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Mace Windu Mini Bust

February 28, 2013

Gentle Giant is offering three different items as gifts for its premiere guild membership this year: holographic Darth Vader, a 12″ retro style prototype Boba Fett, or a new Mace Windu mini bust.

The baddest mofo on the Council comes with a purple lightsaber and a suave pose. Check out Rebelscum’s piccie. Memberships go on sale Monday March 4.

Today’s Big Fat Clone Wars Update

February 28, 2013

No news yet on where we’ll see Season Six, but we need to keep up the pressure! Today there’s a report that the awaited 1313 video game has been put in carbonite because of that lame “putting all resources on Episode VII” excuse.

But there’s a lot about the season finale.

First, the big news that Tim Curry has been chosen to play Palpatine/Sidious! Curry’s best known role is probably Dr. Frank N. Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (“I’m just a sweet transSithual from Transylvani-aaa”) but he’s appeared in a number of t.v. shows and movies, and has a great deal of voice acting experience. Read Big Shiny Robot’s story and catch an exclusive clip here.

There are interviews and clips galore. Along with Big Shiny Robot’s clip with Curry as Palpatine, there’s a clip with Blastr’s interview with Dave Filoni, there’s an interview with Ashley Eckstein looking back at Ahsoka’s evolution over the years (let’s hope it’s not an exit interview), and other preview clips:

Clip 1
Clip 2

Tomorrow (3/1), Matt Lanter is doing a Twitter chat at 1 p.m. EST/10 a.m. PST with Christian Blauvelt of Follow along and send questions with the hashtag #CloneWarsChat.

Plus, I’ll live tweet the episode beginning at 9:30 a.m. PST. Be sure and find @lazypadawan on Twitter!

Clone Wars Updates

February 27, 2013

Rebel Force Radio now has a voice mail line where fans can voice support for the show. RFR will record messages and submit them on CD to Disney and Lucasfilm. Call 708-320-1RFR. My advice is keep your message short and sweet. No threats or cursing, please.

Eric Goldman at IGN, who writes about television and frequently reviews Clone Wars for the site, posted about shows he thinks are potentially on the chopping block. He does not address any cable programs in his piece. But someone in the comment section asked about Clone Wars and this was his reply:

“Cable, so not on this list, but it’s coming back. (just not sure on what channel yet)”

Does he know something or is he just assuming that somebody in the Disney empire will pick up the show? *Shrug.*

Most interesting though is Ashley Eckstein addressing the rumors during a live chat with Del Rey on Facebook earlier today:

“For all of you asking about the future of The Clone Wars. There are more Clone Wars stories left to tell and they are working on an announcement on where you can find those future stories. Stay tuned for more information, but that’s all I know for now.”

To me it sounds like the big question about Clone Wars is WHERE it will be shown from here on out. Here, there, everywhere…here, there, nowhere? (Had to throw in some Echo and the Bunnymen.) I doubt that answer will be, “You will find future Clone Wars stories in the Giants’ end zone next to Jimmy Hoffa’s body.” But until we know for certain there will be doubts and as long as there are doubts, well, we should keep those cards, letters, and calls coming. If any of you out there have kids who watch the show, urge them and their little friends to send letters too! It’s especially important they hear from the padawans and younglings out there because ultimately Star Wars is for them!

P.S.: Here’s what NOT to write in a letter.

More Awesome Cosplay

February 26, 2013

Gotta love it when they take it to another level and actually travel to “Tatooine!” Here’s another cosplayer in Padmé-wear photographed in Tunisia:

There’s a little bit about her on this Tumblr.

Hipster Yoda

February 26, 2013

Check out this cute illo of hipster Yoda by Katie Cook on the blog, spreading his wisdom on the streets of Williamsburg…or Portland…or Silver Lake…

Form Letter

February 25, 2013

Here’s a quick, pithy template you can use in your letter to save Clone Wars. Let me preface this by saying that your own letters are far more effective than a form letter. However, I know many people aren’t exactly confident of their writing skills and otherwise wouldn’t bother having their voices heard. So, as a public service, here is a handy dandy form letter you can paste, print, and send or tailor to whatever you want.


Your name
Your address

Mr. Bob Iger
Disney Studios
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521

Dear Mr. Iger:

I am writing in today to voice my support for the animated series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.” The show is not only the best animated program on television today, it is probably among the best of any program on the air. I watch every week and I own past seasons on DVD/Blu-Ray. It is a program that has become very important to millions of Star Wars fans, especially since it has kept the fire of fandom alive for the past five years. It has introduced Star Wars to a new generation of fans; it’s very popular with kids. The show’s cast are among the very best ambassadors for the brand, as those who attend Star Wars Weekends at Walt Disney World and other events can attest. The mythology and characters have become part of the tapestry of the saga.

It is my understanding that the show’s status for its sixth season is still undetermined. I urge you to ensure that the show continues whether it remains on Cartoon Network, transfers to a new network, or is exhibited in some other way. As it stands, The Clone Wars has yet to seal the fates of several characters and it would be heartbreaking if those fates are forever unresolved. Please do not get off on the wrong foot with millions of devoted Star Wars fans by abruptly pulling the plug before it’s time. Do not disappoint us. Keep “The Clone Wars” alive.


Your Name

There’s a pretty good sample here.

Homework Assignment: Time To Act

February 25, 2013

I was trying to see what people were writing about the Clone Wars Season Five finale screening last Friday to see if there was anything to the rumors of Clone Wars being in trouble.

Here’s the relevant snippet from Jawa James’s recap of the event on Club Jade:

Before the Q&A started, Pablo answered two important questions that might have been on people’s minds: No, they weren’t going to take any questions on Episode VII or other non-TCW topics, and there is no official announcement yet on if/when/how Season Six (and later seasons) will be broadcast or otherwise enjoyed by the public.

Meanwhile, Bryan Young posts this on his non-spoiler review at Big Shiny Robot:

At the Q and A afterward, Pablo Hidalgo mentioned that there has been no official announcement about if and when the sixth season (or future seasons) will be airing or available for our consumption. I did ask questions about the future of the show, but was greeted with many no comments. One person close to Lucasfilm did tell me, though, that now is the time to raise a ruckus about the future of the show. I’d been waiting until the Disney schedule announcement in March to start causing a stink, but I think that might be too late.

This show is too good to let slip away. And after the unanswered questions raised by these last two arcs, it would be a disservice to fans to let episodes that are already in various stages of production never see the light of day.

And trust me, after this last episode, you’ll have twice as many questions than you did after that business with Darth Maul.

He also posted this today on SWPAS’s Facebook page:

There’s totally reason to panic. Trust me.

Now, I’m skeptical if one guy is saying something about Clone Wars on Death Row. I’m less skeptical if it’s two guys. Nobody can say who their sources are but I know who are some of their associates are or might be, and those folks would be close to the show’s production.

“Why would they consider dumping this terrific show?” you may ask. Good question. I don’t know why Disney just axed “Tron: Uprising.” It’s not a show I watched. I do know they axed “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” because Disney wanted to do its own version. Here’s my guess as to this situation: it’s not a cancellation per se that’s at issue, rather it’s a question of “who’s going to broadcast the show?” My theory is that Disney doesn’t want Cartoon Network, owned by rival Time Warner, to broadcast Clone Wars after this season. They don’t want somebody else to get the ad revenue from the Star Wars brand. Which is fine. The problem, so goes my theory, is that there’s no one under the Disney umbrella of broadcasters who really wants the show. For one thing, Clone Wars doesn’t fit many of their formats. Only Fox shows animation in prime time and no other regular network succeeds at it outside of the odd Charlie Brown special. Disney Junior skews much younger than Clone Wars. The Disney Channel is mostly live action fare aimed at tweens. The only way Clone Wars would end up on ABC Family is if Ahsoka becomes a fashionista boarding school student who regularly gets into bitch-slapping matches with other girls who annoy her and steal her boyfriends. (“Stay away from Lux, you slut!” *Slap!*) There is Disney XD. The thing is, does Disney XD want it?

We have to remember, we are dealing not with a small band of Rebels in San Francisco anymore. We are dealing with Hollywood now. And things run very differently there than they would in the rest of corporate America. It’s very political. Everything is built on favors, relationships, and getting the right people to back your projects. I’m sure the decision makers at Disney XD have their pet projects they’re backing and maybe they don’t want to make room for something that they never developed themselves. You gotta remember, they’re not the ones who ran out and bought Lucasfilm. Somebody way above them did. Clone Wars becomes the rock band suddenly dropped from a label and their last album is left unreleased because their A&R guy was laid off after a bigger company bought the label (I’m a music fan, I see this happen all of the time). An independent Lucasfilm could have just gone to another network or found a distributor to put Clone Wars out in another format. A Lucasfilm that’s part of a big conglomerate can’t make that decision for itself anymore.

Personally, I would be okay with it if they ran Clone Wars online from here on out or if episodes were released directly to streaming/DVD/Blu-Ray. But we have to make sure that at the very least those options are available instead of just leaving Clone Wars up in the air for all eternity. Don’t buy any shizola about needing all resources to make Episode VII. My gut feeling is that if Clone Wars’s future is in doubt it is NOT because of new films.

So, what do we do? There is this guy running a petition. But I think Jimmy Mac is right…it’s probably most effective to write Bob Iger himself. Again, no death threats or profanity. In fact, I’ll be super nice and post a short, sweet, pithy form letter those of you who don’t write well can just copy, paste, and send. Add a little flair to it if you want. The tone of letters at this point is to emphasize how much Clone Wars means to us and that we really want it to come back.

Disney Studios
500 S Buena Vista St
Burbank, CA 91521
Attn: Bob Iger

Also CC or write separate letter to Lucasfilm:

P.O. Box 29901
San Francisco, CA 94129-0901
Attn: Kathleen Kennedy

But we as fans must also ask ourselves, “What ARE we willing to do to save the show?” This is just step one. If Disney decides it’s just going to let Clone Wars wither on the vine, then it goes to step two. Stay tuned. But if you are a Clone Wars fan, make it your goal to send a letter this week.

Clone Wars Debriefing: “To Catch A Jedi”

February 24, 2013

You know it’s bad when an episode opens with a dark and stormy night, lightning flashing from black clouds as the Jedi Council discusses what’s to be done about poor framed Ahsoka, who escaped to Coruscant’s lower levels last week. Yoda, as per usual, automatically thinks Ahsoka’s guilty while Mace Windu, as per usual, thinks Anakin’s too attached and wants him to remain behind. Anakin and Plo Koon insist on looking for Ahsoka and it’s Obi-Wan who nudges the Council into letting them go. Boy that Tarkin, what a douche. But we knew that already.

Meanwhile Ahsoka is skulking around Coruscant’s ghetto and trying not to get noticed by law enforcement, even though her face is everywhere. She makes a rather stupid mistake by calling Barriss Offee at the Temple–stupid because one don’t know if Barriss will rat you out or if she’s being bugged–then she’s chased around on a subway by the cops. You have to appreciate Ahsoka’s acrobatics. Cirque du Soleil’s hiring in case this Jedi thing doesn’t work out, Ahsoka. She is collared by a mysterious buxom woman wearing a mask…your pal and mine, Asajj Ventress. Ventress is now working as a bounty hunter and she intends on turning in Ahsoka for the money. But Ahsoka talks Ventress into an alliance in return for getting a pardon from the Council. They proceed to beat up a bunch of clone troopers. Everybody’s going to laugh at them for getting their armored rear ends handed to them by a bunch of girls. Ha ha. I have to say Ventress’s line about “it’s the new me” was pretty funny.

Ahsoka might have been savvy enough to pull that off but everything she does in this episode just digs her hole even deeper, especially since she’s continually being set up by a mysterious someone. Anakin gets a glimpse of Ahsoka in Ventress’s company and he looks crestfallen, either because seeing her with a former villainess makes Anakin doubt her innocence or because she’s at the point where she trusts freakin’ Asajj Ventress more than her own Master. Barriss tells Ahsoka and Ventress to go to a warehouse where Ventress is knocked out and her disguise is stolen. Then another female figure, one obviously not as busty as Ventress nor as tall, attacks Ahsoka with two lightsabers. This other chick is really good and ends up kicking Ahsoka’s butt. Ahsoka is stunned right next to crates full of nanodroids. I have to say, the moment Anakin gently touches Ahsoka’s arm is a tear jerker. He still believes in her innocence.

Another intense episode seems to have taken away Ahsoka’s innocence forever. Her whole world is upside down and everything she believed in and everybody she trusted are now in question. Her eyes have been opened to a lot and now obviously, somebody has betrayed her. And I think that person’s name rhymes with “Harris Coffee.” Who else would have the Jedi skills to smack Ahsoka around? The figure who fought Ahsoka was almost her height and had the same build as Barriss. Barriss led her to that warehouse in the first place. If I’m right, it’s an unexpected and bizarre turn for a Jedi who just didn’t seem like the type. And shocking, especially since she’s actively betraying a good friend to save her own hide.

The season finale will be Ahsoka’s Senate trial, presided over by none other than Palpatine. Can you say, “Oh ****?”

Don’t Worry, Be Happy?

February 24, 2013

Star Wars Underworld has its reasons why it doubts Disney will axe Clone Wars.

Star Wars According To William Blake

February 24, 2013

I’m not an expert on poetry in the least, but Paul McDonald’s latest post combines images from the saga with William Blake’s verse pretty effectively.