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Video: Mace Windu Vs. General Grievous

January 19, 2018

They never directly faced off in the movies but if they did, who would win? (Frankly, if Obi-Wan was able to smoke Grievous, Mace Windu certainly ought to be able to as well):


Video: Palpatine’s Rise To Power

January 19, 2018

The Prequels Channel has a video analyzing Palpatine’s rise to power.

Podme Episode 3: AOTC

January 19, 2018

The third episode of Podme, the only podcast entirely devoted to Padmé Amidala, focuses on AOTC.  I haven’t listened yet so don’t yell if there’s something in it you don’t like.

AOTC Star Words Part 17

January 18, 2018

Matril posted the latest installment of her look at key lines from AOTC, this time during a time when Anakin makes a crucial and fateful decision:

This simple utterance says so much. The previous night, she rejected the idea of falling in love. But it’s clear that there is already a connection here, however she tries to keep it at bay. She is in perfect sympathy with Anakin’s pain, gently urging him to talk about his nightmare, never doubting that his concerns are valid, and then immediately, without hesitation, offering to come along with him. It provides a convenient loophole to the mandate to protect her (though it’s highly doubtful that anyone on the Council would see it that way). It allows him to do what he needs without having to sacrifice everything else. And it’s just the sort of reckless thing that Captain Typho worried Padmé would do. She and Anakin are not so different, after all.

The Prequels Strike Back…Strike Back With John Robert Thompson

January 18, 2018

Ministry of Cinema is back with a new video featuring comedian/Lucas impersonator/filmmaker John Robert Thompson.  You might remember him as the guy who imitated Lucas at Celebration Anaheim.  Here he talks about his love for the prequels.


Mortis Arc Video Part Three

January 15, 2018

The Wayward Jedi is back with his third video about the Clone Wars classic “Ghosts Of Mortis.” Just for the record I don’t know if a certain ST couple are literally the reincarnation of a certain PT couple but I do think that they are connected and are meant to mirror each other. Still a fascinating look at the episodes that I think launched the ST:

AOTC Star Words Part 16

January 12, 2018

A rather interesting choice of a line few ever think about:

Consider some of his past words from this very same film. “Our judgment she must respect” he says of Padmé’s possible resistance to the Jedi’s plans for her to go into hiding. And “The Council is confident in its decision,” when Obi-Wan wonders if Anakin is ready for a solo assignment. So self-assured. Firm in his assumption that the Council knows what they’re doing. Hmm…

After Obi-Wan receives his orders to bring Jango Fett back to Coruscant and ends the transmission, Yoda is at least humble enough to acknowledge the Council’s blindness in their inability to sense the creation of the clone army. And then Mace mentions the startling fact that the Jedi’s ability to use the Force has diminished. He feels they ought to inform the Senate. Yoda disagrees, and believes that if anyone beyond the mysterious Sith Lord learns of their weakness, “Multiply, our adversaries will.”

Padmé Pop Outfit Revealed, World Asks For More

January 11, 2018

An image on the Podracer Anakin Pop box reveals more prequel Pops (Grievous, Obi-Wan, and Qui-Gon) along with the first image of the upcoming Padmé.  Which is of course the Geonosis crop top.  Fans asked for more Padmés with more of her many outfits and Funko actually responded:

Padmé is due out in early March; it’s a shared exclusive with Game Stop and Emerald City Comic Con.

More Prequel Art From Acme

January 11, 2018

Acme has debuted two new pieces from Jerry Vanderstelt, part of the Timeless series:   Qui-Gon and Padmé.

These are available in two different editions, one for $55 and the other for $175.

More Prequel Pops From Funko

January 9, 2018

You can order Podracer Anakin from Walgreen’s ($10) and based on the spoiler clue given out a few days ago, you might want to order Funko’s Sith Smuggler’s Bounty box by the Jan. 15 deadline.