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New Arrangement for Across The Stars

November 11, 2018

This is a new arrangement of “Across The Stars” created for violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter. Apparently there’s going to be an album full of arrangements for various classical music stars doing their own takes on John Williams’s music. Look for it next year.

Sneak Peek At Black Series Padmé Amidala

October 30, 2018

Comic Con Paris dropped a preview of the 6-inch Black Series Padmé Amidala figure, in her AOTC tighty-whites wear, due to be released in 2019.

The interesting thing is this quote from Hasbro’s Steve Evans:

“Padmé is one of many figures that we will look to represent in 6-inch scale from the prequel trilogy, which over the years has seen a renewed swell of support and fandom”


Coffee With Kenobi’s Top 5 Things About AOTC

October 30, 2018

Coffee With Kenobi’s podcast moves on to the second film in the prequel trilogy, “Top Five Things We Love About AOTC.”  Dan Z is joined by guests Joe Tavano and Mark Von Ohlen.

Star Words: End of AOTC, Beginning of ROTS

April 27, 2018

Last week, I’d missed the final AOTC Star Words installment in Matril’s Star Words series.

And here’s the first in her ROTS series:


This marvelous line can be enjoyed on at least four separate levels. First off, it’s a nice call-back to Han Solo’s line from the original film. When he says it, as they attempt to flee into hyperspace with several Star Destroyers in pursuit, it’s almost certainly sarcastic — though if Han didn’t enjoy danger at least a little, he wouldn’t have become a smuggler. What about Anakin?

That’s the second level. It’s a definite feature of his character that he delights in the thrill of battle. Just look at his face as he says the line. It’s in direct contrast to Obi-Wan’s attitude, who grumbles, “Oh, this is going to be easy” and “Blast; this is why I hate flying!” They’re both excellent fighters and pilots, hand-picked for this rescue mission, but they have very different demeanors about the whole ordeal. It makes them good counterparts in battle.

AOTC Star Words #29

April 13, 2018

We’re getting near the end of the film.  In secret, two Sith discuss their plans:

Just one scene, and everything that seemed so clear becomes muddy. Dooku, leader of the Separatists, is flying to the very capital of the Republic. He calls Sidious “master” and Sidious calls him by his Sith name, Tyrannus. Wait, wasn’t that the name of the man who recruited Jango Fett for cloning? How could Dooku be connected to both the source of the Republic’s new army and the the droid armies of the Separatists?

After making every sign of being shocked and affronted during the escalating battle on Geonosis, Dooku says now that the start of the war is “good news.” And Sidious replies with a phrase that will be chillingly familiar to anyone who recalls the Emperor’s words in Episode VI.


AOTC Star Words Part 28

April 9, 2018

I guess you can say this theme comes up again and again throughout the series:

Indeed. We’ve seen highly skilled Jedi performing extraordinary feats, but till now we could only guess what the great Yoda is capable of. Now, at last, he fights. And it’s exhilarating. His smaller size is irrelevant. He’s everywhere at once, virtually weightless, a little green blur.

And yet, still. “Wars not make one great.” The duel does not end on a jubilant, triumphant note. Dooku flees by playing dirty, forcing Yoda to choose between capturing him and protecting Anakin and Obi-Wan. It makes you wonder if he is thinking of this very conundrum when Luke is torn between finishing his training and rescuing his friends, asking if he must “sacrifice Han and Leia.” And Yoda firmly replies, “If you honor what they fight for, yes!”

AOTC Star Words 25: Love Pledge

March 17, 2018

Ah, a favorite scene of many an Anidala fan:

That’s a rather peculiar way to confess your love. No wonder Anakin responds in confusion. She clarifies with a simple, “I love you.” But there is still inherent tragedy to every word she speaks, continuing with “It looks like our lives are about to be destroyed anyway. I truly, deeply love you….and before we die I want you to know.”

From Padmé’s perspective, we can assume she’s referring to the agonizing struggle she has been enduring ever since Anakin reappeared — the conflict between duty and personal happiness, between logic and passion, a life of service and a life lived for herself. Every day that she denies her own feelings, she dies a little more. And on the verge of actual death, she comes to the decision that the price of her self-denial has been too high to bear any longer.


AOTC Star Words Part 24: Sith Never Lie

March 9, 2018

Count Dooku drops some unwelcome news to Obi-Wan:

How carefully he phrases it. “What if I told you” makes it rhetorical, hypothetical, giving him wriggle room. He lets Obi-Wan voice his denials, then calmly offers more details — every one of them completely true. The name of the Sith Lord, his power over thousands of Senators — not a single lie. We don’t know for sure how much of his story about Viceroy Gunray is real, but I’m guessing it probably happened much as Dooku describes. The only thing he leaves out is the silly little fact that Dooku happens to be the apprentice of Darth Sidious.

What is his aim here? He asks Obi-Wan to join him (an echo of Vader’s call to Luke) claiming that they can destroy the Sith together. And again, I don’t think he’s bending the truth all that much. As a Sith, his ultimate goal is to train a new apprentice and overthrow his old master. He already invoked Qui-Gon, reminding Obi-Wan of their old Master-Padawan relationship, and implied that Qui-Gon would be on his side if he were still alive and knew what Dooku knows. That’s probably Obi-Wan’s most vulnerable spot, his loyalty to his old master. Dooku knows what he’s doing.


AOTC Star Words Part 23

March 3, 2018

Matril’s back with another look at pivotal moments in AOTC, this time when Padmé makes a reckless decision and well, Anakin just has to come along:

Wait, what’s going on here? Isn’t Anakin supposed to be the reckless, impetuous, out-of-control one? Isn’t Padmé the rational coolheaded type? Nope. From the beginning, she has been characterized as a figure guided as much by emotion as by intellect. Remember how Typho said he was worried about what she might end up doing as she left Coruscant to go into hiding? He knows her well.

In fact, that duality is so pronounced that it’s initially represented by two separate personas, queen and handmaiden. And though the duality is more subtle in later installments, it’s still very present. Her relationship with Anakin is fraught with the tension between obeying her rational, dutiful self or following the impractical yearnings of her heart.

In this regard she is very much like Anakin.

AOTC Star Words Part 22

February 22, 2018

The difference between how Cliegg Lars and Anakin Skywalker mourn Shmi’s loss:

Why is Anakin’s response so much more selfish? I think we can cut him a little slack, considering his traumatic background. This inward-focused reaction isn’t outright evil; it’s just immature. And Anakin’s relationship with his mother was basically stopped short at age nine. So in many ways, he still views her as a nine-year-old would. Unfortunately, while he has a child’s simplistic mentality toward her, he has the extraordinary capabilities of a trained Jedi. The combination of those two things has made him believe that it is his privilege, even his duty, to keep those he loves completely insulated from any harm.