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New Tees From George Shot First

February 25, 2017

New tees from George Shot First’s Power To The Prequels line recall “V For Vendetta” and Banksy:



Perfect for heck-raising at SWCO! Order for mens and ladies here.

Galactic Royalty Collection

February 24, 2017

Elhoffer Design finally has for pre-order its Galactic Royalty collection, mostly pieces inspired by Padmé’s amazing wardrobe (and one piece based off of Leia’s Bespin gown from TESB).  Pick from the Galactic Eclipse Oversize Sweater ($68), Galactic Picnic Cardi ($55 + $25 if you want roses sewn onto the sweater), and the Galactic Twilight Dolman ($60).  First 50 orders will be delivered in time for SWCO; otherwise they will ship later in April.  These are pre-order prices and will go up after a few more weeks.

For the record, I ordered all three and I may get the Leia one too.

Regal Gown A-Line Dress

February 17, 2017

Independent fan fashion is showing more love for the prequels.  LadyJediScientist found this dress on Redbubble:


Yours for $65.00 but Redbubble has frequent discount promotions.  You can also get leggings with the same design from the same shop.

Hint, hint licensees and retailers:  fans will fill in the missing gaps.

Upcoming Stuff From Her Universe

January 26, 2017

The site relaunched two days ago (and if you sign up for their new mailing list, you get a 25% off coupon) and to commemorate the occasion, Ashley Eckstein did a live chat on Facebook.  The video is available on the Her Universe Facebook page (with plans to eventually put it up on YouTube).  It’s an hour long and lots of topics are discussed but to narrow it down–thanks to a summary from The Kessel Runway–here’s what is relevant to prequel fans:

*There’s a Naboo-themed cardigan and skirt coming out this summer.  Woo hoo!

*More Ahsoka stuff is on the way.  A sweatshirt for adults (plus and regular) and a long-sleeved tee for kids are available now.  A new tee will debut for Celebration.  They’d really like to do an entire Ahsoka collection.

This wasn’t mentioned in the video but the Naboo hoodie is due out in March; Midtown Comics’ web site had a placeholder for it.

New Stuff From UNIQLO

December 9, 2016

UNIQLO has made some cool and unique Star Wars t-shirts over the past couple of years.  It’s launching a whole lot more stuff to coincide with “Rogue One,” as evidenced by an event in London.  All  of the following photos are from Jedi News, which got to attend the party.  As you might imagine, most of the tees, jackets, patches, and pins are either from RO or the OT.  But a few new prequel tees managed to get included.





UNIQLO already has a ROTS tee available for $14.90!

Got $$$? Acme & Etsy Have Some Ways To Spend It

December 7, 2016

At last Acme Archives Direct has some prequel planet travel posters by Steve Thomas!  Choose from Boonta Eve Classic or Coruscant Nightlife.  They’re $89 apiece unframed, $289 with frame.

Natela Datura Design’s shop on Etsy has a handknit Captain Rex sweater that can keep you warm this winter, starting at $250.

Is A Naboo Collection Coming From Her Universe?

October 28, 2016


Late today came the bombshell that Hot Topic has purchased Her Universe.  Ashley Eckstein is still staying with the company and there are plans to expand into offering men’s items (including Ahsoka wear), more plus sizes, and products available to the European market.  Eckstein did a half hour or so chat on Facebook where she answered questions live.

The really interesting part (to most of us anyway) comes about in the last 6 minutes of the chat.  Here Eckstein mentions the design team creating a beautiful Naboo dress and then mentions there are designs for an entire collection.  She says she’d like to get some of those designs made, possibly for next spring or summer.  You can watch the whole thing here.  Let’s hope these do make it to market and they’re not just made for teenagers.  In the nearer future, there’s supposed to be an Ahsoka design for the holidays.


Disney’s AOTC Tsum Tsums & New Tees Out Today

October 18, 2016

As with the TPM Tsum Tsum set unloaded last spring, the Disney Store has introduced three new limited edition t-shirts to go with today’s release of its AOTC Tsum Tsum plushies:







The Anidala one (which is the first licensed Anakin/Padme t-shirt I’ve ever seen) is only for the ladies.

Each shirt is $30 but now through Sunday, you can buy two for $44.95. These are online exclusives! The Tsum Tsums are $5.95 apiece.

New T-Shirt Alert

September 3, 2016

BeepBoopBeep Clothing has a new Haunted Mansion-inspired tee for the Halloween season…also available in men’s sizes.  This weekend, use the code LABOR15 for 15% off.

Meanwhile George Shot First has a new shirt to commemorate the release of “Unlearn The Prequels:  A Fan’s Journey:”


Available in men’s and women’s sizes, both in “protest purple.”  If you rent, buy, or see the film in Austin, present your proof and get 10% off on any shirt at George Shot First.  These are going to be “limited edition.”


More Cool Stuff Found Online

July 28, 2016

Thank goodness for people like you to find this all for me to post about!  Dan on the SWPAS Facebook posted links to some men’s/unisex sublimated t-shirts featuring Drew Struzan’s poster art from each film:  TPMAOTC, and ROTS.  Apparently the shirts run small.

Think Geek has on sale a Frames Boxed Set based on the Star Wars Frames books.  It comes with 102 postcards from all six of Lucas’s movies along with a frame to display them.  It’s on sale for $16.99.

Some independent artists are selling some cool wall art too, like this AOTC poster or this Padmé print.

You craftsy types might be interested in this perler bead Padmé or this embroidery template to make your Queen Amidala cosplay.