Clone Wars Buzz Closer To A Loud Roar

July 23, 2018

The Clone Wars trailer has now scored over 5 million views on the official Star Wars You Tube channel alone!

And The Clone Wars was the most tweeted about t.v. show during SDCC, surpassing the likes of The Walking Dead and Doctor Who!


WOW! Clone Wars Trailer Scores 3.7 Million Views In Just Over 24 Hours

July 21, 2018

And that’s just on the official Star Wars (You Tube) Channel.  That doesn’t count other channels posting the same trailer; there’s one I saw with 425K views.

BTW, here’s a video of the SDCC panel room’s reaction to the trailer:

Prequel Publishing News

July 20, 2018

Star Wars publishing had its panels today at SDCC (I was working my volunteer shift in another room but at least I got to see some hunky actors and Neil Gaiman for my trouble) where they dropped two new books and a comics series from Marvel.

First up is Claudia Gray’s Master And Apprentice, starring Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi.  It’s scheduled for February 2019.  Dare we hope for an appearance by Duchess Satine?  Hmm?  Hmm?

Also announced was Queen’s Shadow by E.K. Johnston, which is about how Queen Amidala became Senator Amidala. I’m pretty sure this was the book rumored about recently.  It’s scheduled for March 2019.  Pre-orders for both books should be up by Monday.

Marvel announced a new series Age of the Republic by Jody Houser, which will feature eight comics over four months, each starring a hero and a villain.  The characters featured are Qui-Gon and Darth Maul, Obi-Wan and Jango Fett, Anakin and Count Dooku, and Padmé and General Grievous.

Clone Wars Fashions (Some Of It) Now Available

July 19, 2018

If you’re attending SDCC, the entire line is available at the Her Universe booth within the Lucasfilm pavilion.  I bought the Padme jacket for $107.

Some of the line is currently available online at  Eventually, the entire line will be available for purchase.

About That Little Panel

July 19, 2018

The problem with working Comic Con is that right after the panel, I had to go do my volunteer shift and I didn’t get home until just a little over an hour ago (I don’t stay at or near the convention center).  You might have been following my ramshackle commentary and photos during the panel via Twitter.  It wasn’t easy to do on a phone, in the dark, while balancing my backpack and lunch on my lap.

Anyway, I got there fairly early, just around 10 a.m..  I was able to just walk right into the room and had to sit through a panel about a Blade Runner mobile game that thankfully ended on time.  By 11:45, the entire room but for a few empty spots here and there was filled up.

Amy Geek of Nerdist fame moderated and we got four panelists:  Dave Filoni, Athena Portillo, Ashley Eckstein, Matt Lanter, and composer Kevin Kiner.  First they showed the original trailer first shown to fans at Celebration IV in 2007 (I was there!) and they showed on the monitor photos from behind the scenes and sketches from both aired and unaired episodes as they talked about the process of working on the show.  There were fond reminisces of the late Ian Abercrombie, who played Palpatine for most of the show’s original run.  Filoni had a lot of fun teasing Portillo, while Eckstein heavily praised Filoni’s skills as a director.  He humbly said that everything he knows about directing he learned from George Lucas.

A couple of interesting asides.  Filoni described the conflict in Star Wars as being between selflessness and selfishness and he said that when they were casting Anakin, he watched to see how Eckstein and Cat Taber reacted to Matt Lanter because it was important that Anakin was likable, which underscores the tragedy of his turn to the Dark Side.

Now let’s get to the end.  Filoni said that since it was the 10th anniversary, they wanted to do something special.  The room went dark and honestly, I thought it would be more unseen clips of incomplete stuff like at Celebration three years ago.  We see the Lucasfilm logo and there are all of the clone trooper helmets and Rex talking.  “What is this?”  I thought.  “Rex’s own show?”  Then we see totally new footage and my mouth started to drop.  There’s Anakin and Obi-Wan and, whoa, Ahsoka!  Right then I knew they were bringing the show back.   The crowd went NUTS.  If I could run up there and hug Filoni, I would’ve!

I’m still stunned.  They did a great job keeping this secret and its a testament to Filoni’s awesome powers and Disney’s buckets o’ money that they are going to be doing TWO animated shows.  He credited the fans with reviving the show; I think that the show’s performance on Netflix four years after its end showed Disney that it’s still a golden goose and this time, it’ll completely own the show.  It’s going to be a 12-episode series due out Fall 2019 on Disney’s upcoming streaming service.

More news on the way!


Padmé To Appear In “Thrawn”

July 11, 2018

Not only is Anakin going to play a big role in Timothy Zahn’s upcoming “Thrawn:  Alliances,” so is Padmé.  Check out the awesome artwork that will appear on the exclusive edition from Barnes & Noble!

Clone Wars Clothing Collection Teased

July 11, 2018

Cool Stuff For Prequel Fans

July 5, 2018

Anakin And His Angel posted a bunch of cool stuff for prequel fans (especially Anidala fans).  They include stamp sets, pins, stickers, and t-shirts…like this brand new shirt from BoxLunch!

Podmé Episode 5

July 5, 2018

Podmé, the only podcast entirely devoted to Padmé Amidala, has just posted its fifth episode and it’s entirely devoted to discussion of what we all love about her, her fashion!

Fandom Can’t Be Fixed If It Has No Shame: A Commentary

July 4, 2018

I hate to talk about this on a summer holiday when it’s supposed to be about happy vibes, but I was heartbroken to see this story (also on Ahmed Best’s Twitter) about the actor considering ending his life in the wake of the anti-TPM/Jar Jar backlash.

The comments on the THR story are horrible.  I don’t know if these guys are “fans” or not.   Sometimes trolls are just trolling.  But whether they are or not, I’ll just say this.  If you can read about a human being’s pain and say he deserved it or something along those lines because of a movie, you’re not a “fan.”  You’re not motivated by love for anything.  You’re not noble or brave.  You’re not a “rebel” fighting against the Lucas empire.  You’re just a no-good piece-of-crap sociopath.

Which brings me to a lot of the “fandom is broken and toxic” commentary I’ve been seeing lately.  Like I said, the good news is they’re finally noticing the consequences of the nastiness and cruelty of fandom.  The bad news is it seems to me nobody is really taking responsibility.  They act as though this started when Lucasfilm had the temerity to put an Asian actress in a Star Wars film when those who do know realize this has gone on for 20 years.  The ones who should be looking at their own behavior or their failures to act are instead pointing their fingers at straw men or certain factions they don’t like because it makes for a convenient distraction.

As I posted on Twitter yesterday, the fandom of the late ’90s needs to take responsibility.  They let this get out of control.  But the media, especially the so-called geek media and the entertainment media, are perhaps the most responsible.  They encouraged this behavior.  They cheered it on.  They laughed at how “everyone hated Jar Jar.”  They accused Jar Jar of racism.  They mocked and denigrated.  They didn’t care about the consequences or how it hurt an African-American actor.

Lucasfilm needs to take responsibility too.  It failed to protect its actors during the prequel era and that had real consequences.  I alerted the publicity department last week about someone who had abused her access to denigrate someone involved with Star Wars in a very cruel, vulgar way on a podcast and if they don’t do something about it this time, then they’re still not looking out for their performers.

Instead, fandom seems content to fight over podcasts, threaten each other, accuse poster artists of racism, and tell Rian Johnson for the 800th time they hated TLJ with every cell of their being while the Entertainment Weeklies and Nerdists and IGNs of the world wonder why Star Wars fans are so horrible.  Nothing’s going to change until people look themselves in the mirror and really think about their behavior.  I don’t want to hear about somebody in Star Wars now ending up mentally broken or addicted or worse yet, dead because of what was done to them.   This has to stop.