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Rebels, Canon, & Confusion

March 20, 2017

If you haven’t seen last Saturday’s “Rebels,” this contains spoilers:


Rebels Trailer With Obi-Wan/Maul Rematch

March 10, 2017

Airing on March 18!

In related news, Clone Wars is staying on Netflix.

Yes That Was A PT Alum On “Rebels” 3/4

March 5, 2017

That was indeed Genevieve O’Reilly, who was originally cast as a younger Mon Mothma in ROTS and returned to play the role in Rogue One.  It was a pretty good episode too!

“Rebels” Serves Up CW/PT Nostalgia

October 24, 2016

Last Saturday night’s “Rebels” episode “The Last Battle” was a trip down memory lane for fans of The Clone Wars and the prequels in general.  Written by Clone Wars alum Brent Friedman, it featured Captain Rex in a final battle against those “clankers”  when he went along with Ezra and Kanan to go salvage some battle wreckage for use by the Rebels.  It turned out the battle droids’ “boss,” itself a droid, thought the post-Order 66 shutdown order was a trick so these were still active.  It was sort of like those stories about Japanese soldiers hiding out for years after WWII and thinking the war was still going on.

Not only was it fun to see Rex in double barrel action mode and to get a few more laughs from the battle droids, it was also awesome to see droidekas again.  Seriously, those things were COOL.  Why did the Empire not use them?  They could’ve mowed down a lot of Rebel scum!  I also got a chuckle out of Rex’s joke about the superiority of first generation armor; the Empire went cheap on that too.

Speaking of the Empire, Ezra managed to solve the whole thing by pointing out that they and the Separatists were on the same side now.  This was driven home with the Imperials’ reaction to finding a battle droid was to shoot it.

To cap off the night of Clone Wars feels, the show ended with CW’s theme song and a CW-style rendering of the Rebels logo.

There’s more info here on other CW alumni contributions.

Anyone else see it?  What did you think?

Maul Returns In “Rebels” Season Finale

March 24, 2016


Darth Maul’s fate was left up in the air when Clone Wars got the hook but it looks like he returns in some shape or form in the March 30 “Rebels” season finale.

An interview with Dave Filoni suggests that the genesis behind this episode was wish fulfillment of seeing Darth Maul battle Darth Vader but wouldn’t say if that’s what will happen (a similar battle royale happened in one of the Star Wars Infinities comics back in the ’00s).

Many are also speculating that this could also be the long-dreaded showdown between Ahsoka and Vader that may send everyone’s favorite spunky Togruta off to Star Wars Valhalla.

“Rebels” Season Two Second Half Trailer Is A NutriBullet of All Things Star Wars

January 16, 2016

Yes, including prequels and Clone Wars. We get Leia. We get Maul. We get more Ahsoka and her possibly fateful showdown with Vader. We get Yoda. We get Anakin. We get Ezra finding a lightsaber suspiciously like Kylo Ren’s. We get major feels. Coming back to your t.v. on the 20th:

“Rebels” (Sort of) S2 Premiere: Old Friends Return (Open Thread)

October 15, 2015

Since the promotions have been all over the place, it’s not a spoiler but last night’s “Rebels” featured the return of everyone’s favorite loyal clone Captain Rex along with Wolffe and Gregor:

Did you watch yet? What did you think?

(If you haven’t seen the show yet, please be aware comments will have spoilers. No complaining!)

“Rebels” Open Thread

March 3, 2015

I won’t post spoilers upfront in case you haven’t watched the season finale yet. Though if you have a bunch of Star Wars fans and fan sites on your feeds, you probably already know the big reveal at the end of the final episode. Discuss in comments.

The Nickel Review of “The Yoda Chronicles”

May 30, 2013

The first of three LEGO’s “The Yoda Chronicles” specials aired last night on Cartoon Network. It takes place during the Clone Wars era, making it somewhat poignant to watch, though as with previous LEGO Star Wars animated specials, it references the entire saga in one form or another.

In many ways this show–like its predecessors is Robot Chicken For Kids–but it’s genuinely funny and as adorable as the toys that inspired it. Yoda is teaching a small group of padawans when General Grievous is charged by Count Dooku to steal kaiburr crystals. Threepio plays a big role in it as does Mace Windu. A young Lando shows up with his dad (voiced by Billy Dee Williams) on their funky ship/nightclub, the Millennium Falcon. There are too many references and chuckles to count in the half hour special, but my favorite part was when Palpatine/Sidious was going back and forth between Grievous and Yoda on separate calls, trying not to let Yoda see his true dark side. There’s also an evil clone who will no doubt return in later installments.

Great job, LEGO! Can’t wait for more.

Yoda Chronicles I Airs May 29

May 11, 2013

LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles debuts on Cartoon Network on May 29 at 8 p.m. EST/PST. The first of three specials starring a LEGO-ized version of Master Yoda is called “The Phantom Clone.” Yes, it takes place during the prequel era. The next two specials will air at later dates.

Maybe ;).

There’s more info here.