“The Plank In Your Eye”

Clashing Sabers has an interesting essay about Anakin called The Plank In Your Eye:

Think about it. He starts as a slave and he ends as a slave. The whole journey in between is really trying to figure out where he fits into the galaxy. Is he a lover, a Jedi, or something else entirely? He never really figures out until he meets Luke, and realizes that his true purpose is found in his son (and hopefully his daughter, too, although we never get to see it). But to say that Anakin is without motivation is a fallacy.

The author also relates Anakin’s problems to some very serious personal issues.

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4 Responses to ““The Plank In Your Eye””

  1. Keith Palmer Says:

    Trying to think of an on-topic reply (maybe if we made a bigger deal of the message board still being around?), I did get to contemplating how while Anakin starts as a slave, he is talking about trying to “disarm the explosive” that keeps him and his mother restrained. This might have some connection to Darth Vader trying to recruit Luke to overthrow the Emperor, too, which I hope has some connection to “motivation…”

  2. joe Says:

    again i apologize for my actions back to the topic at hand anakin being a slave to the emperor makes sense and while his anger in the beginning of a new hope was explained at the end of rogue one i thought (as well as others i’m sure) that his rage was the result of being near tatooine the planet where he and his mother were slaves left her lost her and went on a murderous rampage on the tusken raiders hence why vader is p***ed at the beginning of episode 4

  3. lovelucas Says:

    “terrible storytelling”??? What’s up with that?

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