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As an old-school Star Wars fan since 1977, I love the prequels too. It’s been hard seeing these fine films excessively criticized by the media and on the internet. With so much focus on the negative, I believe the many hardcore fans and casual filmgoers who enjoyed the prequels have been ignored and left voiceless. Well, not anymore!

This site is for all Star Wars fans, young and old, new or long-time devotees, whose love for the saga encompasses the prequel trilogy as well as the classic trilogy. The goal of the SWPAS is to promote these films as a worthy part of the Star Wars saga, to promote them as classics in their own right, and to encourage a positive effect on the media, the popular culture, and the internet.

If you can’t imagine Star Wars without Padmé and her handmaidens, Coruscant, padawans, clonetroopers, butt-kicking Yoda, Darth Maul, the Jedi Council, podraces, Qui-Gon Jinn, Count Dooku, Watto, Naboo, General Grievous, Ahsoka Tano, or even good ol’ Jar Jar, then this site is your Club Med. Celebrate all that rocks about Episodes I-III and The Clone Wars!!


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68 Responses to “About The SWPAS”

  1. Stubris Says:

    I love the PT as much as the OT…nothing shocking about that is there?!! My family & friends love them too..it’s only from the vocal minority online or in lazy magazines (who’s opinion largely apes the online mob) that these wonderful, fantastic, funny, thrilling movies are considered to be uniformally awful. The years 1997-2005 were the most exciting of my life..I had so much fun anticipating & discovering these brand new chapters of a story I so love. As the introduction to this very site states, I can’t & don’t want to imagine Star Wars without “without Padmé and her handmaidens, Coruscant, padawans, clonetroopers, butt-kicking Yoda, Darth Maul, the Jedi Council, podraces, Qui-Gon Jinn, Count Dooku, Watto, Naboo, General Grievous, or even good ol’ Jar Jar”

    Thank You George..It was…& continues to be a blast!

  2. Fan O'The Whole Saga Says:

    I just wanted highly second what Stubris said. For me there are no “prequels” really. Just the Star Wars Saga, which I grew up with (IV – VI) and was completed with I-III. Great website because Episodes I – III do suffer too much under the constant bashing of that narrow-minded and yet oh-too-loud minority.

  3. Fan O'The Whole Saga Says:

    Also I hate the phrase “Classic Trilogy” it’s so presumptive.

  4. Anthony Says:

    I agree witha ll you guys. It is also a fallacy to think that everyone hates them. i asked around at my school and i found that most of the kids liked most of the pequel trilogy and disliked only one of the movies.
    Also these prequels have gotten new fans in who are attracted to the new CGI stuff and as a result have learned to love the old trilogy.
    I also hate how people criticize the dialogue. the dialogue in the old trilogy was not good either. thats why we love them, because its good enough to passm and kitchy enough to love. they are not supposed to be realistic, its sci fi, not a documentary.
    I love the prequels, theya re essential for understanding the story, and I hope those minority of critics will change their minds

  5. James Grimes Says:

    Awesome! Glad to see there’s a voice out there for the non-cynical crowd of Star Wars fans.

  6. Dave Strohmenger Says:

    Thank you for starting this. Something like this has been needed for a long time. I’ve loved Star Wars for the past 30 years and I love the prequels. They might not be perfect, but what is? We need to be more vocal about our love for the prequel trilogy. Whenever they’re mentioned in the media, it always seems to be negative.

    I’ve tried to ignore all the criticism, but I think I started getting angry when Entertainment Weekly gave the Clone Wars movie an ‘F’. In the past week, I’ve heard the Geekbox podcast call Phantom Menace ‘the greatest tragedy in American history’ and TrekCast refer to the Red Letter Media prequel-bashing videos as ‘the greatest thing the Internet has ever given us’. I also hear people say ‘In my mind, there are only three Star Wars movies’. They have the same view of Indiana Jones, so it’s an anti-Lucas thing. It seems like it can all be boiled down to old=good, new=bad.

    I love Star Wars more than anything, but that doesn’t mean I get to decide what Star Wars should be. It’s not my creation. It seems arrogant to say that you know better than the creator. The critics seem to think that they’re the only ones who know what Star Wars should be. They can’t accept that the prequels ARE Star Wars, not just to the younger generation, but to a great number of those who grew up with the original trilogy.

  7. graval Says:

    Great thing! I love the prequels as well, but I seem to be one of the only ones around liking TPM, AOTC and ROTS :/ Once somebody even told me, that she liked the old Clone Wars series more than the Prequels o.O

    greets Graval

  8. PadméLover Says:

    I totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The prequels are just as awesome as the originals!!!!

  9. Padme5042 Says:

    I am so happy about this site for finding it has really made my day. I won’t repeat what has been written but say I overwhelmingly agree with you all.
    I truly resent these negative haters speaking on my behalf because I love those movies and think
    My experience is that the star wars story is loved in it’s entirety by so many.

    I have refuse to apologize or remain silent about this and have had many heated debates, as I have proudly stood my ground.

  10. John Weathers Says:

    Wonderful site! Keep on fighting the good fight. I’ve been a Star Wars fan ever since seeing A New Hope as toddler in the late 70’s. I was thrilled by the release of Episode I-III and despite all the trendy, echo-machine bashing against them I love them and actually even prefer them to Episode IV-VI when all is said and done.

  11. Liz Says:

    So refreshing to see a Star Wars site that praises the prequels. I too am on the prequel side of the Force. Thanks for making the site! Very cool.

  12. SWPAS 2010 Stats « Says:

    […] The busiest day of the year was March 24th with 763 views. The most popular post that day was About The SWPAS. […]

  13. Omar Says:

    Finally, a site that embraces both old and new. Let me just say I started with Star Wars when I was a kid in 1997, around the time the special edition for the original trilogy came out. Watching them, I fell in love with Star Wars, and was excited when I saw commercials for Episode I on Cartoon Network everyday during my summer break in ’99. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see the movie until the next March. But hey, better late than never, right, and it was definitely woth the wait. I loved it so much, I was humming to “Duel of the Fates” in school. Luckily, I actually got to see episodes II and III in theaters, and I sure had a blast! Fun fact: I actually introduced my friend to Star Wars by taking him to Episode III, explaining who was bad and who was good. Good times! But the thing is, I was never aware of any of this negativity until recently (about two years ago to be exact). I was shocked and disgusted by what people online thought of George Lucas. The things they said about him felt like things someone from the KKK or a Neo-Nazi group would say. Unbelievable! And for that, I tend to avoid forums as much as I could. Anyway, I agree, I don’t believe in splitting Star Wars into two trilogies. Instead, I believe in uniting them into one saga. I hope there would be a day when all these idiots on the internet are replaced by people who actually enjoyed the prequels, and shares my love for all six movies. Can’t wait to see them in their 3d re-releases! As for now, I don’t care if I’m a 19 year old college student, I LOVE the Clone Wars TV show on Cartoon Network!

    • Donald Jordan (DJ) Says:

      Omar, you are not alone. I,am 18 years old and love all the Star Wars movies and even the cartoon show. I get so anger when people compare both trilogies. That’s not how George Lucas wanted it. People bitch about the prequels,but god forbid if they bash the originals. They’re are some problems with originals. In a nut shell, a bunch of rebels are fighting the Empire and it’s up to a lone Jedi to save the day. That’s pretty much it. I hate how people bash all the CG in the prequels. That’s how George wanted the originals. He wanted to show people his imagination, but was limited by the technology at the time. People hate Jar Jar, but they’re ok with a bunch of teddy bears defeating the Emperor’s best troops on Endor. That’s just embarrassing. I believe people hate the prequels because they are a lot different then originals.More serious and political then fun. Don’t get me wrong the originals are awesome, but like some of you said before: There is just the Star Wars saga. A saga that spans I believe 36 years in a galaxy far, far, away.(Sorry i couldn’t resist throwing that in there) People should stop harassing George Lucas for making simple changes to HIS movies and thank him for keeping a series alive for more then 36 years. Please excuse my grammar and don’t kill me for bashing the originals a little bit. I just get tried of the criticism. True fans love all the Star Wars movies. I can’t wait to order season 2 for the Clone Wars.

    • Justin Says:

      Omar, its amazing how alike our personal Star Wars stories are. I’m 20 now but back when the 1997 OT Special Edition boxset came out my Dad let me watch the movies. I can still remember to this day watching the ESB and falling in love with the movies. From then on I was a Star Wars fan for life. When I saw the coming attractions for Episode 1 I was so excited and when I saw it I loved every minute of it (only the LOTR movies have had the same effect on me as Star Wars) and saw it again on a summer camp trip and was lost in the Star Wars universe for a second time. All of my friends loved the movie and you couldn’t go down a street on Holoween without bumping into a Jedi or Darth Maul. Every boy at school was an aspiring Jedi or scheming sith. When Episode II came out I met Jango Fett, the Clone Army and the start of my favorite conflict in the Star Wars Saga: The Clone Wars. I played SWGB, SW Lego, Battlefront, got an Xbox just for Republic Commando and fell in love with Mandalorians. I had plenty of Lightsabers and my friends and I still play with them every now and then. Episode III was by far the best of the prequels and it blew my mind as a kid. I was at awe with the constant conflict, atmosphere and conspiracy and was even choked up from Order 66. These movies, especially III played a big role in my childhood and teenage years and they’ve helped forge some lifetime friendships for me. So it was a surprise to find out well into High School how much hate the movies received. Until then I only met two or three people who hated them but even then they hated Star Wars in general, and ever since then I’ve only seen it get worse (on the internet of course). I’m glad I can connect with others outside of my circle of friends who still loves the movies and hasn’t been convinced by haters otherwise.

  14. thecomicdroid Says:

    What a lovely site! It’s hard to actually find people on the internet that like the PT, but I a truly pleased to find this site and talk about why I like the newer trilogy and the impact it not only left on Star Wars, but films in general.

    May the force be with you, always!

  15. michael Says:

    Thank you so much for creating this site…I will never understand how and why people call the prequals abominations and praising the redletterfag for absolutley nothing….

    May the force be with you!

  16. tatooinesand Says:

    Awesome site! I love the Star Wars saga, all of it, and I agree that the prequels are wonderfully done, they’re as amazing as the original trilogy.

  17. Morgan Cherney Says:

    it’s great to know a place like this exists. I was born in 82, and i’ve been a star wars fan my whole life, and i LIKE the prequels. i just bought the Complete Saga bluray set because i love the entire series.

    in regards to the bluray release, i’d like to point out that a couple days before its release, a friend and i made a video addressing a lot of the negativity the release seems to be generating from purists and prequel haters, and as this is a prequel appreciation society, i should like to link the video so that the folks here can see where i’m coming from. i’m not trying to spam, i just want to add my own little contribution.

  18. Mark 'Lightsabre' Newbold Says:

    Great site, and encouraging to kbnow that fans of ALL Star Wars have aplace to discuss/agree/disagree with anything that’s put out there.
    I’m a BIG fan of the prequels, and while I may not have them quite as close to my heart as the original three they are just as much Star Wars as anything pre-TPM.
    Looking forward to being here a lot more often, discussing the topics and being a part of the SWPAS.

  19. Melinda Says:

    I might be late to the game, but BRAVO! for creating this site! I absolutely LOVE the OT … and am so happy to find out that I am NOT in the minority when it comes to being a devotee of the PT! 🙂 And I proudly add that I am a Jar-Jar fan! 🙂
    I will be back! 🙂

  20. drush76 Says:

    Did any of you know there was an argument on The Force.Net site that there were too many lightsabers featured in the Geonosis battle arena scenes?


  21. Liz Says:

    Great site. Though I am in my 20’s, I did not watch Star Wars until I was in college. From what I’d heard from peers around me, I always assumed it was way too sci-fi and the comparisons to Flash Gordon serials didn’t help.

    I saw RotS in 2005 and that movie is what made me fall in love with the epic scope and mythology of the Star Wars universe. For me, there is no Original Trilogy or the Prequel Trilogy. When I finally saw the whole saga, I watched them interchangeably (ESB after RotS; RotJ then TPM etc..)

    Coming to these movies as an adult, I have an admittedly different perspective on the prequels. What I appreciate about the prequels – the subversion of archetypes, the moral ambiguity, the grey morality, the corruption and decay of civilization – are what attracted me to finish the saga instead of just stopping after RotS.

    • lizbeth louise Says:

      I really like what Liz said in the above comment. Like her, I think one of the strengths of the prequels is the gray morality, the ambiguity of good and bad. Very well said. : D

  22. Adam D. Bram Says:

    I’ve been really watching all the films lately, as I was excited for the release of The Old Republic. The prequel hate has always enraged me more than any other subjective disagreement mostly because, though they are flawed, said flaws are exactly the same as in the original trilogy and (for me at least) add to the charm and epicness of the overall saga.

    I must share a particularly troubling episode; I recently tried to participate in the writers room of a comedy website. I proposed an article about how certain criticisms of the prequels don’t hold water (in a “weird but true” tone), but was told by the Editor in Chief that “Too much has been said about the prequels.” Not a month goes by that several articles are published on the site containing prequel-bashing.

    I’m glad I found this site amongt the negativity, and I’ll be checking back often.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Thanks! You can always submit your ideas here!

      • Adam D. Bram Says:

        Speaking of….I have a rather lengthy…”Anecdote” is the closest, but doesn’t quite fit…and I was wondering the best place/way to share it with the rest of this community? (I have also tried to contact some of the linked blogs with the same question)

      • lazypadawan Says:

        You can e-mail it to me and I’ll have a look-see.

  23. Drutl Fdatt Says:

    I have always enjoyed all 6 movies and I always will. My kids love them all. For them they are all just Star Wars movies. We don’t care when they were made, who shot who first, how Leah can remember her mother etc. We just wish Mr. Lucas could hear his other fans who love this whole universe he created.

  24. Princess of Troy (@Andromakhe) Says:

    I am very new to the SW fandom. I only saw the movies this year and then devoured the Clone Wars cartoon and am all caught up. I just haven’t seen the previous Clone Wars microseries. I avoided the franchise valiantly for years, but then decided that much like Lord of the Rings, I had to watch it because it was so pervasive in our culture. I now understand why.

    With an adult perspective, I have to say I much prefer Episodes I-III to Iv-VI just because Anakin’s arc is so much more substantial, subtle, dark, and honest. Luke’s arc, while fun, was just…I don’t know…ordinary. I love Luke as a character and really dislike Anakin, but in terms of story, there was this wonderful dystopia thing going on that was incredibly cunning and chillingly ruthless. It carries over somewhat in A New Hope with Leia’s torture, but that’s offscreen so not the same impact as, say, the sacking of the Jedi temple. Good to find folk of like mind here.

    P.S. For me, it is a complete series, not a set of trilogies. Yes, the arcs are separate, but it is meant to be viewed as one story that details the fall of the old Jedi Order and Republic to the fall of the tyrranical Sith, thus bringing balance to the galaxy where everyone can start fresh.

  25. Carrie Says:

    I don’t like the Star Wars original trilogy but I LOVE the prequels. I can’t stand anyone who bashes them.

  26. Kenny Kraly Jr. Says:

    I have been a fan of the Star Wars Prequels since
    they came in 1999 and of the star wars saga as a hole since it all
    started in 1977 I 1st saw the films starting with Episode 4 ANH on VHS in 1990. What I can’t and will not understand is why some fans don’t like the prequel films. They are just as enjoyable as the Episodes 4-6and are fun movies to watch. Also why is the prequels always overlooked compared to the original trilogy and clone wars not only bysome but also in the marking campaing by LFL to promote the films? I like all 6 star wars films as a saga always have always will. Keep up the good work with the blog.

  27. phaeronphaussett Says:

    I like the prequels. I really do. I greatly enjoy watching any Star Wars movie. Do I think they’re as good as the original trilogy? No. Do I like them as much as the original trilogy? No. Do I think they deserve some criticism? Yes. But all the same, I love Star Wars and I enjoy the prequels, and I think that they vastly more criticism than they deserve, partially because what they do for the setting is so glorious that I think it balances out any gripes with the dialogue or the acting or whatever. I also can’t stand Lucas-bashing. He’s not perfect, but he doesn’t deserve hatred by any standard.

    I even sent a letter to George Lucas back when he announced he was leaving Lucasfilm, thanking him for everything he’s done — EVERYTHING, without exception — and wishing him well in future projects. I love Star Wars, and I think George Lucas is a pretty cool guy.

  28. Yoda2245 Says:

    In my eyes, there are no prequels or original films, only the Star Wars saga. It’s meant to be one story and it’s meant to be viewed in order to be fully understood. Taking away half the saga takes away half the message and morality George Lucas was trying to convey. It’s the story of one man’s rise, fall and rise again. It also shows how society crumbles and burns for several years, just before the good stop the burning and reconstruct the crumbled remains.

    Nowadays, if you like the prequels, the narrow minded naysayers view you as an abomination of a human who has no taste in films and should be burnt with a torch. I SAY DIFFERENT. I say that we all have different views of infinite things (films included) and we all have reasons why we like something or dislike something. ALL the Star Wars films have flaws, and you know what, ALL films in general have flaws. No one is close to being perfect and certainly no film will ever be perfect. But just because something isn’t perfect, doesn’t mean it’s good or bad. It’s all how we humans view the entire picture and interpret it for ourselves. It’s up to us to decide what we like and what we dislike, and NO ONE, not even the narrow minded naysayers, can tell us what we should like and what we shouldn’t like. They are not our controllers, WE are our own controllers. We control ourselves and make us who we are.

  29. SenatorBing Says:

    Hi all,

    About time I found others that don’t depise the Prequels. I am an older fan, episode 4 was the first movie I ever saw. I spent a lot of time when I was young dreaming of Palpatine and financial organisations manoeuvre their way into position to takeover the republic in Episodes 1-3. (all gleaned from the prologue of the Star wars novel) Then George actually went and made the movies!!!!

    My point is that when I walked into The Phantom Menace I expected the following….

    1. POLITICS!!!! Lots of politics. This was always going to be a story concerning corruption, finance, the Senate and the Machiavellian ideas of Palpatine. Not Rebels and wisecracks!!! The clue is in the title….. A distant ghostly deceptive threat!!!!

    2. JEDIS. Lots of serious, thoughtful Jedis, with Lightsabers!

    3. KIDS stuff! (the fool) Jar Jar is annoying, so are young kids. He is purely to help kids get into the movie and relate to it. Yet as you all probably know he represents the fool. Naivety embodied, he is us growing through life being silly making mistakes and being annoying. Jar Jars Naivety is used by Palpatine to instigate the Clone Army. ( a warning against blind innocence?)

    4. MONARCHY Remember Princess Leia? The story is heavy on Monarchy, she wasn’t in an adoption agency when she was young. There was a connection between The Jedi and the Monarchy, we shouldn’t be surprised to see a representation of Monarchy early in the first chapter.

    I feel that a lot of fans where expecting the prequels to be more of the same, but the reality is that George stuck to his story. The prequels were always guaranteed to have a different pace and tone and a completely different focus. The peace of the Republic was always going to struggle in comparison to the Frontier, wild west feel to Episodes 3-6. Centralised Government, Jedis monarchy etc is not as exciting but IT IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN THE STORY!!!!!!!! George Lucas didn’t rape your childhood, you just don’t get the story. The story of the collapse of the Republic and the fall of the Jedi has existed(in rough form) since around 1973!!!! I got exactly what I expected.

    Let’s not talk about whether the films work or did George fail, let’s talk about the fact that most fans seem to expect a remake of Empire, and their expectations were unrealistic and in many cases moronic. Your expectations let you down not Star Wars.

    I also feel a lot of the vitriol aimed at the Movies is representative of Nerd (not fan of that word sorry) cool. The hatred for the movies is as much about being contrary (rebellious ironically) and fitting in with the General consensus. I was at the First showing of the Phantom Menace and everyone cheered at the end. Not shocked silence as many seem to think, ecstatic cheering!!! The audience loved it!! Did they all go home and become alarmed that they don’t fit in with the so called consensual hatred of the Prequels. If you all trusted yourselves this hatred may not exist. It is cool to hate the prequels. Get over yourself be Rebellious and have your own opinion.

    Yours in forehead slapping despair


  30. The Wookiee Gunner Says:

    Hello! Just wanted to let you know that you are a recipient of the Liebster Award! I nominated you for the blogging award. Congrats! Here’s the link:


  31. Kevo Says:

    Soooo happy to find this! The constant barrage of prequal hating drives me mad. I love Star Wars…….every episode!

  32. Saun Dan Says:

    What great site? And has anyone tried to debunk the lies spewed by the awful Red Letter Media review. The guy just makes stuff up to complain about and nitpicks stuff that has no relevance.

  33. Saun Dan Says:

    The hate comes from idiots not knowing anything about history, religion, myth or even the previous films. A true sign is when someone complains about the Midichlorians… even though its not the force, and its then explained to them- they cry still. ugh
    Nerds too tend to be very self-centered and if their needs are met NOW, they become enraged like babies waiting for the tit. Sorry, just sick of the negative nimrods who don’t pay attention and are too ignorant for SW.

  34. Pelekani lwenje Says:

    i am not that eager to watch the so called new films am still enjoying and analyzing episodes 1-3

  35. Andrew Weaver Says:

    Top respects here. I grew up with the prequels, enjoyed them, rather fond of the Special Editions myself, and still enjoyed the images of Hayden as Anakin, especially in Episode 3. Must be the hair, I always seem to think mullets are neat on a character, maybe that’s why I favor the Eighth Doctor when it comes to Doctor Who…

    Glad to see such a community. TV Tropes seemed to indicate you were out there, glad to stumble upon something of it. The first three films aren’t without flaws, and I do admit that perhaps the Blu-Rays might’ve stepped on a bridge too far (haven’t seen anything besides the edit to the RotJ climax, so can’t give full judgement), I hardly feel like they’re worth bashing like a dead horse, pretending they don’t exist, or start slandering Lucas for everything he’s worth. They’re good films for a casual enjoyment of a galaxy far, far away, and I for one don’t feel it’s worth spending an hour of one’s time just to pin down each and every failing. Not saying anyone’s wrong, just that it really seems unneeded and overboard.

  36. Jonathan Simpson Says:

    What a great thing to stumble upon on the internet!

  37. Kevin Barstow Says:

    I am a STAR WARS fan… it;s all awesome to me! If it is starwars,.. I love it… I was born into the fandom thanks to my older brother and am happy to have lived 35 years as a fan 😀 the Prequels are just as important in my opinion and it makes me smile to know others love it just as much 🙂 It really urks me when original trilogy fans trash the prequels ans fans of said prequels, most of those fans think they are so elite and are so ugly to others who do not think in their narrow minded view when it comes to star wars.

  38. albertarthur Says:

    The prequels are beautiful. They masterfully tell the story of the “puppetmaster pulling the strings behind the scenes.” They are an essential part of the masterpiece that is the Complete Star Wars Saga.

  39. Jooenu Says:

    What an awesome thing to discover! I was about to give up being a SW fan because of all the Prequel-hate. Without them it’s just not Star Wars. Glad to see there are still more open-minded people out there.

  40. Ihsan Ariswanto Says:

    Thank you for this blog! I enjoy all of 6 movies. Really happy to know that I’m not alone. :-).

  41. Darthlocke4 Says:

    So happy there is site like this for us! I too battle the Internet for the greatness of the prequels in all of its grand diverse world building tragic hero story that shows us better the scope of its universe and the struggles of existence and allows its viewers to reexamine legacy…

  42. Nickolas Says:

    I love the prequels ! My Fav star wars films

  43. Thomas H Cullen Says:

    The Star Wars Prequels are good means of entertainment – movies which, intended to or not, provoke thoughts about life’s meaning.

  44. Doug Brown Says:

    I am so glad I found this site! I have grown weary of all the bashing of the prequels over the years – and of course it has only gotten worse since the release of The Force Awakens. Episodes I-III were, in my mind, brilliantly-told and intricately-woven stories that were way more intense and emotional than even the original trilogy. I realize that many fans have decided that what they wanted in a backstory to the first films was not what they actually wanted after all, but that doesn’t mean they should let their petty hurt feelings trash what George Lucas lovingly set forth. Star Wars Episodes I-III are the truest beginnings of what Star Wars is all about, and I love these movies very much. Thank you for giving voice to those of us who feel this way!

  45. Jacob CC Says:

    Thank you so much for creating this website LP. I’m really tired of constantly having to defend episodes I-III as worthy movies and as essential pieces of the Star Wars saga. It’s nice to find a community online that shares an appreciation for Lucas’s vision.

  46. outoftheloveofpi Says:

    I have to agree. I love Star Wars, (and have since the early 80’s), Not just the OT, not just the Prequels, not just TFA, but Star Wars, all total. I think each film has contributed much to this rich fantasy world, from all the new places, the new characters, new plot lines, politics and subversion, as well as the narrow, dogmatic view of the Jedi!!! People who dog the Prequels miss out on some great films, imo. Great blog site!

  47. The Burning Blogger Of Bedlam Says:

    I cannot believe I’ve only just discovered this site! But I’m so glad I’ve come across it.
    I’ve been a SW die-hard since the age of about six when I saw ROTJ. I’m also a big fan of the prequels, especially ROTS, and have banged my head against the wall for years at all the anti-Lucas and anti-prequel haters. So it’s always great to come upon a place like this and I both thank and salute you!
    I also would like to share a couple of prequel-related pieces I’ve written too. Although my site is mostly serious politics and stuff, I nevertheless write a lot of SW stuff too. Here are two of them;

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a lot of your posts to read through 🙂

  48. Carlandrea Says:

    i’m so glad this site exists!! I’m not alone : )

  49. Ryan Lawyer Says:

    Finally, I feel less alone.
    I have been a devoted SW fan since 1980. I do not blindly love everything SW. I genuinely love the prequels and Clone Wars. I think that people forget that so many things that they love about SW come from the movies they say they hate (Old Jedi Order, prior Sith apprentices, Clone Wars, larger galaxy, what it was like before the empire, etc). My only complaints about the prequels is that Anakin should have been older in ep 1 and more full on Vader at the end (maybe no midichlorians, hijinks in the droid factory or killing children). I can approve of the idea of tweaking the prequels but don’t throw them away entirely, there is so much great stuff in them (the anti-cheese edits on Youtube are a good compromise). The story of Anakin is very captivating. Hayden Christensen doesn’t deserve the crap people say about his performance, I loved it.
    Btw, I don’t think everyone hates the prequels as much as they think they do. People hated on Empire when it came also, look up the reviews.
    Thank you for creating this space for fans! I love Star Wars!
    And remember, hate leads to suffering 🙂

    • lazypadawan Says:

      That’s great, but why the nitpicking? When was the last time you saw someone take the same approach to the OT?

  50. Mario Piper Says:

    I agree! Hayden did a fantastic job, especially in Revenge!

  51. Mark Says:

    I grew up with the originals but always loved the prequels. I must confess that I let myself get caught up in the negativity of my generational colleagues in the run-up to and aftermath of TFA. It was not until I watched TPM again that I realized that something was missing in TFA. Your site helped me put a finger on that something and, more importantly, helped me realize that I was not crazy for loving the prequels as a Gen-Xer. Thank you for all that you do.

  52. Manuel C Says:

    Glad to see this site as the VERY loud minority and the lazy media have successfully lead the charge to destroy the legacy of these movies. 90% of people I have asked have a favorable view of the prequels (they might like episode 4-6 more, but still liked these). There are some issues with the prequels such as using CGI for the clones which I think was a mistake and a few other blemishes but at end of the day the movies were above all enjoyable and worthy of carrying the Star Wars name.

  53. Hallie Says:

    I honestly hate when people hate on the prequels. I loved them. if anyone is going to talk to me about how they were bad actors or the writing was bad, directing, fine. They weren’t bad movies. They had a huge meaning and I love the classic trilogy but the prequels were just as good. Everyone is telling me that the prequels are bad, lmao. No. I saw them, and they were freaking great. I love the romance, I love the politics, I love the battles in those movies and you know what? I like the casting, thanks.

  54. Tree🌴🌴 Pool Says:

    I am glad to see people loving the prequels! George Lucas could’ve just remade the ot with the prequels but he didn’t instead he chose to take risks that’s one of the reasons I love the pt. Episode 3 to me was a masterpiece it’s my favorite Star Wars movie ever. I remember in both ep 2 and 3 the cheering in the theaters and thought everyone loved them the bashing on the movies came latter. I think a lot of people did initially like the films but changed their opinion when they started getting bashed and followed the crowd because I was there for the initial reaction and it was always good. Lucas is a exciting director who always takes risks and brings us something new for instance the podrace in ep 1, the huge Jedi battle in ep 2 and the Wookiee fight in ep 3. He earned the right to tell the story he wanted to tell in his own way. I love the prequels the story of how a good person goes bad without realizing it.

  55. JLo Says:

    Thanks for putting so much effort into this prequel-lovers website! Such a joy to be able to come somewhere for a prequel fix that you know is going to be positive 🙂

  56. Joe Says:

    You forgot to post parts 26 and 27 of star words

    • Joe Says:

      Sorry for that but it’s great that this site exists I do miss Reading the comments though but what you’re going to do may the force be with you

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