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Padmé Pop Outfit Revealed, World Asks For More

January 11, 2018

An image on the Podracer Anakin Pop box reveals more prequel Pops (Grievous, Obi-Wan, and Qui-Gon) along with the first image of the upcoming Padmé.  Which is of course the Geonosis crop top.  Fans asked for more Padmés with more of her many outfits and Funko actually responded:

Padmé is due out in early March; it’s a shared exclusive with Game Stop and Emerald City Comic Con.


More Prequel Art From Acme

January 11, 2018

Acme has debuted two new pieces from Jerry Vanderstelt, part of the Timeless series:   Qui-Gon and Padmé.

These are available in two different editions, one for $55 and the other for $175.

More Prequel Pops From Funko

January 9, 2018

You can order Podracer Anakin from Walgreen’s ($10) and based on the spoiler clue given out a few days ago, you might want to order Funko’s Sith Smuggler’s Bounty box by the Jan. 15 deadline.


New Anakin Print From Dark Ink

December 22, 2017

Acme’s Dark Ink will start selling a new print called “Anakin’s Path” by Gabz beginning December 27 (next Wednesday) at 4 a.m. PST.  There are two variations:


This one will sell for $55 and sales are open until Jan. 1.


This one will sell for $65 and is limited to 150.

For more info, go here.

Acme Limited Edition Prints

December 9, 2017

Who wouldn’t want a Darth Malt?


There are two versions of this by artist Steve Thomas with different prices and different edition numbers. This one is $55 and this one is $50. Both will ship later this month.

Need Some More PT Holiday Gift Ideas?

December 7, 2017

Hey, it’s not all porgs out there!

This is by no means exhaustive but here are a few more recent things I’ve come across online:

Disney Tsum Tsum pins

What you get is a crap shoot but this wave includes ROTS and AOTC pins. I know they’ve done TPM pins too; you might be able to find those from various pin traders online and of course eBay.

Lucasfilm’s Matt Martin just spotted this Jar Jar t-shirt at Box Lunch. Apparently it’s not online yet:

And if you hurry you can still snag this tee from Teespring. I got mine yesterday!

New Collectible Photos

December 1, 2017

@StarWarsAlerts posted a pic of Walgreens exclusive Podracer Anakin Funko Pop:


Star Wars: The Prequel Trilogy posted these pics of upcoming SH Figuarts versions of ROTS Anakin and Obi-Wan, Dooku, ROTS Clonetrooper, and Queen Amidala:



Forever 21 Has A Queen Amidala Tee

November 28, 2017

Forever 21 has carried trend-driven OT SW stuff for the past few years but it finally dropped this iconic Queen Amidala t-shirt.  For a mere $15.90!  I ordered one for myself and it has a looser cut than most juniors tees so feel free to go with your normal size.

I hope to find more prequel F21 stuff in the future!

Some Padmé News

November 13, 2017

A Padmé Funko Pop figure is coming next month. Below is a screenshot from a GameStop pre-order:

And Jedi Bibliothek found an Amazon (Germany) listing for a YA Padmé Amidala novel with the publishing date of Apr. 24, 2018. No author is mentioned and there’s zip about the plot.

Exclusive Pod Race Anakin Pop Coming To Walgreens

October 30, 2017

Yak face spied an Instagram screen shot of inventory of upcoming Funko Pop figures exclusive to Walgreens.  Among them is a Pod Racer Anakin from TPM, complete with helmet.  Look for it to hit the shelves soon (don’t know when) for ten bucks.