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Amazing New Video

September 1, 2015

Check out this video that juxtaposes various rhyming scenes throughout Eps I-VI. It’s like the visual version of the Ring Theory!

“Forgot” To Link To This Essay About Shmi Skywalker

July 22, 2015

Clone Corridor has a piece called “Star Wars Forgotten Women #2: Shmi Skywalker,” focusing on the matriarch of the Skywalker clan:

Throughout every moment that she is on screen Shmi is a grounding presence, not only to Anakin but also to the audience. These films might feature Jedi, Storm Troopers and queens, but at the heart of the whole saga are people and their stories and no character represents that as well as Shmi. She has no control over the big happenings of the Galaxy and will never be able to sway the vote of the Senate on anything. But she has an impact in her own life and on those around her, despite constantly being put down.

Essays on the PT Era and on Obi-Wan

July 19, 2015

A few days ago Clone Corridor posted an essay on the real-world events of the past 15 years and their effect on the PT and on the upcoming films. As a note it does come from a left perspective and I don’t endorse or agree with everything written in the piece.

One of Joshua Sikora’s Cinema and New Media Arts students wrote about Obi-Wan‘s role as a teacher and his relationship with his student throughout the saga.

Stuff To Read

June 9, 2015 has a new post about the influence Soviet agitprop/film school staple “Battleship Potemkin” had on the saga.

Also on was a piece posted last week on the author’s 7 characters she considers underrated, including some PT characters. I also neglected to mention the piece about fans visiting various Star Wars filming locations, including a visit to Villa Balbianello.

In honor of Natalie Portman’s birthday, Clone Corridor posted about Padmé more than holding her own during the Battle of Geonosis.

More Good Stuff From Clone Corridor

June 8, 2015

I found a couple of good posts on Clone Corridor. First is one on Zam Wesell, the shapeshifting bounty hunter from AOTC, and one about the roots of Boba Fett.

AOTC & Choices

June 5, 2015

Someone on my Twitter feed linked to this piece about the events of AOTC and the issue of making choices in that film:

We start off where we ended last: Anakin Skywalker. After ten years of living romantically and partially paternally barren, Anakin is rather confused. It’s obvious from the first moment he’s on screen: he can’t believe he’s going to see Padme again and is visibly shaken. After ten years of having a romance-sized hole in his heart Anakin finally feels that Padme will fill it. As soon as he begins to get close to her his emotions are shown to be very turbulent. He says rather strange things at inappropriate times to Padme and begins to rant in casual conversation. Ever so slightly, he begins to forfeit his ability to choose, by becoming more and more controlled by his emotions as the movie continues.

Essay “Revisiting The Prequels”

May 20, 2015

Anthony Parisi has a well-written essay called Revisiting The Prequels, which asks for people to give the films another look:

The six films form one larger epic that is constructed like a piece of music. The narratives are light on plot and characterization, instead built on archetypal themes and psychological motifs that reverberate throughout the six episodes. Lucas often talks of approaching Star Wars like a silent film where the sound and the effects “are just a part of the musical composition to tell the story visually rather than through a lot of heavy dialogue.” This becomes more refined in his work on the prequels, where everything from mirrored plot points to spaceship designs are carefully placed to echo and build into the original trilogy. Lucas is a firm believer in “pure cinema.” His story is in the images and every image tells a story.

Great Stuff From Clone Corridor

May 19, 2015

Whatever they’re drinking over there, send it here, because they keep coming up with great articles!

First, check out this analysis of the “ruminations” scene from ROTS.

Here’s a fan’s memories of ROTS.

And a look at how the Clone Wars episode Bombad Jedi bucks stereotypes.

Drop Whatever You’re Doing And Read This Right Now

May 16, 2015

Another great piece at Clone Corridor looks at the prequels, the era when they were released, and what it all means:

Yet Lucas grants us one look into the helmet before it closes so that we may spot that Anakin’s eyes have lost their Sith nature. Just before that moment Padme has told Obi Wan that there still is some good in Anakin. She has not given up on him, although he may never have known. But her words are lost on Obi Wan whose heart is mortally wounded by the loss of his ‘brother’. It is a reminder for us living in the real world, that the ‘splinter of good’, that is necessary to revive a world that is broken and corrupted, sometimes survives not in the words and deeds of the surviving hero but in the encased and lonely heart of the desperate villain. Revenge of the Sith makes it undeniably clear why for Anakin there is no return to a normal life possible after his redemption in Return of the Jedi. His fall was so deep that there is no happy end in his generation. But there is hope for the generation after and that hope may very well draw inspiration from the ‘some good’ that was still in him.

“Ben Hur”‘s Influence On The PT

May 11, 2015

Bryan Young is back with another installment of The Cinema Behind Star Wars, this time focusing on the 1959 film “Ben Hur”:

Watching all three and a half hours of Ben Hur it’s apparent that it had an influence on the Star Wars saga. On a base level, this film used a lot of matte paintings and composite shots of the sort that Star Wars built upon, making the first film possible in the first place. But the film that shares the most with Ben Hur is The Phantom Menace, though Anakin’s journey through the entire era of the old Republic echoes that of Judah Ben Hur.


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