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New Essay “Heartbreaker”

November 30, 2013

Adam is back writing his prequel pieces for his blog and Jedi News. This time it focuses on the controversial death of poor Padmé in ROTS:

While I doubt very much she “lost the will to live,” the ungodly amount of physical and emotional stress combined with the Force damage to her throat likely caused her body to begin shutting down from shock. Frankly, I’m amazed she held on long enough to deliver (of course, if she hadn’t, then IV-VI would never have happened). This does not undermine her importance and innate strength, but serves as just a tragic irony not only for her, but for Anakin as well. Had Anakin not been so afraid to let go, Padmé may very well have survived childbirth, the Republic would live on, and Luke and Leia would have had both their real parents when they needed them most.

Dare We Hope?

November 30, 2013

As I shared on the SWPAS Facebook page a few days ago, Jedi News posted a rumor from a Dutch fan who dug around and found out that AOTC and ROTS 3D were set for releases in December 2014.

We know that AOTC’s 3D conversion was done, and who knows how far along ROTS was before the plug was pulled? (As far as anyone knows, no real work has been done yet on ANH, TESB, or ROTJ.) Has Disney changed its mind? Or are people having delusions of grandeur? We’ll just have to see. Meanwhile, here’s some follow up from Jedi News, posted today.

Attention, Shoppers

November 30, 2013

Hot Topic is running a promo this weekend with 25% off all orders plus free shipping on orders over $30. Take advantage to get this sweet new AOTC t-shirt for gals, new from Her Universe. Hot Topic is already selling it cheaper than HU (though you can get that free Darth Vader pin if you buy it from HU), plus you can also pick up these bobble heads, including Jar Jar and Queen Amidala.

Acme is running a promo where you can get art for 25% off until Monday, plus artist Jerry Vanderstelt is offering 15% off his works (including lots of beautiful Star Wars and LOTR pieces) through Monday.

Turkey Week

November 24, 2013

There may be few if any updates over the coming week. I’m going out of town tomorrow for the Thanksgiving holiday and while I’ll have internet access, I will also be busy with relatives.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah!

Great Scenes of the Prequel Trilogy: “Dinner Conversation”

November 24, 2013


The scene where Anakin gathers his new friends–all of which play a part in his eventual fate–around the table with his mother is a quiet one with only Jar Jar as the “visual effect.” No big battles or swelling themes from John Williams. Yet it is this kind of scene that I think Lucas does extremely well, and he usually doesn’t get too much credit for it. It grounds his universe in a sense of normalcy, which serves to further flesh out the characters and make them more relatable, because they do something simple that all of us in the audience do all of the time.

Yet the simplicity belies the fact there is a lot happening in that scene. It establishes Anakin and Shmi as poor but generous people. Not even slavery is an excuse not to provide hospitality and kindness to others. It establishes Qui-Gon and Padmé as the kind of people who accept that hospitality without complaint; a queen and a Jedi based out of Coruscant have experienced a lot more posh settings than a backwater slave hovel.

The conversation is lightened up with the childlike Jar Jar greedily and obnoxiously slurping food off of the table and Qui-Gon grabbing his tongue, gently telling him not to do that again. He also kids with Anakin about the lightsaber Anakin had seen on Qui-Gon’s belt earlier. “No one can kill a Jedi,” Anakin says, his words heavy with irony because he’ll end up killing lots of them. It’s at this point Anakin’s destiny opens up for him. This is Anakin’s first contact with the Order that will become his life for the next decade or so and the means by which he will meet Obi-Wan. Qui-Gon then starts to realize this is more than just a nice kid, particularly when he offers his services as a novice pod racer to help his new friends get the parts they need for their ship. No human being has the reflexes to handle a pod racer, so it’s at this point Qui-Gon pays close attention to Anakin. Qui-Gon doesn’t seem to be too worried once Shmi gives the okay, in spite of Padmé’s misgivings.

The conversation also raises the stakes for the pod race. More than parts are at stake in the race; Anakin’s freedom is at well since the scene establishes why Anakin and Shmi don’t just run away.

I thought the rhythm of the scene worked really well, with the actors playing nicely off of each other. It’s not overacted and it’s very naturalistic.

Polish Fans Get Clone Wars News

November 23, 2013

A group of lucky Polish fans went to a con and got some details on what was supposed to be the sixth season of Clone Wars: called “The Lost Missions,” they will air next year on Disney XD, at least it will in Poland.

What’s interesting is they were told it was going to be 10 episodes. Pablo Hidalgo tweeted that number seemed too low. So more than 10 episodes? What gives?

Read it all at The Star Wars Underworld and see for yourself.

“Lockdown” Excerpt

November 22, 2013

Star Wars Books posted an excerpt from “Darth Maul: Lockdown.” Our old buddy Darth Plagueis is back!

“This Radique,” Plagueis continued on in the same conversational tone as he gazed out the window at the approaching Avenue of the Core Founders, “is rumored to be one of the most powerful arms dealers in the galaxy?”

“Radique is as dangerous as he is unpredictable.” Sidious was aware of an unwelcome warmth beginning to climb upward through the back of his neck, enveloping his cheeks and forehead.

“Which is why I sent Maul to assassinate him.”

TPM Alum Gets Award For Box Office Bank

November 22, 2013

Who knew you get some kind of award if you star in a movie that breaks a billion worldwide? From Jake Lloyd’s Facebook page:

Received an award in the mail today… It was for being in a movie that grossed over a billion dollars in the Box Office. So congrats to everyone who worked on Ep. I! Thought that was kinda neat.

So if Liam, Ewan, Natalie, and George, etc. are reading this (right), check your mailboxes!

Ian McDiarmid In “Dragonslayer”

November 21, 2013

I saw “Dragonslayer” in the theater back in 1981. Directed by old Lucas pal Matthew Robbins, it starred Peter MacNichol as a callow young man called upon to fight a dragon that enjoyed setting villages and people on fire, and accepting virgins as sacrifice. It was part of a run of sword and sorcery fantasy flicks that appeared in the early ’80s with perhaps “Excalibur” (1980) the best known of that bunch.

Little did I know that one of the dragon’s eventual victims would go on to become the Emperor in the very next Star Wars film. Unfortunately I couldn’t find video of his big scenes without posting the entire film, so again we’re going with a picture.

SW Alumni Thinking Of Crashing Ep 7 Auditions

November 20, 2013

Samuel L. Jackson told David Letterman that since he’d love to do more Star Wars and hadn’t yet gotten The Call, then found out neither had Ewan McGregor nor Mark Hamill, he was thinking of getting the guys together and crashing the open auditions going on right now in the U.S. and the UK. (Tongue-in-cheek of course).

This would be hilarious. They just have to decide which one’s going to put on a wig and audition for the “Rachel” role.