Happy 10th Anniversary To The Clone Wars


Hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since TCW landed in our lives.  This site has always  been very supportive of the show and has tracked its progress ever since it came into existence.  I’ll never forget meeting Dave Filoni and Henry Gilroy at SDCC 2008 and how excited they were that this project they’d been working on for years was finally going to be revealed.

Here’s my review of The Clone Wars film release.  Let it not be said I didn’t see the show’s genius from the get-go!

10 years later at SDCC I was there to hear and witness the impossible:  The Clone Wars returning in 2019.  I can’t tell you how freakin’ happy I was at that incredible moment!  So happy birthday, Clone Wars and the great things you brought to the Star Wars galaxy…and dare I say, here’s to many more!



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