Upcoming Qui-Gon Black Series 6″ Figure

July 23, 2016

The prequel news/goodies at SDCC are pretty light this year to say the least but Hasbro revealed on Friday a whole bunch of its upcoming Star Wars releases, including a Black Series 6″ Qui-Gon.  I saw it on display and it looks pretty good.  I didn’t see when it was due out (and I didn’t go to the Hasbro panel) but it’s something to look forward to seeing on the pegs.

By the way I saw Sideshow’s Jango Fett premium figure and it looks awesome.  But since the Boba Fett version was north of $400, I expect Jango to retail for about the same.

Rumors of 3D Blu-Rays

July 22, 2016

The Digital Bits posted scuttlebutt that Lucasfilm is planning to release later on this year 3D Blu-Rays of the prequel trilogy and TFA:

By the way, file this in the Rumor Mill category, but we’re now hearing a new Star Wars-related Blu-ray rumor from some of our retail and industry sources, and this one makes a bit more sense. Disney and Lucasfilm MAY be planning a Blu-ray 3D box set that would include The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith, plus The Force Awakens, all in 3D.

I kind of feel like if this is going to happen, they would’ve announced it at SWCE or SDCC. Or maybe not. Plus there is the fact that Fox still owns distribution rights for the prequels, so who knows?

Dave Filoni on Midichlorians

July 19, 2016

Comic Book.com spoke to Dave Filoni at SWCE and the subject of midichlorians came up (which CB.com refers to as a “dirty word” among Star Wars fans…eyeroll):

For a long time I’ve used someone like Bruce Lee as an example. He has, if you like, a lot of talent for martial arts – or a very high midi-chlorian count. If I train in martial arts, can I learn martial arts? Yes, I can improve my midi-chlorian count in that discipline. Will I be as good as Bruce Lee? No, that’s not my talent. We were always able to find real-world equivalencies to Star Wars to make comparisons that make it feel like it’s a real thing.

Whatever Filoni learned on that issue came from Lucas himself. Thank goodness this guy is still on board. Read the rest here.

ILM Archaeology Panel Video

July 17, 2016

Here’s the ILM Archeology panel from SWCE:

Mos Espa Today

July 15, 2016

Someone on my Twitter feed had posted a photo of how the “slave quarters” filmed in Tunisia for TPM look today:



SWCE Open Thread

July 15, 2016

Ahsoka-rama, new Rogue One trailer, and other shenanigans drop all weekend at SWCE!  Are you at the con?  Are you watching stream video when you really should be working?  Are you following along on social media?  Do you even care?  Chat about it here (but read the Rules of the House).

Update 7/15:  It was all about Ahsoka and Rogue One today.  For some reason Lucasfilm showed a short new trailer only to the audience at SWCE that apparently has Vader in it; there’s no SDCC panel and there’s no D23 this year (tickets just went on sale for 2017).  So I have no idea what they are saving it for.  But a sizzle reel was shown to the audience and online and folks claim to have spotted Bail Organa in the background.  As for Ahsoka, there’s lots of news about her!  Aside from the exclusive Funko Pop figure for Hot Topic coming this fall (her “Rebels” incarnation), the cover art for the upcoming YA novel was revealed as well as some digital cards for the Topps Star Wars Trading Card app.  The Ahsoka Untold Tales panel is posted in its entirety here.  Some of it is stuff I’d heard before from last year’s Clone Wars panel at Celebration Anaheim but a lot is new, including lots of new sketch art and Dave Filoni’s plans for her fate on the show.  Watch and pull your hair out that such a cool ending never got to be used!  And could we see her return on “Rebels?”

Meanwhile TPM concept artist Doug Chiang and visual effects supervisor John Knoll along with Kevin Jenkins appeared at the ILM Archaeology Panel that live streamed (I didn’t watch, I actually had to work, heh heh).  Apparently Chiang spent a lot of time talking about how many miniatures were used in TPM😉.  And Chiang managed to bump into fellow TPM alum Ray Park:


And here’s Dave Filoni and Sam Witwer (Maul’s other alter ego) with a cosplayer:


Update 7/16:  It was mostly about Thrawn today but not much news prequels-wise.  Maul will be back on “Rebels” and there’s going to be a TPM read-along book for kids coming out in January.

Update 7/17:   Aaand, show’s over.



Retrozap’s “The Prequel Villains Examined”

July 14, 2016

Michael O’Connor’s “Power to the Prequels” series looks next at its villains:

Outside of those two characters, it’s possible Lucas feels uncomfortable with how villainy is glorified in most franchise films, including his earlier efforts. Consider the original films and how the majority of fan costuming groups adopted the Empire’s fashion. Those films made dressing up like space Nazis the cool thing to do, and it makes perfect sense when you compare the glamour and polish of the Empire with the raggedy hippies of the Rebellion. The Imperials dress better, design starships that are simultaneously sleeker and more intimidating, and construct massive and awe-inspiring bases. Of course, they’re also unrepentantly evil.

But in the prequels, you’ll notice that Lucas sheds some unflattering shade on prequel villains. With the exception of Maul, the prequel villains are a far more sordid, repulsive lot than their OT progenitors. The prequel good guys have all the coolest starships and costumes. Compare the Trade Federation fighters with the Naboo starfighter for instance. Or the Separatist tanks with the Republic gunship prominently featured in Attack of the Clones. And who wants to look like the coughing, gangly General Grievous or the frog faced Nute Gunray when you could be the dashing Obi-Wan, the fashionable Queen Amdiala, the stoic Mace Windu, or the idiosyncratic gnome Yoda?

Some Prequel-y Stuff At SWCE

July 14, 2016

Thanks to Lady Jedi Scientist for finding these photos among the many posted by Jedi Temple Archives:



Not a lot of prequel stuff in the SWCE official store (big surprise) but there is this cool Fett family crest tee for those of you lucky to be there now!

Man Recounts The Time Hayden Creamed Him At Basketball

July 14, 2016

This apparently happened years ago but someone waited until now to share the tale with Nerdist, a tale of pickup basketball and Hayden Christensen going into Anakin mode when teased about his playing skills:

The game was tied at 19, and Hayden had the ball. I was on him, tight, and was looking to avoid a screen by the kid from Dawson’s Creek. I watched Hayden dribble left, before crossing over to his right, causing me to lose my footing and collide with the leg of my own teammate.

I was left wallowing on the ground like a B-1 Battledroid following the Battle of Geonosis. As I looked up and watched him put in the game winner, I knew that for the rest of my life, I would be known as the guy who got crossed over by Anakin Skywalker.

Also, peruse Anakin’s high kill count vs. Darth Vader’s in the saga.  You’ll be surprised.

starwars.com’s Boonta Eve Punch

July 13, 2016

Jenn Funikawa at starwars.com posted a recipe for a concoction called Boonta Eve Punch, the way I’m sure every denizen of Mos Espa celebrated the podraces, only without alcohol (though I’m sure you could add it if you really wanted to).  All you need are some kiwi, mint, lemon juice, sugar, and lime sparkling water!


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