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Prequel Basher Manages TFN Prequel Board

December 31, 2010

Talk about putting the fox in charge of the henhouse. I just noticed this glowing review of R*L*M’s bashfest of ROTS from a “shanerjedi” on TFN:

I think this is his best review yet because it sums up perfectly the problems afflicting all 3 films.

I especially liked his breakdown of how the films were shot with comparisons between action scenes and dialogue scenes. Devastating.

Who is “shanerjedi?” Why he’s the Lucasfilm/Saga/Prequel Trilogy Forum Manager!

Short Interview With Ashley Eckstein

December 30, 2010

Scotland’s Daily Record has a fun, short interview with Clone Wars’s Ashley Eckstein. She talks about the show and Ahsoka’s fate.

Did Lucas Change Cinema With The PT?

December 26, 2010

A guy named Kevin McLeod thinks so. He explains why in a fabulous essay on the L.A. Times Hero Complex blog.

Lucas’ visual ingenuity is relentless; he offers us a strikingly revolutionary level of storytelling. I agree that no one can make you like films you simply don’t like, but look deeper and go back and watch a film you’ve actually never seen before. Welcome to the future, where George Lucas already is. Take a look around…

Merry Christmas

December 25, 2010

Hope you are all having/have had a Merry Christmas!

PT Marathon On Spike Today

December 24, 2010

Spike is running Eps I-III today and Eps IV-VI tomorrow. Right now on Spike HD, they’re running TPM. Boy, I can’t wait to see this in 3D!

Oh, So That’s Where They Got It From

December 23, 2010

I’m looking at some scans of an old letterzine from June 1986–what we fans had prior to message boards and social media–and included in listings for fanzines and self-published fan novels was this little gem:

REVENGE OF THE SITH: Nearly twenty years have passed since Jedi Master Luke Skywalker has fled to the desert world of Tatooine, condemned by the Alliance along with the entire Jedi Order. At the Sanctuary there, training has continued in secret as Luke prepares for a future in which the Jedi Knights will again take their rightful places in the galaxy. But the Lords of the Sith are beginning their move toward ultimate power. REVENGE OF THE SITH is the sequel to A NEW CHALLENGE by Ellen Randolph. Artwork by Karen River and Letitia Wells.

The plot is of course completely different; actually it sounds like some post-ROTJ EU novel. But Randolph wins the psychik powerz award for coming up with the title of Episode III 18 years before it was ever announced to the public.

Dave Filoni’s Christmas Card

December 22, 2010

This was posted in The Force Cast’s Facebook photo album:

Nothing says “Christmas” like Darth Maul!

Jedi Starfighter Bed

December 21, 2010

Do you have a Post Tot? Or are you just a fanboy/girl with a lot of money?

Well, can make your PT-era flights of fancy come true with this awesome custom bed and generic space mural! Since you have to “call for availability,” I assume it’s pretty expensive.

I also assume that because the repro isn’t precise, there’s no direct mention of Star Wars, and the mural is a generic space scene, this isn’t licensed.

Homemade Graphics

December 20, 2010

I’m no whiz with Photoshop, but ever since I found out about Picnik, I’ve been able to make my own icons. Here are a few Clone Wars ones I’ve made recently…feel free to use yourself:

Robot Chicken III Airs Tonight

December 19, 2010

The third and likely final Robot Chicken Star Wars show airs tonight on Cartoon Network at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT. It looks like there will be references to all of the movies in this one and based on prior ones, Robot Chicken tends to laugh with Star Wars instead of at it.

It’s a bit raunchy for the kids though!