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Clone Wars Debriefing: You’re just going to have to wait

February 28, 2009

I’ve decided to wait until I see all three of the Ryloth episodes before reviewing them.

Why people who don’t like the PT don’t like the PT

February 25, 2009

On this site, I try not to bring too much attention to the negativity aimed at our beloved films but there was a silly bit on i09 (which I won’t link to) on how “neurological” impulses or other has something to do with why “we hate George Lucas.” Naturally there was a lot of PT bashing.

I don’t think you need to have taken classes on neurology to diagnose those fans who heartily dislike the PT. A couple of years ago, I posted on my LiveJournal the main reasons why the PT haters are the way they are. So some of you have already seen the following essay, but many of you have not.


CW Scores A Golden Reel Award

February 24, 2009

Anyone slog it out through the Oscars last night? If so, you have my sympathy! I saw bitz ‘n pieces, including some CW stuff during the Animated Feature category (Wall-E won), seeing Ben Burtt and Matthew Wood lose for Sound Effects Editing (Batman won that one), and Natalie Portman’s appearance with Ben Stiller (probably the funniest part of the show and she looked great).

Well, never mind all of that Oscar crap! The “Lair of Grievous” episode picked a Golden Reel award, doled out for editing, in the television animation category. Congratulations!

Star Wars Galaxy 4 card set

February 24, 2009

Topps’ Star Wars Galaxy 4 card set is out at your local hobby shop! Or you can do what I did and buy a completed set on eBay ;). The set I bought included the regular card set and the bonus sets (except for of course, sketch cards). It’s a beautiful set and there is plenty of PT-themed art along with EU and art from Eps IV-VI.

Repeat Clone Wars tonight

February 21, 2009

Tonight’s CW is a re-broadcast of “Ambush.” A brand spankin’ new CW will air next Friday.

The Emperor Speaks

February 19, 2009

Ian McDiarmid had some cool things to say in an interview with Times Online:

(“To be fair to the younger cast, all of whom I’m extremely fond of, they have a lot of action, whereas mine is much easier”) and the abilities of his director (“It’s only the people who grew up with the originals that were disappointed by the prequels – the kids today prefer them!”).

There, I saved you from any further slagging by the article’s writer. You’re welcome.

Greg Proops on Clone Wars

February 18, 2009

Greg Proops, the comedian who voiced Fode and Beed in TPM, will return to the SW universe in the guise of a villain on a future episode of CW. No word yet on when it airs.

Gavin Boucquet Interview on

February 18, 2009 has posted another interview with a prequel player. This time it’s production designer Gavin Boucquet, who worked on Eps I-III as well as ROTJ.

Ten Years of TPM: New York Toy Fair 1999

February 17, 2009

Right now you can keep up with coverage of this year’s New York Toy Fair on sites like and Along with goodies from all six films, there are also tons of playthings based on Clone Wars and the expanded universe of books and comics.

But it’s not a patch on the excitement and secrecy surrounding the New York Toy Fair of February 1999. Fans and collectors alike eagerly awaited images of what will hit the shelves and pegs that spring. Not only did they want to know what’s available to buy, they also hoped to glean clues about the film.

Unlike today’s public displays of SW goodies, just about everything being produced for TPM was under wraps. Only retailers could get into private rooms where the items were on display. No media and especially no fan sites were allowed.

Still, there were those who managed to get some images of the toys and packaging, which got plastered all over the internet. Nevertheless, those were only a small part of what eventually reached stores around the world by early May.

Jonathan Bowen’s book Anticipation also has a recounting of Toy Fair ’99.

Clone Wars Debriefing: “Blue Shadow Virus” and “Mystery of a Thousand Moons”

February 15, 2009

Spoilers ahead!