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Four episodes of CW on DVD March 25

January 15, 2009 has confirmed recent rumors about the first series of CW Season One coming to DVD in March. This collection contains the first four aired episodes: “Ambush” and the “Malevolence” arc and it will hit stores for $19.95 on March 25. A second set of episodes will be released this summer. If they release only four episodes at a time a couple of times a year, it’ll take a while just to get all of Season One!

All 6 SW films out on DVD in November…

August 23, 2008

But there’s nothing new on ’em. No Blu-Ray, no new edits, etc. Oh well. The sets are being sold by trilogy, prequel and plain “Star Wars Trilogy.” Fifty bucks says these come out the same day as the CW DVD: