Five Items I Wish They’d Make But They Don’t

For the discriminating collector of all of the Star Wars movies, it’s been slim pickings in the prequel department during years since ROTS with a few blips here and there (or Clone Wars stuff for kids). Here are five kinds of items I’d wish they make, but they don’t and probably never will:

5. Clever, cute t-shirts—Okay, it’s not as though NOBODY makes these but prequel-themed tees are doggone rare to begin with and the kind you see on those 24-hour t-shirt sites are as rare as unicorns holding four-leaf clovers.

4. Stuff with quotes from the prequels–Who wouldn’t want a plaque that says, “There’s always a bigger fish” or “I love democracy…I love the Republic?” Or a coffee mug that says, “Sith Lords are our specialty?” Come on!

3. Stuff that celebrates all of the saga—-The only item that’s rarer these days than anything having to do with the prequels is anything that uses all of the saga or combines different elements of the saga. What a concept, people who like all of the movies.

2. Cookie molds—-Who wouldn’t want to make General Grievous cookies? Or Darth Maul ones? Or battle droids? Jar Jar? Even though Willliams Sonoma has cranked out Star Wars-themed cookie molds, pancake molds, and even sandwich molds for the past three years, it has yet to ever get to the prequel flicks or Clone Wars. With new movies coming up, I doubt they ever will.

1. Retro-style sheets—-Pottery Barn Kids, part of the Williams-Sonoma empire, did some great retro style sheets for kids and kids who just so happen to have queen-sized beds. Not only have they thus far blown off ROTJ, they have also totally blown off the prequels. The PBK ones are great because I don’t have allergy problems with them since they are made of organic cotton. Why have fans buy just two sets when you can make them get four more?


22 Responses to “Five Items I Wish They’d Make But They Don’t”

  1. Eddie Says:

    I want my Jar Jar cookies!!

    Who knows, with the rise/eventual price-reduction of home 3D printing, if Disney completely abandons the stuff we love, we’ll probably end up producing our own Prequel-related stuff in the future to share amongst ourselves.

  2. Bob Clark Says:

    I’d like to see some lapel pins. I’ve got my Qui-Gon and Darth Maul ones from back when TPM was in theaters (I think I got them in a pharmacy, of all places), but I’d love to see others.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I bought a bunch of those fancy pins in the ’90s. Disney makes Star Wars lapel pins–even prequel ones–but collecting and trading pins is part of the Disney fan lifestyle.

  3. oxward321 Says:

    On the bright side it’s saves me a lot of money. I refuse to buy anything that is OT only. Hell when I go out dawning a Star Wars tee-shirt it’s always a PT ones, which I have gotten many compliments on. I haven’t put on on a OT, with the exception of my Liquid Blue Tusken Raider, for many a year. I need a few that celebrates the whole saga.

  4. oxward321 Says:

    I watched ROTJ the other day in honor of the 30th, I love it but I couldn’t help but notice all the complaints the haters have bitched about in painfully obvious in Jedi. Harrison, and Han and Leia’s, are lame. Don’t get me wrong I love it. I think the haters need to look at the OT again. My fav are all the ones George directed. There simply better.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Eh, most of the complainers were people who 1) couldn’t accept the Ewoks defeating the stormtroopers 2) couldn’t accept Vader’s redemption or 3) don’t like Luke very much. I’m none of those.

  5. Hunk a Junk Says:

    Hey, LP. Sorry, off topic but they just announced screenings of AOTC in 3D at Celebration Europe. So it’s confirmed they finished the conversion, but won’t release it. That shoots a big hole in LFL’s “we need to focus on Episode VII” excuse for not releasing the PT films in theaters. They could do it, but won’t. Disney: “Prequels??? What are those?”

  6. Roxxi Says:

    Great Post! You make good points. Whenever I try looking for prequel apparel (or products in general) there are hardly any, gee I wonder why? The only item that I have that celebrates all the movies is a charm bracelet that has all the dvds in charm size that I purchased from etsy. Most of the prequel stuff that I can find are usually from online stores like artfire and etsy that are mostly handmade things. More and more am I starting to believe that Disney is trying to make the prequel non exsistant.

    • oxward321 Says:

      At least Sideshow makes a lot of PT things.

      • oxward321 Says:

        Five things I’d like to see:

        1) Tee-Shirts
        2) EU novels
        3) Art prints
        4) Prop replicas
        5) Mini busts

    • lazypadawan Says:

      For a while after ROTS, I could understand they wanted to offer more stuff from the first three films after promoting the prequels for six years. But after a few years it seemed to me they had no interest in promoting the prequels as classics in their own right in the mass market, aside from Hasbro. Nor were they interested in tying the saga together. It drives me crazy.

  7. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    Oddly enough, I just got a belt that has the entire Saga on it. The pattern also loops, so Jar Jar’s on it twice! I got the last one from Newberry Comics, and the cashier said she was jealous since she had been eying it for a while.

  8. oxward321 Says:

    Cool, that’s my mouse pad at work! 🙂

    LP, I agree it drives me crazy too. Even the Insider had ignored the PT, or saga as a whole, this past year it so. I’ve been calling it the OT Insider. Because of that I will not renew my subscription. First time 19 years. I will not by anything that only represents the OT.

    • Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

      I refuse to buy IV-VI-only stuff too (unless it’s a figure I’m missing for my collection, and even then I see if there’s a I-III one first). I think it drives my wife crazy because she points out all these cool SW things to me because she knows how much I love it, and if it’s IV-VI only my first response is indifference.

      But, I have some plain T-shirts and some transfer paper. Time to take matters into my own hands.

  9. peacetrainjedi Says:

    Just passed Barnes and Noble and saw a brand new Star Wars card game. All OT on the cover, and looking on the back it was all OT cards as well. As others have said, it saves money and frustration to just look the other way. Complete Saga stuff is rare indeed.

    I believe 2011 was the only year in recent memory to buck that trend (obviously for the blu-ray release tie-in). Even then, Original Trilogy stuff was more visible, except for the cover of the blu-ray case, which I bet made the haters real pleased to realize it was young Anakin dominating the image. 🙂

    I WILL buy OT only stuff if I can find a prequel counterpart. For instance, two separate decks of normal playing cards: One PT only, one OT only. Put together, the card cases form one Complete Saga image. I bought the Prequel deck around the release of The Phantom Menace in 2012. I happened to find the OT deck two days ago, and put them together, Bibbidi bopiddi boo (*slight inward sigh.*) and they both work as one. I’ll also buy OT only stuff if it was made that way for a good reason, i.e. it was made before the prequels existed, or if it was a unique item made to promote the specific anniversary of one of the films.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      If I like the item enough, I’ll buy it. I also figure if the OT-era items sell, they’ll make prequel ones too. Maybe I’m a bit Pollyanna on that one because it seldom happens! But purposely excluding the prequels is a huge buzzkill for me. I blew off getting the Mondo set of posters for that reason.

  10. R3 Says:

    I share your frustration. After Hallmark released the beautifully sculpted Queen Amidala Theed Invasion gown ornament in 1999, I expected a long line of beautifully sculpted Amidala ornaments every year. Silly me! They made one more Padmé ornament -Nexurippedshirt battle Padmé. Now they are stuck in a boring cycle of re-sculpts of Darth Vader, Luke, Yoda and Fett. Yawn. I spoke to Hallmark reps about this matter at Comic-Con once and was told to write a letter to HQ. WTH? Are you not there to interact with customers? In the meantime, try custom ordering arts, crafts, shirts and other items from individual artisans through websites such as Etsy. Lazypadawan, on that glorious, mythical day when money is no object, I will upload dozens of prequel designs, such as the Queen’s Crest, to and we can have the best designers and tailors from Naboo create bed and table linens, curtains, wallpaper, tote bags, gift wrap, area rugs, seat covers…: )

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