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The Year In Review For SWPAS

December 31, 2014

So I got my annual report from WordPress on how many people are reading this site, which were my most popular posts, and from where all of you hail.

The most read post of 2014 was the Open Thread: Teaser Reax on November 28. My second-most popular post was from 2013! It was about the technical issues with the Clone Wars S5 Blu-Ray. Go figure. The rest were one of my Undeniable Facts About ROTS, my post about Anakin and Padmé from March, and l’affaire Whitta from May.

The U.S.A. ranked first in the amount of eyeballs…107,861 views. ‘Murica!! I’m also popular in Canada, the UK, Mexico, France, Brazil, Spain, Germany, and…Slovokia (though I have a fair number of views throughout Europe).

On the Asian/Pacific/Indian front, Australia comes in first with Malaysia in second. I’ll have to do better to break into the Chinese market in 2015 since I don’t have much of a readership there.

Then there are the surprising locations, given that these are places in the middle of war zones, places not exactly known for their freedom, or that wouldn’t have a lot of access to/influence from Western pop culture. It’s possible they are Western readers who are in the military or doing gigs as aid workers, teachers, etc.. But I’m still amazed there’s somebody in Mongolia, Iraq, Burma (aka Myanmar), and Cuba who’s tuning in.

Finally, the #1 commenter is Adam. M. Marshall, lovelucas, PrinceOfNaboo, and Tarrlok round out the top five.

IGN UK Poll On Show We’ll Miss The Most

December 30, 2014

IGN UK is running a poll on which show that ended in 2014 we’ll miss the most. One of the shows is Clone Wars. It’s up against some tough competition with the likes of “The Legend Of Korra” or “Breaking Bad,” but it’s currently fourth out of 19 shows. You know what to do!

Jango Fett Premium Format Figure

December 29, 2014

As part of Sideshow Collectibles’ 12 Days Of Christmas product reveals, the company posted a preview of the Jango Fett Premium Format Figure.

It will be up for pre-orders soon. No date or price was given yet.

Dark Horse Cleans Digital House

December 27, 2014

Dark is running a Farewell Star Wars sale through Dec. 31.  All digital copies of its comics are half off and you can get the whole bundle for $300.

Awesome Christmas Display

December 22, 2014

Han Burgundy on the TFN message boards posted a Star Wars-themed Christmas display someone set up in his neighborhood:

43MM9aI’s Top 10 Bounty Hunters

December 22, 2014

I hadn’t watched’s Top 10 Best Bounty Hunters until Candy pointed it out. As she said, you’ll be surprised who came out on top but I also couldn’t help but notice how many of these bounty hunters got most of their rep from being on Clone Wars rather than from the movies themselves.

Guess Who’s Engaged?

December 20, 2014

Get ready to feel positively ancient–if you were a teen or adult when TPM came out–because apparently Jake Lloyd just got engaged to girlfriend Sinead Daly.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

More Interesting History

December 19, 2014

Marvel has wrapped up its look back at the prequel trilogy with The History Of Revenge Of The Sith.

Meanwhile, posted a history of the first day of filming for the prequel trilogy.

The Plot Thickens

December 19, 2014

A Salina Nguyen noticed an interesting response on Instagram to Matt Lanter’s post about recording as Anakin yesterday:

So, was James Arnold Taylor recording some Obi-Wan dialogue?

And what was Ashley Eckstein doing poking around Lucasfilm yesterday? Sure it might be Her Universe business stuff…but maybe it wasn’t.

Curiouser And Curiouser

December 18, 2014

Earlier this evening, Matt Lanter posted this on Twitter:

He posted this photo on Instagram and on Facebook to go with it.

So what is it? More Clone Wars? Anakin appearing on “Rebels??” In any case, it’s great news!