Order

August 29, 2017

Sideshow is putting up Hot Toys’ glorious Anakin Skywalker sixth scale figure for pre-order.  It’s expensive–$235–but you can opt for a payment plan over 2-4 months with a small down payment.  I opted for a three month payment plan of about $71 a month over a three month period.

I Critique The Her Universe “’50s Inspired” Line

August 22, 2017

Sold at conventions, on HU’s website, and on Box Lunch, the new midcentury-inspired line of cardigans, dresses, and skirts focus on different planets from the Star Wars lexicon. Strangely enough, there’s a broader planet-inspired line that overlaps this one with more contemporary or ‘70s inspired styles.

I am only going to focus on what I bought: the Naboo cardigan ($44.92), the Naboo skirt ($37.42), the Endor dress ($44.92), and the “SW” initial cardigan ($33.67). The other items in the line weren’t age appropriate or fit in with my lifestyle.

I made the mistake of buying the Endor dress at SDCC without trying it on. Normally I’m a small in HU sizes so I just assumed this would fit just fine. I took it home and while the skirt part fit okay, the bodice and waistband were really small and I couldn’t zip up the dress all of the way. Unfortunately they did not permit exchanges at the con; had I just bought it on the website or from Box Lunch, I could’ve gotten an exchange or refund. Caveat emptor the next time you go to a con! It’s too bad because otherwise the dress is really cute. I liked the black and lavender trim color scheme and the skirt print has adorable drawings of Ewoks and trees. If you want to buy this dress and you’re bigger than an A-cup, go up at least one size.

The good news is that the Naboo cardigan and skirt fit, also purchased at the con, fit. The former is a pretty peach color with the royal crest printed all over it and embroidered on the left chest, with faux pearl buttons. It’s nice enough to wear to work or to dress up any outfit. It fits true to size though the style is slightly cropped. The skirt is decorated with drawings of Naboo’s famous “sites,” including Theed and Varykino, plus there’s a drawing of Anakin and Padme on their picnic date. It’s a more subtle style and it is a mid-length skirt, making it appropriate for work. Plus it’s got pockets! The only issue is that there’s no elastic on the waistband. If you’ve bought similar skirts from ModCloth, this fits about the same way. If you have a wider waist, then go up a size. This is a great piece for fangirls of all ages. Since I’m a huge A/P shipper I call it the greatest skirt of all time!

Finally, I bought the SW cropped cardigan from Box Lunch. It might seem pretty plain (it’s designed to go with an AT-AT poodle skirt that’s cute, but costume-y) but it’s a subtle way to show your fandom. This one fits true to size.

Note:  Prices reflect an ongoing promotion/sale at Box Lunch and Her Universe’s site.

Obi-Wan Chats With Darth Maul

August 6, 2017

On Clone Wars Conversations, that is:

Smuggler’s Bounty Jedi Box Trailer

August 4, 2017

Late last week Funko released a trailer billing its upcoming Jedi box set of Pop figures.  They haven’t revealed yet what’s in the set but the trailer is pretty prequel-licious:

For more info, visit the Smuggler’s Bounty site.

Because I’m Too Tired…

July 21, 2017

The irony of being at a con is that you have less time to report on what’s happening at the con than the people who are 2500 miles away at home or at work.

I didn’t go to the Star Wars publishing panel, but Naboo News nicely summarized some upcoming prequel releases from Star’s announcements.  Keep an eye out for the upcoming Mace Windu comics series from Marvel (Mace Windu:  Jedi of the Republic), “Tales of Hope & Courage” from the Forces of Destiny line, some kids-related stuff in the “Journey to The Last Jedi” line, and “Star Wars:  Creatures and Aliens” from Abrams.

By the way, if you’re keeping up with the Star Wars Little Golden Books, the new wave (stuff like “I Am A Pilot” and “I Am A Princess”) features prequel stuff galore.

Hasbro also unveiled some new products in the pipeline, including the Padmé doll from the Forces of Destiny line and a 6″ Black Series Captain Rex:



Upcoming Anakin Skywalker Sixth Scale Figure

July 19, 2017

Sideshow Collectibles previewed Hot Toys’ upcoming Anakin Skywalker Sixth Scale figure at SDCC:


No word on when it’ll be available but previous Hot Toys offerings were around $250. I’ll be taking a look at it in person tomorrow!

New Tees At Target

July 17, 2017

A reader tipped off a new tee from Target featuring PT and OT characters in a “Star Wars” alphabet, only $12.99.

Then while browsing I spotted this one, also for $12.99, featuring everyone’s favorite villains.

Her Universe Debuts Naboo-Inspired Wear

July 14, 2017


Her Universe dropped pictures of a ton of new items available next week at SDCC and online, including a cardigan with Padmé’s royal signet and a skirt with a Naboo print. Someone found the cardigan already available at a Box Lunch store.