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Spoilers, TLJ, & You

December 12, 2017

It’s that time again.

In the interest of keeping fans unspoiled for the movie please do not post any spoilers in comments until December 18.

As of now, I am leaning against doing an open thread as I’ve done before.  Why?  I think it’s becoming too contentious and as it is, I’m strongly considering shutting down comments for a while as of Jan. 1.

Come to think of it, don’t hijack other posts to rant on what you think either.

Violators will be banned.



On Comments

August 28, 2017

I try very hard to make SWPAS into something other than a cesspool and for the most part, it isn’t.

However, working on this site for almost 10 years has shown me that prequel haters and bashers aren’t the only problem I’ve had to worry about.  In fact, they have been less and less of an issue except for a big flare up on the FB page around the time TFA came out.   What I’ve noticed over the past couple of years have been some aggressive visitors to the site who seem to want to use it as their soapbox for their agenda (easier and less time consuming I suppose than starting one’s own blog, podcast, or channel).  They’ve been disrespectful to me and to other visitors and when I call them on it, they get hostile.  I’ve had to ban a few from commenting and some will do things like come up with socks or change their IPs to get around moderation.  This behavior is unacceptable.  I catch anyone doing that, they are done commenting here, period.

I’m also done with feeling like a babysitter.  I’m not a social worker or a mental health specialist.  If the situation doesn’t change I may close SWPAS to comments sometime in the near future.

On Comments At SWPAS

March 6, 2017

SWPAS is open to discussion but recently there’s been a lot of thread jacking and off-topic comments.  It’s not hard to stay on topic.  If you don’t have anything to say about the post, don’t say anything.  If there’s something you have a question about (and it’s not an Ask SWPAS thing), send an e-mail to  If there’s something that you think might interest me, please do send an e-mail as well.

Also, don’t post every sentence individually.  Get your thoughts together and then post.

If things don’t change I will put people on moderation and I may even shut down comments for good.


Rogue One, Spoilers, and You

December 9, 2016

With the formal premiere of Rogue One tonight in Hollywood, with the film being screened for critics this weekend, with the embargo being lifted on Tuesday or Wednesday, with early birds in Europe getting to see the film around that time, and evening shows on Thursday in North America, stuff will start to come out about the film.

1. On Friday December 16, I will have an open thread set up by sometime in the morning PST. If you are not seeing the film on Thursday-Friday, avoid this thread until you do. I will not see the film until Sunday 12/18, so don’t expect my review in the comments until then.

2. There will be NO prequel bashing, taunting, baiting, or fighting in the comments. Any such comments will be deleted and trolls will be forever banished. If it gets out of hand, I will shut down the open thread and delete the whole thing.

3. Do NOT post spoilers on any other comment thread or post until after December 23. Some of you can’t or won’t see the film for a while and it’s just not realistic in this age of the internet to expect everyone to keep quiet about the movie for several weeks or months.

4. Any posts or discussion tying in themes, events, etc. of Rogue One with the saga as a whole are fair game after December 23.

5. The rules will be a little looser on the Facebook page. I’ve put a moratorium on spoilers until December 19. I’ll link to the open thread but any and all spoilers are fair game as of Monday December 19.

Nine Years of SWPAS

October 31, 2016

Yesterday was the 9th anniversary of SWPAS’s launch.  Almost a whole decade!  I know I haven’t written very much lately due to other things draining my batteries, but I plan to keep this site chugging along.  Thanks for all of your support all of these years!

Yet Another Poll

October 3, 2016

This one is on what kind of collectibles you’d like to see more of, whether you are buying them now or not.

New Poll On What Merchandise You Buy

September 9, 2016

Thanks to everyone who voted in my last poll.  Here’s a new one on what merchandise/collectibles you buy!  Thanks!

Help Me Out With This Poll

August 19, 2016

Hey SWPAS nation,

I’m trying to figure out the demographics of the people who read this site, so I came up with this completely unscientific poll you can take here.  It’s just asking ages.  It’s one question and it’s anonymous.  I’ve already posted the link on the SWPAS Facebook page and I will repost on Tumblr.


Thanks everybody!

May 21, 2016

Thanks to everyone who participated in Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Day.   I enjoyed reading all of  the entries!

By the way, I have deputized Adam Bram as a co-administrator, meaning he has the ability to approve comments and enforce my will, heh heh.  Since he had to sign on with WordPress, he’s posting under “senatorbinks.”

Please Don’t….

January 10, 2016

1. Please don’t hijack threads (i.e. post comments totally irrelevant to the post topic).

2. Please don’t keep referring to/linking to every douchebag, basher, jerk, loser, etc. who spouts off against the prequels. I don’t care about them. It only concerns me is if it’s somebody who’s at Lucasfilm or Disney or something. Don’t do this on the FB page either.