Essay: “Choose Or Lose”

hafanforever posted an essay called Choose Or Lose, which discusses the mirroring of ROTS and ROTJ in the scenes where Anakin/Vader have to choose whether to serve good or evil:

In Revenge of the Sith, in Palpatine’s office, Anakin arrives at Palpatine’s office after Mace defeats Palpatine in their duel. The latter still tries to kill the former with Force lightning, but Mace manages to deflect it back using his lightsaber. As this happens, Anakin is off to the side, watching and trying to decide if he should help Mace or Palpatine. Believing that Palpatine holds the power to prevent death, which is what Anakin desires for Padmé, Anakin chooses to help Palpatine and cuts off Mace’s lightsaber hand. This leaves the latter defenseless against a new bolt of lightning, and Palpatine sends Mace plummeting out the window to his death. Although horrified that he helped to murder a Jedi, Anakin submits himself to Palpatine and finally becomes Darth Vader.

(Yeah, ignore the first line.)


5 Responses to “Essay: “Choose Or Lose””

  1. Moose Says:

    I hate to pick on one line (the first, of course) in the article, but I think it is indicative of a larger understanding. Just once, I wish one of these hedges would say something to the effect of: “we know the Prequels were different than the Originals. . .” Not worse, not better, just different.

    Changing things up is Lucas’ whole M.O. from THX to American Graffiti to the differences between each of the movies in the OT. The neat thing is that the differences are mostly on the surface while the basic message underneath is the same across all of his movies (THX and Graffiti included). Sadly, I think Disney has embraced this misunderstanding by giving us TFA which is similar to the OT on the surface with very little message underneath.

    • Pedro Felipe Says:

      So true…

    • Pedro Felipe Says:

      Yes, the Star Wars Movies are so different from each other, yet they’re Star Wars. You know, being different, pushing the envolope is part of the essense of Star Wars. You see, in their difference, they are the same if that makes sense to you.

    • Nariel Says:

      Well said, Moose 🙂

  2. Moose Says:

    Sorry, I meant to say “a larger MIS-understanding” in my first sentence.

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