Look Ma, Another Pro-Prequel Buzzfeed Article!

November 19, 2017

Read it quick before Buzzfeed changes the title or throws it in the memory hole altogether!

(H/T Naboo News.)

Update:  The title was changed the next day to “If You Hated The Star Wars Prequels, You Probably Weren’t Paying Attention.”  Mike Klimo contacted the piece’s author (I did too but didn’t get a response) and he says it sounds like it was changed because the new headline tested better and got more clicks, shares, and engagements.  (Keep this in mind the next time anyone tries to convince you Buzzfeed is anything remotely close to a real news site.  It’s all about clickbait.)


AOTC Star Words Part 8

November 16, 2017

This time it’s Obi-Wan dropping by for some jaws juice:

Knowledge, like the encyclopedic wealth of information contained in the Jedi archives, is important and valuable. But it can only get you so far. And if you think you know everything, that knowledge is little more than a stumbling block. Too often the Jedi can’t look beyond their hard-set assumptions. They can’t believe a former Jedi could murder. They can’t believe anything exists if it’s not in their archives. And they can’t imagine that a Sith Lord is right under their noses. Obi-Wan is at least somewhat willing to look beyond typical Jedi assumptions. He and Yoda might be a teensy bit wiser than the rest. That may be why they are the only ones to survive the purge. But maybe they were just lucky.

OTOH, These Guys Liked The Prequels

November 16, 2017

I don’t know how Naboo News does it but they found these items that will cheer you up.

First, Mark Hamill on the prequels and Jake Lloyd and secondly, France’s prime minister on his love for Star Wars, including TPM.


Alleged Comedian Calls Prequel Fans Worse Than Pedophiles, Racists, Etc..: Fandom Snores (Commentary)

November 16, 2017

Normally I avoid “guess who trashed the prequels today” kind of posts unless they’re about people working on Star Wars in an official capacity. But this is so horrible I couldn’t let it pass and it gives me a golden opportunity to unload on other things.

Patton Oswalt has long been a prequel basher and once infamously said that he wished he could go back in time and beat George Lucas to death with a shovel so those films wouldn’t be made. Today though he stooped to a low that not even Simon Pegg or Wil Wheaton could reach if they were crawling on Hell’s linoleum floor. Apparently trying to be topical and funny, he tweeted re Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore: “Homophobia, pedophilia and NOW white supremacy? If he admits to liking the STAR WARS prequels I’m pulling my support.”

That’s right guys, he’s saying you’re worse than a pedophile, a racist, or a gay basher for liking movies he doesn’t and apparently over 3000 of his followers agree. No word on whether this applies to the new Mrs. Oswalt who voiced Barriss Offee in the Clone Wars. So what does the fandom have to say about this slander of a significant part of it, or trivializing serious issues with a bad joke? Or Lucasfilm?

*Chirping crickets.*

Aside from Naboo News and a few other fans, it’s been a big collective “meh.” I’m not saying everyone needs to send Oswalt death threats or get him tossed off Twitter but no one seems to care either. Just like they didn’t seem to care about author Saladin Ahmed had posted some vulgarisms about Lucas on Twitter and called him a racist (Ahmed has a story in the upcoming Canto Bright anthology) and when questioned about it, the chief of books at Lucasfilm literally played dumb. Sure some fans were livid but too many were like, “Oh well, it’s just one guy I gotta buys the bookz.” A few people grumbled about Wil Wheaton being included in the Certain Point of View anthology but for the most part fans either had nothing to say or bought the book anyway (I’m aware there’s a story in it with Qui-Gon but I’m sorry, that’s not good enough). Lucasfilm has also hired people like Gary Whitta who had some nasty things to say about Lucas online and Chuck Wendig who has to be about the worst ambassador for any brand ever.

I get that fans are wary of saying the wrong thing on social media. It’s an uphill battle to mess with anyone who’s famous because they have thousands of fans who will swarm on you. In addition, Twitter is quick to suspend or ban those who irritate or upset celebrities.

There are also a lot of people who don’t want to say anything because they want to be “positive.”  They think that criticizing something makes them somehow disloyal.

That said, I’ve observed there are exactly two things nowadays that DO get fans outraged, at least on social media:

1. EA nickel and diming gamers in its Battlefront II game, complete with setting a record for the most downvoted post ever on Reddit.

2. Any fan who says or posts something that offends certain fans’ political or cultural/social views.

But fans have no time to care a whit about Lucas’s legacy, which is why Lucasfilm keeps hiring guys like Oswalt to write for them or appear in their movies or t.v. shows. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if it happened! And they have no reason not to because it’s clear to them you will keep giving them your money and time regardless.

In the meantime, I can’t be bothered to get off the couch about anything else regarding fandom or Star Wars anymore. If you don’t care, why should I?

Some Padmé News

November 13, 2017

A Padmé Funko Pop figure is coming next month. Below is a screenshot from a GameStop pre-order:


And Jedi Bibliothek found an Amazon (Germany) listing for a YA Padmé Amidala novel with the publishing date of Apr. 24, 2018. No author is mentioned and there’s zip about the plot.

New Clone Wars Conversation

November 10, 2017

This time James Arnold Taylor interviews Angelique Perrin, who played Adi Gallia on The Clone Wars:



The Real Origin Of Anakin’s Name?

November 9, 2017

For years there have been theories on where George Lucas got the idea for Anakin’s name.  The most common one I’ve heard was that it was from the late director Ken Annakin.  But Jett Lucas apparently revealed the origins of Anakin’s name was from Greek mythology.  From Naboo News: (originally from Star Wars.com)

Jett recently told me a very interesting character tidbit about Anakin, and the origin of his name: Anakin is based off the Greek goddess of inevitability, Ananke. This made me stop in my tracks. That was what I was always feeling. The slow, burning throttle of inevitability.

The above link also has a neat quote from Wikipedia about Ananke. Very interesting! You learn something new every day.

Star Words AOTC Part 6 & 7

November 9, 2017

Matril focuses on advice Padmé gives to Anakin:

There is so much that she could be saying with these wistful words. Considering how early Padmé herself entered the world of politics, she might be mourning the loss of an ordinary childhood and youth. She could as well say, “I speak from experience. Enjoy it while you can; it’ll be gone all too soon.”

And their friendship began when Anakin was still a boy. She remembers that boy very fondly, and would not want him to be entirely swallowed up by adult cares and concerns. She values the innocence, the kind-heartedness and eagerness, that are associated with youth. Adults tend to be cynical and self-serving. She’s certainly seen enough of that in the political arena. She wouldn’t wish for Anakin to enter that world in a hurry.

But then, also, she couldn’t possibly have failed to notice that Anakin is not a little boy any longer. At the very least he has grown up in the literal sense, as she acknowledged at their initial reunion. Moments earlier, she acknowledged his emotional maturation as well. So why would she have any reason to deny that, to plead with him not to grow up too fast? Very likely, an unconscious need to suppress the subtle glimmerings of romantic interest that he is sparking. A romance is not in her plans; certainly not with a Jedi, not with the little boy she knew on Tatooine. But as Anakin rises to full height and gazes down at her, it’s hard to deny the sparks.

Update: I forgot about Part 6, posted 11/2:

What kind of mindset must a person have to call the murder of another person “just a job”? It’s not the same kind of villainy as Nute Gunray, who demanded the assassination to satisfy his lust for vengeance; nor Dooku, who arranges the job in a bid to gain more power. It’s very pragmatic. She does the work; she gets the money. All it takes is the casual taking of someone else’s life.

Video Featuring Every Naboo Monarch

November 9, 2017

Star Wars Explained goes over every Naboo monarch from films, t.v., games, comics, and books:

Ahmed Best On A Whole Host Of Things

November 8, 2017

Ahmed Best had plenty to say on a long interview with YouTuber Jamie Stangroom.


I wouldn’t change anything [about The Phantom Menace]. There is nothing to change it to. There really hasn’t been anything like it, and the choices that were made were choices that stand, you know, the test of time. Like I said, love it or hate it, you believed it, it existed. So I really wouldn’t change anything and it was such a wonderful experience, you know.

On Disney’s flicks:

The hard part about being in a Star Wars movie done by George Lucas is he really does things that he believes. He has an incredible conviction behind every decision that he makes. That’s not the way Disney does movies. Disney does movies in a way that has to please stockholders, and that has to please a wide swath of people, a huge general audience. So you’re only going to get things that are as risky as that number of people. George only cared about pleasing himself, and when you have that, you have a person who has a point of view that regardless of what you think, they are going to take the risk to do it.

On killing off Jar Jar (!!!):

I always complained to George, like when I realized that Sith was not gonna have Jar Jar in it pretty much and they were moving very very far away from me… I always complained to George that I didn’t get a good death. I wanted to really be just hacked to pieces in some kind of way, and George wouldn’t do it.

On Lucasfilm not doing enough to promote Jar Jar’s place in movie tech history:

Episode I dropped in 1999, the last year of the 20th century, and here was this pioneering process that pretty much took over the 21st century. To slight everyone involved or to not be aware of the history of that… and I have to say Lucasfilm is partially to blame here as well, because I don’t think they focused too much on the process of making the character, and I think that is what should have been the star, when we were talking about Jar Jar. Everyone was just playing catch-up from the backlash and although I understand that, I think the converse argument to it is filmmaking has changed and we changed it, and the reason why you hated the character was because the process was succesful.

There’s LOTS more. Plus, what’s this about a book?

(Transcription originated on Naboo News.)