Don’t Count On “Rebels” To Wrap Up Clone Wars

Someone on my Twitter feed retweeted a tense conversation between a fan and “Rebels” producer Greg Weisman on whether the new show will feature any characters from Clone Wars. Fans who expect this new show to have anything to do with Clone Wars had better take off the rose-colored glasses if this is any indication:

(Because I don’t follow this fan and she doesn’t know me, I will not use her name here. I’m also editing down to the relevant points.)

@fan: Dude, all I can say is that Ahsoka, Rex, Asajj, Maul, Hondo, Cad & other @TheCloneWars characters better be in Rebels…

@Greg_Weisman: Careful (…) I’m a contrary individual.

@fan: Aww. I forgive you. (At least ’til I see the 1st ep of #StarWarsRebels…then I’ll be mad if no @TheCloneWars ppl R in it).

@Greg_Weisman: You’re doing it again…

@Greg_Weisman: (…) Don’t know where you got that. Never said it. Don’t want it. But I don’t do requests.

@fan: Sorry you’re bearing the brunt of my anger over @TheCloneWars abandonment by seemingly everyone but its fans. @SaveCloneWars

@Greg_Weisman: Fair enough. But you get how I had nothing to do with that, right?

@fan: Yes, I do get that. All I want is for someone to do something to rectify a decision that has caused a lot of angst.

@Greg_Weisman: (…) Sorry, not in my skill set.

@fan: It is within your power to decide what characters to include in your stories is it not? Or does @Disney call ALL of the shots?

@Greg_Weisman: I think it’s time for me to exit this conversation.

@fan: Suspicions confirmed. Don’t worry, I won’t bother asking you anything ever again. Goodbye.

@Greg_Weisman: No, they’re not. Any #ASKGREG reader’ll tell you I don’t confirm or deny suspicions. I don’t spoil.

I’ve learned the hard way the futility of arguing with anyone who’s remotely famous on Twitter and it’s hard to communicate with only 140 characters. And I get that Weisman won’t and likely can’t talk very much about the show. All I’m saying is don’t get your hopes up that this will be the AfterMASH of Clone Wars, like I’ve seen many fans do already.


24 Responses to “Don’t Count On “Rebels” To Wrap Up Clone Wars”

  1. Firebird2110 Says:

    I’ve been seeing a lot of this. The same fans who refused to face the possibility that TCW might be cancelled are now convincing themselves that Rebels is really TCW in all but name. It’s what they WANT to believe and it’s like as long as they have FAITH, and refuse to consider the alternative that’s what they’ll get.

    Personally I prefer to assume the worst and leave room to be pleasantly surprised.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      There’s one guy who wrote on Facebook in reaction to news about “Rebels,” “We won!” No we didn’t. This is a totally different show that has nothing to do with Clone Wars. Some other guys were insisting that because Filoni’s on board, he can do whatever he wants and bring in Clone Wars characters. Well, maybe you’ll see a character like Lux or those guys on Onderon do a drive-by. Or maybe you won’t. Nobody knows and the closer in time it takes place to ANH, the less likely it will feature any Clone Wars characters.

  2. SW1223 Says:

    I get that this fan is upset that TCW was cancelled, but why would she/he assume or even expect any clone wars characters in a show that is going to take place between the time period from rots to anh? The clone wars are over by this time, the empire has started, and most of the characters from tcw have died during order 66? I just don’t see the logic in that.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Me, I’m not expecting it at all. Where I disagree with this fan is the insistence that the show ties up the loose ends on Clone Wars. I don’t think “Rebels” has to do that; I think Disney should tie up those loose ends in the Clone Wars “universe.”

  3. Tarrlok Says:

    I think the hint is in the title: “Rebels.”

    What does that tell us? That the series involves actual Rebels. Filoni is quite keen on meshing with the Expanded Universe if possible, so I fully expect them to follow the currently established narrative that the Rebel Alliance is only established a few years before the events of ‘A New Hope’.

    Even otherwise, the vaunted presence of X-Wings and TIE fighters indicates that the series will be set towards the end of the interim period between ROTS and ANH. Just going by the opening crawl of ANH, the Rebels only win their first major victory against the Empire when they steal the Death Star plans, mere days before the events of ANH!

    Actually, there would be nothing more absurd or depressing than a portrayal of the Rebellion against the Empire as a protracted twenty-three year long conflict which only yields results in a brief four year period at the end. Throw in the implied technological stagnancy of X-Wings and TIEs being used from the months after ROTS onwards, and you end up with a nonsensical portrayal. Nor do I want to see a conflict which is larger in scope than or too direct a continuation of the Clone Wars, as if to piss all over the PT and all Clone Wars portrayals, particularly TCW. That sort of crude one-upmanship is what deterred me from much of the EU. My hope is that ‘Rebels’ will be more tightly focused on an eponymous band of freedom fighters in a low-key brush fire war, as opposed to TCW’s deep and broad exploration of the setting during an enormous conventional war between superpowers.

    So I’m more than fine with ‘Rebels’ failing to wrap up The Clone Wars. I don’t want to see ‘Rebels’ close the door on the prospect of any new Clone Wars era visual media in the future. I would prefer it if it left open a window of opportunity for a proper TCW “revival,” replete with post-ROTS Dark Times continuation after the war itself has been fully explored as TCW’s writers intended for Seasons 6 to 8.

    I really don’t want to see “resolution” to TCW done merely as an afterthought with ‘Rebels’. The series, the setting and the fans deserve better than that.

    • peacetrainjedi Says:

      Well said. I think the fan mentality is trying to get any closure at all when they know that outside of Rebels, there is very little chance of that happening. I agree the show should stand on its own two feet, only calling upon Clone Wars ideas/characters when they really make sense to do so. Although with Filoni and much of his team in the know on this series, I have a feeling we might very well get a few nice Cone Wars easter eggs here and there. Whether we’ll get any actual plot resolution remains cloudy and uncertain.

      I know people tie action and Star Wars together, but the show could pick up a few years after ROTS and focus on OTHER rebels other than the Rebel Alliance. Showing Vader hunting down the occasional Jedi, Tarkin smashing the odd uprising, etc, etc. Or, The cut scenes in ROTS with Bail and Mon Mothma could be a basis for a ore political/less action-based tone to some of the earlier episodes. But I’ll admit that approach makes little business sense when approaching an animated TV series. And, the video clip made it seem like this was not likely. And I do think the show will actually focus on the Alliance forming rather than a series of isolated events. We won’t really know much until the first snippet of footage is released later this year.

    • derp Says:

      You are 100% right. We shouldn’t wish Rebels to conclude TCW; not only do we risk a disappointment, but that would also close the door to TCW forever, there is still a hope that in a few years, when the new trilogy will be truly started, maybe even concluded, Disney will bring back TCW, to get more money out of the prequels one that they will have juiced other eras.

  4. Praenomen Cognomen Says:

    @Tarlokk: However, the press release also says that, “Star Wars Rebels takes place in a time where the Empire is securing its grip on the galaxy and hunting down the last of the Jedi Knights as a fledgling rebellion against the Empire is taking shape.”

    Tarkin’s words about the extinction of the Jedi (and Motti’s about an “ancient religion”) all seem to imply that the last of the Jedi (or the last active Jedi) were hunted down many years prior. “Hunting down the last of the Jedi Knights” would seem to imply that Rebels takes place at least 10 years prior to ANH.

    I also think this is unfair alarmism; this person is asking if it’s a direct continuation, and I don’t think that’s what most fans want. I think most just want to see stories here and there dealing with the dangling threads; for instance, seeing Maul as a hand of the Emperor during the aforementioned purge to explain Sidious’ “plans” for him.

  5. oxward321 Says:

    The PT and CW is like Heavy Metal. It kicks ass, loved by millions but dosen’t get any air play or the respect it rightly deserves.

  6. Brian47 Says:

    Wow, that “fan” exhibited some really awful behavior and attitude towards Greg Weisman, he didn’t deserve to be cornered like some sort of criminal.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I’m not endorsing or condemning what the fan wrote (and it was a pretty tense conversation…I didn’t include the entire exchange), just presenting it as information.

  7. Eddie Says:

    The thing that gets me isn’t even really the CW content or possible lack thereof in Rebels–it’s the kind of amateurishly rude response of this guy, and the complete fan relations failure of Disney in general with ALL of this stuff (cancelling the 3D releases, TCW+Detours cancellations, etc.). Right off the bat, Disney should have issued something like this:

    “We at Disney realize that the ‘Star Wars Universe’ has grown immensely in size and depth during the last fourteen years. George Lucas and the many talented people who worked on the three Prequel Era-set films, cartoon series, video games, books, and comic books, have delighted millions of fans around the world, and have brought many new fans to the Star Wars franchise. However, much as the ‘Original Trilogy’ Era took a back seat in order for the stories of the Prequel Era to be told, we feel that we must shift our focus away from the Prequel Era for now in order to explore a new and exciting era for Star Wars. In order to put our best people and ideas towards mapping out the future of Star Wars, we are sorry to share with fans that The Clone Wars series will be wrapping up with the end of the current season, the 3D releases of ‘Attack of the Clones’ and ‘Revenge of the Sith’ have been indefinitely postponed, and previously-planned video games set in the Prequel Era have been cancelled.

    We are aware that many fans will be very disappointed by this news, and as we at Disney are fans ourselves, we sympathize. Rest assured that Disney and Lucasfilm did not make these decisions lightly. We treasure your loyalty as fans, and sincerely hope that you will move forward with us as we enter an era of Star Wars entertainment once only dreamed of.”

    Even if they had laid it on thick like that and didn’t mean a word of it, it would’ve gone down a lot easier than what they did do/say. People respond to things like “we’re sorry” and attempts at empathy, it’s just basic human nature.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      It might have been closer to the truth, but it still would have annoyed me, LOL.

      • Eddie Says:

        For sure–and I forgot to say, props for the turn of phrase, “the AfterMASH of Clone Wars”! 😛

      • Paul F. McDonald Says:

        Sometimes I do have to wonder about that press release. Was it intentionally incoherent to stifle any big fan outcry? At least the one above would have been perfectly clear rather than contradict itself every other sentence until no one had any idea what they were reading.

  8. Ian Says:

    While I’m kind of disappointed(I guess) that any characters of TCW wont make an appearance in Rebels(Even though I’m more concerned with the actual show) I think that unnamed fan might have been a bit too much of a jerk to that Greg fella(At least that’s how I viewed it).

    I wish I could be excited for Rebels but It’s hard because:

    1) I haven’t seen any new info on the show like if it will take TCW art style or something different or if it will have a strong female cast(who are also strangely pretty) like TCW.

    2) And because most of Disney’s recent tv cartoons are pretty much awful. Their new 2013 Avengers Assemble was pretty mediocre(Which is weird because Avengers: EMH ended last year and it had better animation and writing than this) and their Ultimate Spiderman cartoon is pretty much a disappointment.

    Until I see a trailer for Star Wars Rebels my feelings will remain neutral.(Although I do want it to be good.)

    So to fill time I’ll just look forward to the Equestria Girls movie.(since it’s written by Megan McCarthy and it’s animated by studio DHX)

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I’m kind of “eh” on the whole thing. It’s like if somebody suddenly shot your spouse and then promised to fix you up with somebody else. I don’t want to invest myself emotionally again in something that could be just as capriciously yanked out from under my feet.

  9. Bob Clark Says:

    My feeling about “Rebels” hinges on how much creative freedom Filoni & Co. really have on it, and where I think at least one big test will be is the question of aspect ratio. When TCW shown to be produced in 2.35:1, that was kind of crazy, because even HDTV is only 1.77:1, and that’s how it was shown on Cartoon Network. But the fact that it was being produced with that much additional visual information for downloads and the home-video market was really cool, and showed that Lucasfilm was more dedicated to making really creative and artistically valid stuff than merely something that would sell well. If it turns out that “Rebels” is only produced in 1.77, we’ll know for sure that something is wrong.

  10. derp Says:

    I used to hope that Rebels would tie-up TCW, but now I realize it is neither what fans deserve or what fans should want, because, when you think about it, there is a relatively good chance TCW will return in a few years. Disney wants a change of eras right now apparently, but in a few years, when the sequels will be firm on track and when they will seek new money, they will turn back at the prequels. And they might very well turn to TCW. It would only be logical; the scripts are already written, it has proven its popularity and it’s safer to bet on something perhaps old but proven than on a new, untested thing. The show’s established, hibernating fan base will secure a part of the ratings, and the production costs will already be lower. The show’s numerous nominations will help them get some promotion and boost their reputation (”The 7 times Emmy nominated show is returning!”). So it would be logical to use the show. Then again, the decision to cancel wasn’t very logical either, I could point out numerous reasons why keeping TCW would’ve been more profitable for them. I’ve lost hope in Disney doing the smart thing.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Personally, I’d rather they revive Clone Wars, or at least conclude it with a mini series or something.

  11. ninty15 Says:

    Y’know it kind of upsets me to hear how non-inclusive they’re beginning to make the Expanded Universe sound in regards to already established canon. I hope the people working on this show are fairly knowledgeable and and respectful to the Star Wars lore. It wouldn’t do well to bring forth a heap of retcon to the table would it?

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Well, the best predictor of future behavior is future behavior. I’m neutral on the expanded universe but at least I hope they don’t contradict the films.

  12. Eduardo Vargas Says:

    I honestly think that their is a good chance of seeing Cad Bane and other bounty hunters work with Boba Fett. Why would it not happen? Lux Bonteri could be a figure in the rise of the Rebellion. For some reason pessimism is abounding Star Wars fandom, when in reality that doesn’t help and it only embitters the entire neighborhood. Dave Filoni did say in a Season 5 interview with Eric Goldman shortly before the cancellation of the Clone Wars how it would be great to see Hondo with Chewie and Han Solo. Why can’t that happen?

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