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More Clone Wars Season Three Stuff

August 31, 2010 posts today that iTunes and PlayStation Network will have Season Three episodes available in both standard and HD formats the day after they air. Canadians will be able to get the downloads since Teletoon is running the show concurrently with Cartoon Network, but fans elsewhere will have to be a little bit more “creative” to get their fresh episodes. There’s a preview video of Season Three available for free download on iTunes. also has a new video called “Truly Cinematic” featuring cast interviews and bits of new and old footage from the show.

New Clone Wars Happy Meals Promo

August 29, 2010

Get ready for another round of burgers and Chicken McNuggets! McDonalds will launch another Clone Wars Happy Meal promo soonish, likely to coincide with the show’s season premiere in 18 days. At Celebration, we got little Clone Wars character skateboards from McDonalds in our gift bags, so I’m guessing those are what we are getting this time.

(lazypadawan’s health tip for surviving these promos…order Apple Dippers instead of fries, buy a side salad with fat free vinagrette. Or check to see if you can just buy the toys without the food.)

So Is Quinlan Vos Gonna Be In Clone Wars?

August 29, 2010

Has another expanded universe character made the leap to throwaway line in ROTS to an appearance on Clone Wars? Well, I don’t know if they would have made an action figure otherwise! That’s the second Jan Duursema character to go from Dark Horse to canon, though it will be interesting to see if they keep his background story or not.

Clone Wars Season Two: In Memoriam

August 29, 2010

There’s a new video to commemorate those unfortunate characters who lost their lives during Clone Wars Season Two:

Admit it, you probably cheered the loudest for the Zillo Beast.

Weekend Stuff

August 28, 2010

Looking to redecorate this weekend? Fathead, which makes large images you adhere to your walls, has a new line of Clone Wars characters. Perfect for your kids’ room or play area! Or wherever you feel like putting them…we won’t tell.

And everyone’s favorite hippie Jedi is on’s soundboards!

Prequels Panel Partial Transcript

August 27, 2010

Well, looky here! has for your perusal a partial transcript of Celebration V’s Why We Love The Prequels panel. There are also some pictures. Check out the completely-packed room…look for someone in a red t-shirt in the second row, way over on your left. That would be me!

Does The Problem Start At The Top?: A Commentary

August 25, 2010

It’s not often that I’m critical about Papa George, but when he said the following during Celebration V’s Main Event that people over 40 don’t like the prequels, younger fans don’t like the first SW films, etc. my fondest wish now is to tell him, “Please for the love of GOD, STOP SAYING THAT!”

It may be true that most of those who strongly prefer the first set of movies are older fans who grew up with them and there may be a few fans of the prequels who don’t care for their predecessors. Still, it isn’t fair at all to generalize since I am one of those “older fans” who loves the prequels and I’ve yet to personally encounter any post-PT era fan who flat out despises Eps IV-VI. I don’t know if this is the conclusion Lucas drew on his own or if this is what he’s hearing from his lieutenants but it clearly affects “policy” and where we are right now.

At the Why We Love The Prequels panel at the same convention, Kyle Newman said that it was a mistake to treat the saga as two separate trilogies instead of as one saga because it divides fandom and pits fans against each other. He hit the nail right on the head. That’s EXACTLY what has been happening; Lucasfilm perceives Star Wars as two separate trilogies with two competing sets of fans with a side dish of 8-year-old Clone Wars fans. The “OT Fans” have to “win” every time because they’re more vocal and since they’re generally older, they have more disposable income. This is why they pander to the things they know are the “OT only” crowd’s beefs and the rest of us are expected to sit there and take it. This is why they know they can get away with a skit that makes fun of Hayden Christensen’s acting abilities. It’s one thing to laugh all of the way to the bank when you sell these guys Han Shot First shirts and put out a DVD set with the pre-Special Edition versions of the films. It’s another thing to sanction and encourage animosity toward the prequels or the people who worked on them just to make the haters happy for 10 seconds. I don’t like the cheering contests clearly set up to favor the first set of movies, just to show “Them” who still rules the roost.

It’s just dumb. Sure, they can giggle at exploiting the division and collecting from us both but now that I’m 41, I’m sick of being played for a fool. If there are fans who prefer the older movies, they can participate in or buy whatever suits them. Lucasfilm should have no need or desire to exploit any hatred toward the prequels just to keep these guys as happy customers and the actors shouldn’t be acceptable human sacrifices to those ends. In any case, I’m not sure why you’d want to keep these guys as fans if they need that kind of stroking.

And if Lucasfilm is playing down the prequels because they’re “controversial” or its fans aren’t as “passionate” so they’re not valued as much, well, shame on Lucasfilm. They not only wasted the time of everybody who worked on those films, they wasted our time too.

Blood Ties #1 Out Today

August 25, 2010

“Blood Ties” is a new Dark Horse title that will focus on the familial relationships in Star Wars, and the first one covered is that of Jango Fett and his clone/”son,” Boba Fett.

I picked up the issue today and it’s the best Star Wars comic I’ve read in a long time. It features very good writing and beautiful artwork. This part of the story features Jango and young Boba right before the events of AOTC; Jango is already working for Count Dooku. Swing by your comics shop and pick it up!

Clone Wars Weekend At Zeum

August 24, 2010

Zeum, a children’s museum in San Francisco, will host a Clone Wars weekend Sept. 11-12, 2010. Filled with interactive goodness, fans of “all ages” can learn lightsaber skills, make their own Clone Wars episode, view exhibits, and take pictures with characters and special guests. What a coincidence that the event is less than a week before the season premiere!

For more info, read’s presser.

Final Bits On Celebration V

August 22, 2010

Steve Sansweet posted on his Facebook page that attendance at Celebration V was 28,000…less than IV, a little bit more than II. Read my thoughts on that here.

Finally what made Celebration V great and memorable, besides seeing your old friends again? What could be improved for Celebration VI, whenever it happens? See my thoughts here.