The Nickel Review of “The Yoda Chronicles”

The first of three LEGO’s “The Yoda Chronicles” specials aired last night on Cartoon Network. It takes place during the Clone Wars era, making it somewhat poignant to watch, though as with previous LEGO Star Wars animated specials, it references the entire saga in one form or another.

In many ways this show–like its predecessors is Robot Chicken For Kids–but it’s genuinely funny and as adorable as the toys that inspired it. Yoda is teaching a small group of padawans when General Grievous is charged by Count Dooku to steal kaiburr crystals. Threepio plays a big role in it as does Mace Windu. A young Lando shows up with his dad (voiced by Billy Dee Williams) on their funky ship/nightclub, the Millennium Falcon. There are too many references and chuckles to count in the half hour special, but my favorite part was when Palpatine/Sidious was going back and forth between Grievous and Yoda on separate calls, trying not to let Yoda see his true dark side. There’s also an evil clone who will no doubt return in later installments.

Great job, LEGO! Can’t wait for more.


2 Responses to “The Nickel Review of “The Yoda Chronicles””

  1. Tarrlok Says:

    Just a minor critique:

    CIS droid starfighters deployed from Imperial-class star destroyers? Where’s the confidence in the prequel era, people? The Lucrehulk- and Providence-class warships are authentic to the setting, with enough time being spent on both of them in TPM and ROTS respectively for them to be truly iconic. The Muunificent-class is a fixture of TCW space battles. That the producers of the Lego Star Wars specials felt the need to import an icon of the OT into something vaguely in a Clone Wars setting is disappointing.

    I’d classify that under “internalised prequel-bashing,” sadly.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Nah. The spirit of the LEGO shows I’ve seen so far is to combine elements from all of the movies. It’s also done for fun.

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