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Fandom Can’t Be Fixed If It Has No Shame: A Commentary

July 4, 2018

I hate to talk about this on a summer holiday when it’s supposed to be about happy vibes, but I was heartbroken to see this story (also on Ahmed Best’s Twitter) about the actor considering ending his life in the wake of the anti-TPM/Jar Jar backlash.

The comments on the THR story are horrible.  I don’t know if these guys are “fans” or not.   Sometimes trolls are just trolling.  But whether they are or not, I’ll just say this.  If you can read about a human being’s pain and say he deserved it or something along those lines because of a movie, you’re not a “fan.”  You’re not motivated by love for anything.  You’re not noble or brave.  You’re not a “rebel” fighting against the Lucas empire.  You’re just a no-good piece-of-crap sociopath.

Which brings me to a lot of the “fandom is broken and toxic” commentary I’ve been seeing lately.  Like I said, the good news is they’re finally noticing the consequences of the nastiness and cruelty of fandom.  The bad news is it seems to me nobody is really taking responsibility.  They act as though this started when Lucasfilm had the temerity to put an Asian actress in a Star Wars film when those who do know realize this has gone on for 20 years.  The ones who should be looking at their own behavior or their failures to act are instead pointing their fingers at straw men or certain factions they don’t like because it makes for a convenient distraction.

As I posted on Twitter yesterday, the fandom of the late ’90s needs to take responsibility.  They let this get out of control.  But the media, especially the so-called geek media and the entertainment media, are perhaps the most responsible.  They encouraged this behavior.  They cheered it on.  They laughed at how “everyone hated Jar Jar.”  They accused Jar Jar of racism.  They mocked and denigrated.  They didn’t care about the consequences or how it hurt an African-American actor.

Lucasfilm needs to take responsibility too.  It failed to protect its actors during the prequel era and that had real consequences.  I alerted the publicity department last week about someone who had abused her access to denigrate someone involved with Star Wars in a very cruel, vulgar way on a podcast and if they don’t do something about it this time, then they’re still not looking out for their performers.

Instead, fandom seems content to fight over podcasts, threaten each other, accuse poster artists of racism, and tell Rian Johnson for the 800th time they hated TLJ with every cell of their being while the Entertainment Weeklies and Nerdists and IGNs of the world wonder why Star Wars fans are so horrible.  Nothing’s going to change until people look themselves in the mirror and really think about their behavior.  I don’t want to hear about somebody in Star Wars now ending up mentally broken or addicted or worse yet, dead because of what was done to them.   This has to stop.


Hot Toys Dooku and Yoda

June 15, 2018

Hot Toys, in its quest to deprive us of money, just posted preview pics of its upcoming Count Dooku and Yoda 1/6 scale figures.  Check ’em out here and here.

Sideshow has them up for pre-order.  Dooku is going for $243, Yoda is going for $189.


TPM Art To Film Comparison Video

May 30, 2018

Naboo News posted a link to this new video comparing TPM’s concept art with the final product on film:

PadMay 2018

May 1, 2018

Political Padmé on Tumblr has kicked off PadMay 2018, a 31-day celebration of Padmé Amidala.

Week ONE: Questions

1. What was your first impression of Padmé?
2. How should Padmé be remembered?
3. How might you change Padmé’s story?
4. What is Padmé’s relationship to the Force?
5. What would Padmé’s ‘revenge’ look like?

Week TWO: Colors

6. Red
7. Orange
8. Yellow
9. Green
10. Blue
11. Indigo
12. Violet

Week THREE: Relationships

13. The Naberrie Family
14. Legislative Youth Program
15. Handmaidens of Naboo
16. The Gunguns
17. Sheev Palpatine
18. The Jedi
19. The Skywalker Family

Week FOUR: Prompts

20. Mythology Parallels
21. Tropes
22. Crossover with Another Fandom
23. Roles
24. Padmé’s Theme Song
25. Memes
26. Padmé as a Role Model

Week FIVE: Finale 

27. Celebration
28. Happy Ending
29. Afterlife
30. Legacy
31. Free Form (anything goes!)

AOTC Star Words #29

April 13, 2018

We’re getting near the end of the film.  In secret, two Sith discuss their plans:

Just one scene, and everything that seemed so clear becomes muddy. Dooku, leader of the Separatists, is flying to the very capital of the Republic. He calls Sidious “master” and Sidious calls him by his Sith name, Tyrannus. Wait, wasn’t that the name of the man who recruited Jango Fett for cloning? How could Dooku be connected to both the source of the Republic’s new army and the the droid armies of the Separatists?

After making every sign of being shocked and affronted during the escalating battle on Geonosis, Dooku says now that the start of the war is “good news.” And Sidious replies with a phrase that will be chillingly familiar to anyone who recalls the Emperor’s words in Episode VI.


Rian Johnson Re The Prequels’ Influence On TLJ

February 1, 2018

Last night TLJ director Rian Johnson did a Q&A session over Facebook.  Here he confirms the influence the prequels had on the film:

“So I was watching Revenge of the Sith recently and I noticed there are a few echoes from that film to The Last Jedi, like when Anakin’s talking to Padme in Revenge of the Sith just before they face off Obi-Wan, there’s some similarities there with the “join me” and the lashing out of Kylo to Rey and Anakin to Padme. Did you watch the prequels while you were writing?

Yeah, I watched the prequels a lot actually, and that goes for the writing and while we were in prep. I think partially because the original trilogy was the ones that I know by heart, shot for shot. The prequels – I knew them really well but I saw them less so I kind of wanted to steep myself in that visual language a lot more before I got into it.

The notion of finding echoes, not just in the original trilogy but also in the prequel trilogy felt like just a really rich well to draw from. So I kept the original trilogy and also the prequels just on my iPad that I had with me all the time and at night I would just put it on in a random spot and watch pieces of it.

My question is about the last scene between Rey and Ben. He’s kneeling on the ground, he has his father’s dice in his hands that his uncle gave to his mother and his mother left for him, and he’s looking up at the person who’s the most important person in the world to him and before that door shuts, if he could have a do-over to go back to that moment, what do you think he would say or do differently and why?

That is such a great question. Will you be mad if I said that it’s such a great question, I don’t want to answer it? Only because I think that’s such a beautiful notion of “what does he regret in that moment”, it’s the same way I think about in Revenge of the Sith, that mask is coming down, that beautiful shot of Anakin’s eyes right before it goes over and you see that glimpse of… Is it fear? Is it regret? What is it? What is going through his mind at that moment? That’s that kind of moment for Ben and I don’t want to put that moment in your guys’s head. I feel like that’s a moment that everyone should read into themselves. But just posing that question is really beautiful.”

Transcript by; H/T Naboo News

This Is Getting Ridiculous…

December 23, 2017

When people start posting they hate Star Wars now, it sucks, it’s a joke, etc., they’re accomplishing nothing but bringing negativity.  And honestly prequel fans should know better.

I’m thinking it’s time for a comment timeout and to start laying down the law.  New posts for the next few weeks will NOT have comments open.  On any previously open comments I want NO more bashing of any of the films or the saga as a whole.   Any such comments will be deleted.

If you have any questions or comments, e-mail is


Thoughts On TLJ (Spoilers, Duh)

December 18, 2017

TLJ is in my very soul tormenting me.


Spoilers, TLJ, & You

December 12, 2017

It’s that time again.

In the interest of keeping fans unspoiled for the movie please do not post any spoilers in comments until December 18.

As of now, I am leaning against doing an open thread as I’ve done before.  Why?  I think it’s becoming too contentious and as it is, I’m strongly considering shutting down comments for a while as of Jan. 1.

Come to think of it, don’t hijack other posts to rant on what you think either.

Violators will be banned.



So, What’s Been Going On?

November 28, 2017

As you may or may not have noticed, I haven’t been posting as much on SWPAS lately.  This is for many reasons.  Six or seven years ago, there was stuff going on all of the time largely due to Clone Wars.  Today it’s a little light in the prequels news department; some days there really isn’t much going on and I don’t feel like spending lots of time on minutia.  The good news is there are many more voices out there but I don’t have time to personally listen to every podcast or watch every video or post about every meme and fan art piece.  I’m not going to promote all of them either without knowing anything about them.

Other reasons include being busy, being unmotivated (there are several reasons for that too), and having a lot of problems with the state of fandom today.  I’ve never had an easy relationship with “fandom,” and I’m just beginning to understand why.  Furthermore, interacting with other SW fans on social media has become precarious within the past couple of years as people are mobbing up on other fans for reasons that have little or nothing to do with Star Wars at all.  Who wants to do or say anything in this kind of environment?

In short, I’m going to contemplate SWPAS’s future; right now that doesn’t mean shutting down but changing focus.  For now it’ll chug along as it has been until I figure out exactly what the new focus should be.