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AOTC Star Words Part 8

November 16, 2017

This time it’s Obi-Wan dropping by for some jaws juice:

Knowledge, like the encyclopedic wealth of information contained in the Jedi archives, is important and valuable. But it can only get you so far. And if you think you know everything, that knowledge is little more than a stumbling block. Too often the Jedi can’t look beyond their hard-set assumptions. They can’t believe a former Jedi could murder. They can’t believe anything exists if it’s not in their archives. And they can’t imagine that a Sith Lord is right under their noses. Obi-Wan is at least somewhat willing to look beyond typical Jedi assumptions. He and Yoda might be a teensy bit wiser than the rest. That may be why they are the only ones to survive the purge. But maybe they were just lucky.


Star Words AOTC Part 6 & 7

November 9, 2017

Matril focuses on advice Padmé gives to Anakin:

There is so much that she could be saying with these wistful words. Considering how early Padmé herself entered the world of politics, she might be mourning the loss of an ordinary childhood and youth. She could as well say, “I speak from experience. Enjoy it while you can; it’ll be gone all too soon.”

And their friendship began when Anakin was still a boy. She remembers that boy very fondly, and would not want him to be entirely swallowed up by adult cares and concerns. She values the innocence, the kind-heartedness and eagerness, that are associated with youth. Adults tend to be cynical and self-serving. She’s certainly seen enough of that in the political arena. She wouldn’t wish for Anakin to enter that world in a hurry.

But then, also, she couldn’t possibly have failed to notice that Anakin is not a little boy any longer. At the very least he has grown up in the literal sense, as she acknowledged at their initial reunion. Moments earlier, she acknowledged his emotional maturation as well. So why would she have any reason to deny that, to plead with him not to grow up too fast? Very likely, an unconscious need to suppress the subtle glimmerings of romantic interest that he is sparking. A romance is not in her plans; certainly not with a Jedi, not with the little boy she knew on Tatooine. But as Anakin rises to full height and gazes down at her, it’s hard to deny the sparks.

Update: I forgot about Part 6, posted 11/2:

What kind of mindset must a person have to call the murder of another person “just a job”? It’s not the same kind of villainy as Nute Gunray, who demanded the assassination to satisfy his lust for vengeance; nor Dooku, who arranges the job in a bid to gain more power. It’s very pragmatic. She does the work; she gets the money. All it takes is the casual taking of someone else’s life.

Star Words AOTC Part 5

October 26, 2017

This time it’s one of those foreshadowing moments:

Ouch. But seen in the context of Obi-Wan’s current mindset, it’s one of those exasperated parent-like things to say. He’s saying it almost flippantly, perhaps not aware of how much it stings Anakin. “Don’t say that, Master. You’re the closest thing I have to a father.” And Anakin has always yearned for a father. He hoped to find a surrogate in Qui-Gon, but that didn’t work out. Obi-Wan, alas, is never able to find quite the right footing as a father figure. He ends up behaving more like an older brother, as evidenced by the competition and impatience and snarking. Anakin ends up finding a different father figure….who just happens to be a conniving Sith Lord. Alas indeed.

Star Words AOTC Part 4

October 19, 2017

Obi-Wan’s attempt at reassurance is loaded with irony:

Not these dreams; not for Anakin. Not until the awful future they are foretelling has come to pass. I’m not sure if Obi-Wan has any idea that they might be visions or premonitions. Would that change his response? Maybe not, as the Jedi are so strictly forbidden from having emotional attachments. Maybe he really would advise Anakin to ignore the visions and not concern himself with his mother’s fate. But I can’t quite believe he would be so fully cold-hearted. He seems sincerely sympathetic in this scene as they discuss the dreams tormenting Anakin’s mind. But he also seems to believe that his advice will be enough to console him. “Dreams pass.” And it’s clearly not enough.

Star Words AOTC Part 3

October 15, 2017

Martil posted the third part of her look at AOTC:

Anakin probably wants to crawl into a hole in the ground and never come out. So much for proving his maturity. Looks like he has always been and always will be a child in Padmé’s eyes. No wonder he’s so insistent afterwards on pledging to track down the assassin, against all his master’s disapproval — he’s desperate to win Padmé’s favor to make up for such a wrong-footed introduction. Alas, Obi-Wan’s chastisement only humiliates him further.

By the way, there is so much secondhand embarrassment in this scene, illustrated by way of cleverly-timed cuts to the onlookers’ faces. Typho, Dormé, Obi-Wan, even Jar Jar — they all notice it, and there is much hiding of smiles and darting of eyes. I love how editing can tell a story without a word of dialogue.

While you’re at it, check out her One Woman Star Wars: Episode II.

Star Words AOTC Part 2

October 5, 2017

Matril’s look at AOTC’s memorable lines continues with another line early in the film:

Mace isn’t lying or hiding his true nature. Jedi really are peacekeepers; that is the foundation of their creed. Remember Yoda’s lesson to Luke in Episode V? “A Jedi uses his powers for knowledge and defense. Never for attack.” So when Mace and Yoda and all the other Jedi take on the role of soldiers, they are essentially betraying the essence of who the Jedi are. Their downfall is practically inevitable after that.


An Old But Interesting Look At AOTC’s Opening Scenes

October 3, 2017

Cryogenic linked in the comments of the previous post to this fascinating look at the first 90 seconds of AOTC.  It was posted 10 years ago and I guess he wasn’t too crazy about TPM but it still is worth a read:

My minute and a half is about up now, but the rest of the scene continues the theme of deception and duplicity. It also caps the decoy storyline that was central to The Phantom Menace. Next to its visual imagination, the iconic success of Star Wars rests on its rigorous but inventive structuring: Lucas often begins and ends familiar stories in unpredictable ways. The belated death of Padme’s double exemplifies this Star Wars principle. For instance, Revenge of the Sith begins with what could have been the climax of Clones--much like the opening forty minutes of Return of the Jedi could have provided a more upbeat ending to The Empire Strikes Back. Each act of the two halves (which wrap around like Moebius strips) corresponds to its counterpart: Menace/Hope, Attack/Strikes Back, Revenge/Return.

To think this was long before the Ring Theory.

Star Words AOTC Part 1

September 29, 2017

Here’s the first installment of Matril’s look at the significant lines of AOTC:

Now, on its own this line carries a sort of dark humor. We all know that a character should never, ever say there was no danger after all, because that’s the surest way to bring calamity upon your head. Dramatic irony being what it is, the worst possible thing is always going to happen right after you let your guard down. So, we’re all kind of groaning as Captain Typho says it.

But I think the line goes deeper. It’s an indication of where this movie is going to take us. Don’t get comfortable. Don’t assume you’ve figured it all out, because just when you think you have, you’re going to have the rug pulled out from under you. This film, particularly Obi-Wan’s storyline, is going to take us through reveal after reversal after reveal. From Zam to Jango to Kamino to the first mention of “Tyrannus” to Geonosis to Dooku to the Separatists…and then, after you might think everything’s finally explained, we end up going back to Geonosis with Dooku — who turns out to be Tyrannus — who was working for Darth Sidious all along.


Temuera Morrison Interview On Australian SW Site

September 23, 2017

I don’t know how long ago this was posted, but the Australian official Star Wars site had a nice little interview with Temuera Morrison, who recently appeared at Hawaii Comic-Con.  Here he talks about what it was like filming AOTC back in 2000 and that if they ever want to put Captain Rex in a movie, he’s willing to play him.


Anatomy Of A Fight Scene Essay

August 29, 2017

The Star Wars Prequels blog posted a breakdown of AOTC’s fight scene between Jango Fett and Obi-Wan on Kamino:

Williams score conveys to us clearly the peril that Obi-Wan finds him in by the use of shrill violins and brass horns and as Jango begins to be dragged further towards the edge by his weight we are imparted a real sense of tension. Eventually Jango summons the composure to reach over to his arm and detach the cable. Obi-Wan, is released alongside Williams’ score back into its previous frenetic rhythm as he free falls to the waters.