Star Words Part Three

Matril is back with another installment of her series, this time it’s about one of Queen Amidala’s more famous lines from early in TPM:

It’s already too late. Amidala’s words are all very well as a pacifist ideal, but in the face of an actual invasion, they can’t do a bit of good. Whether she wanted to lead her people to war or not, war has come. And whether it’s her fault or not, she must deal with the consequences.

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4 Responses to “Star Words Part Three”

  1. lovelucas Says:

    I know the story…I know every word of the dialogue yet somehow Matril is able to state succinctly exactly what we thought we knew….but couldn’t verbalize. That hesitation, the sideways look on Amidala when she does ask, “What’s happening?” in retrospect (after reading Matril) is the first hesitation, the chink in the armor – that the confidence is not totally there…not by a long shot.

  2. lovelucas Says:

    On 2nd thought…….let’s cheer George Lucas about these decisions – the dialogue, the angle, the revelation that while the courage is there, the strength may not be. This was HIS choice to film the scene and write it this way. Hell, yeah, George!

    • Pedro Felipe Says:

      Yes!!! That attention to detail! Wonderful execution! His cameras shots are wonderful, they are so important, yet 99% of directors totally overlook these things. They really do. They don’t give it anywhere near the attention George did, all you have to do is watch the behind the scenes videos. The Prequel movies are a work of art. They are meticulously crafted. When you stop to analyse the Prequels, you quickly realize that everything has been painstankinly refined to be awesome, by the most competent of people.

      • Pedro Felipe Says:

        That applies to the soundtrack also, it’s PERFECT. And not just the main themes. Every scrap of the soundtrack, every background melody is so amazing. And those haters can’t ascribe it to another person this time, saying it’s all John Williams. Sure John Williams is an amazing composer, but the reason we got the Prequel scores as we know them today is in large part because of GEORGE LUCAS’s input. George worked VERY closely with the sound crew. I could prove that with the abundant evidence in the form of pages and pages of discussion, leaked cue lists and behind the scenes videos. But I really don’t have to. The haters did it for me. Only their conclusion is that George “artistically betrayed” John Williams, that the prequels scores are horrible and that George used tracked music because he was lazy and this kind of nonsense. Now we know this is not true, even many haters admit that the prequels scores are aweasome. So put 2 and 2 together with the haters own arguments: 1- George put his nose all over the Prequel Scores and heavily influenced it.

        2- The Prequels Scores are awesome.

        = The prequel scores are aweasome largely because of George Lucas.

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